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Hannah The morning was frosty as Arden may her way across the grass of the playground. Of course, the coldness didn't bother her to much; she was wearing her usual skirt, white tights, gray sweater and some sort of scarf to bring in colour. She dressed pretty simple as to not draw attention to herself. Sitting down on the bench, she again confirmed the uneasy feeling that made her come out here in the first place. She don't know what it meant,but surly something wasn't right in the town in Wellwood today.

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Dangerous (UnpredictableWriter) | 53 comments Noella or Ella as many called her walked across the grass,the frosty grass crunching beneath her black boots.She sighed today was the anniversary of her brothers death,although it had been over four years she still felt his presence around her,it was a light and ariy feel it stirred her inner angel made her wings ruffle.She pulled her plum cloak tighter around her body,she looked up and saw Adren sitting on a bench,her best friend and a fellow angel,wiping her tears away she walked over to her,"Morning Arden."

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Hannah Noticing something was wrong instantly just by Noella voice, Arden looked up from the ground with concern. Even though Arden had only been in the town for about a year, she had already made very good friends with Noelle. And that's about the only person. Scooting down on the bench to make room for her, Arden asked "what's the matter?"

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Dangerous (UnpredictableWriter) | 53 comments Noella sat next to her friend,the only friend she had made with in the four years that she lived here.She looked up at Arden,"Today's the fourth anniversary or Alexander being gone."She said more tears escaping from her amber eyes.

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Hannah Being and Angel of Light, Arden couldn't help but feel sorry for Noelle. Twirling her side braid in her hand, she gave Noelle a small smile. "It's ok Ella, he's still here, and remembers you greatly." She was never any good with words or making people feel better, which is wired for a light angel, but she could let off a nice essence in the air to calm her friend. So that's what she did.

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Dangerous (UnpredictableWriter) | 53 comments Noella looked at her with gentle eyes that were a bit wet from crying,"Thank you Arden,I needed to hear that."As she felt a soothing aura surround her,soon she smiled softly,"I like it when you do that."

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Hannah Arden let a bigger smile on her face. "It's not a problem, it's really the only thing I'm good at so might as well make it useful right?" She stared back at the ground, letting silence engulf them for a minute, while calming Noella. Finally Arden spoke up, "do you feel that?" She asked, referring to the strange feeling she has felt all day.

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Dangerous (UnpredictableWriter) | 53 comments "Arden you many hidden talents so dont say you are only good at one thing."Noella reassured her light friend as they lent the silence of the morning fill the air between them,"Yes,I do,there is an ueasyness this morning,a tragedy has happened to this little town and more are to come."

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Hannah That made her look up at her friend. "How can you be so sure?" Arden did not want to think that tragedy was coming to the town, she never wanted to think like that.

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Dangerous (UnpredictableWriter) | 53 comments Noella looked back her friend sensing her voice trmble as she spoke,"I'm connected to the dark energy as well as death and evil so you ask how can I be sure is because I know things that will happen...their has been an acciddent out side of town on the road,a male has been hurt,I feel his pain."She asid looking out.

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Hannah Arden made a tiny gasp. "Is there anyway we can help?" she asked, instantly wanting to help the male. She stood but was unsure of what to do. It was not like she was going to run into the situation, she would never know what to do with herself. In that way, being shy, she was useless. That was probably why she was such good friends with Noella, cause she could handle herself in that sort of situation.

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Dangerous (UnpredictableWriter) | 53 comments Noella nodded,"Yes,there is always a way to help,so we must hurry."She standing up beside Arden,she loved her name it was so light and airy like herself,but her shyness was what had drawn Ella to her,being opposites completely they were a perfect match,"Take my hand,we can get there faster through teleporation."

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Hannah Arden had always been nervous about teleporting, especially when she wasn't very good at it herself, but she trusted Noella enough to do it. Putting on her brave face she grabbed Noella's hand and nodded. "Okay. "

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Dangerous (UnpredictableWriter) | 53 comments Noella looked at her friend,then felt her hand in her own.She nodded and closed her eyes the wind around them swirled and whispered as they vanished in a whoosh of light to the accident.

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