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A Million Little Pieces
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Jake Westberg

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Jake Westberg | 4 comments This book is about a man named James who is an alcoholic and a drug addict. The book tells about how he overcomes his addiction through a twelve-step treatment center.

Dave | 1 comments I have read this book 3 times over 5 years.It sways me each time.I have experienced real rehab and fell for a bi-polar beauty(lasted about 3 months).Yes,James takes us on a ride about mafia guy/world boxing fighter etc.But its still grabs me in a certain way each time I have read this book.3 times is enough.Way too many folks just trashing this guy and his grip on many readers.If u have tasted real loss and redemption through a program(Betty Ford or local help) bravo.But this hit me in the gut the 1st time reading it.period.Get over your pompus attitudes about u have been there,done that,It is what it is.A damn good read that sucks you in.
Peace to all,

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