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Duncan Residence, Kent Manor

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Victoria stepped out of her carriage and walked towards the door of her friend's home. She haven't seen Isa for years since she married. She knocked on the door, hoping her friend was available for a chat.

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Even if surprised at door busting open and a hug from Isadora, she hugged her back and survey her friend, "Its nice to see you too. I can see you grown more beautiful." she said smiling.

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"Oh dear.. I've been a widow for a year now. And my child Sophie is staying with my mother at their place." she informed her friend, "Let me tell you everything that has happened to me and in return you have to tell me the latest gossips." she said as they entered the house.

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She patted her friend's hand, "It's fine. I know you haven't heard of it. My family have been trying to simmer down the gossip. But you know me. I do not have the care to any scandals. Though I haven't hear anything about you. What are you up to now? Any suitor? Or are you got married without inviting me?" she teased as they sat down.

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"The season is starting and we are both here at Mayfair, I think we should resume 'hunting' for you." she said as she took off her bonnet, "You shouldn't settle for nothing less than the perfect gentleman. Any candidate's in mind?"

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((Oh Isa? I guess. She is that type.))

"There isn't." she agreed with a sighed, "But I've been matching you with my brother. He's not perfect but he's a gentleman. One you deserve. But he doesn't interest you, no?" she shook her head.

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((Though she is a duke's sister, right? Unlike Elizabeth.))

Victoria beamed at her, happy that Isa was somewhat interested in her brother, "Oh! Marcus is a darling. He's charming and handsome. You'll love him. He's intelligent of course. Clever more like. But the Marquis of Riverdale is good friend of his and influences him with flirting with women. Nonetheless, you have to spend time with him to know he's a good man." she said.

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"I'll make certain you meet him." she said, "As soon as I pull him away from Erin." she grumbled to herself softly. And then suddenly got an idea, "Why don't I arrange a ball?" she said outloud, "I did just came back to Mayfair. It would be a grand ball. And you can be my honored guest since we are friends. You think that's a fine idea?"

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"Excellent. I'll make preparations as soon as I get home. This would be so wonderful. Now you get to wear your gowns. You could be setting the fashion this season." she shared Isa's excitement. "We should have the ball in a week's time? Or you think I have to plan the ball longer? I don't want it to have any flaws."

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"Oh yes! Of course! You'd be the talk for months and everyone would hear about you!" she said giggling a bit, "I'm so excited for you Isa. This is a good way to start the season. Many ladies would envy you!"

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"It would be perfect! You'll see. I'll plan everything, you don't have to worry about anything except looking beautiful and being the belle of the ball." she said and added with a wave of her hand, "Oh no! Its no prowess." she said bashful, "I like planning things. Taking control."

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"Why thank you for saying that." Victoria smiled and eyes gone wide at the mention of gowns, "Oh you tease! You have to let me see them now!"

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"Alright." she nodded, "I just want to see what fashion Austria have this season. I haven't travel out the country. Where is it then? Up to your room I expect?"

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