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Rot & Ruin (Rot & Ruin, #1)
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Rot and Ruin

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7706julian | 26 comments Mod
this is another zombie book that im reading!
so don't spoil it! im on page 174. 38 pct done. i think. but anyway have any of you read this book yet? well its really good. of course not as good as the walking dead, but is still great.

message 2: by 7706calvin (new)

7706calvin | 14 comments i haven't read rot and ruin

message 3: by 7706henry (new)

7706henry | 4 comments never heard of it

message 4: by 7706calvin (new)

7706calvin | 14 comments the only zombie book i've read was the enemy which was really good. no adults. well, yes adults but they want to kill you and eat you

7706julian | 26 comments Mod
the enemy sucked, but ill add it. caz i read it.

Jonathan (Jonathan_Maberry) | 1 comments We just sold the film rights to ROT & RUIN and its sequels.

Camille | 2 comments Jonathan wrote: "We just sold the film rights to ROT & RUIN and its sequels."

I am SO excited about the movies!! They wont match the genius of the books but I really hope that they manage not to screw it up! I'm really curious...Did you retain any creative control?

Camille | 2 comments If you haven't read the Rot & Ruin series you are seriously missing out!!! Everyone from my 11 year old daughter to my 50-something friend fell in love with these books. They provide everything a good zombie book needs PLUS characters you can't get enough of as well as a different perspective on zombies... Really makes you think "what if" These books are faves because I will read them multiple times and be happy about it.

7706julian | 26 comments Mod
i am reading the first one now

message 10: by Jordan713 (new)

Jordan713 | 13 comments I thought this was a walking dead comic book

message 11: by Liz (new) - rated it 4 stars

Liz Long (LizLongAuthor) | 1 comments That's awesome that you sold the film rights! I really like the series. It's nice to read something that is set in the society that develops after the zombie apocalypse, not just the first days of it.

message 12: by Norah (new)

Norah Mccarty | 1 comments This book is so amazing. I'm so excited for the movie.

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