Sweet Evil (Sweet, #1) Sweet Evil question

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Can you fans out there who love this book get more people to read it because if we work together and get a lot of fans then the book can be really popular. Then it would be sold all over the world and the publishing time will take a lesser for releasing if you guys read Wendy's site earlier this year she said her self that there were not many fans out there so if you guys help me you will not be in torture waiting for each and ever book in the series and also it will start to sell it many other places only if you guys get more fans then we will get all this.

Help me fans out there
I love this book it is my favourite series in the world so please help me

I've been trying to get my friends to read this because it's a really great book :)

I just ordered my copy of Sweet Peril, which is arriving tomorrow. I am buzzing with excitement. I don't see the reason why people are not rushing to get this book, I was hooked from the every beginning. I just made my brother read sweet evil and he liked it, even though he is more a crime/sci-fiction type of reader.

i love the book too

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