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Bridget tell me your favorite moment in The Underneath

Jennifer When the elder snake realizes her mistake and the kittens reunite with the dog. It was really heartwarming.
Actually everything was my favourite, loved it so much! :>

Catherine When the grandmother snake and the hummingbird finally find each other. "I've been looking for you," says the tiny bird.

Emma Bridget wrote: "tell me your favorite moment in The Underneath"

One of my favorite moments in the underneath was when they were finally free from hiding and fear of gar face or separation. They are happy at last!
I loved the entire book!!!!

Laura Guilbault True, the ending was touching when they were finally free, but I liked the part when the hound was singing the blues, I found that sad and I like it when the mother cat stepped in to comfort him.
I love the entire book! The villain was... great, he was scary, tall, heartless, even had a sad-ish background everything you need with a good "bad guy".

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I liked when the snake broke the chain, that was my favorite, zoomed-in specific part. It totally helped me picture it and struck me as a great moment. Also because it sort of just freed everyone from that signature of Gar Face. Plus I like when the Alligator king said that the snake changed. He knew it would happen all along.

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