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Ripley Patton | 11 comments Would you please add my new book to Goodreads.

Title: Ghost Hand
Author: Ripley Patton
ISBN: 978-0-9884910-0-7
Publisher: Ripley Patton
Publication date: November 30, 2012
Format: Paperback

Description: Olivia Black just discovered that her ghost hand, a rare birth defect, can do more than light up a room. It can reach into people and pull things out. Things from the darkest depths of the human psyche never meant to exist in this world.

Olivia can pickpocket the soul.

But she can’t control her ability, or the strange items it extracts, and the only thing between Olivia and the men bent on taking the power of her hand is a boy she barely knows and doesn't trust.

Link to cover on a NON-BOOKSELLER site:

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Ripley Patton | 11 comments Thanks so much. Yay:)

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