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Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments ((oh my god. I can't believe I put Alex's name first (:
So this is a closed role-play for Alex and I. We'll be posting characters later. Or maybe now. Whenever we decide to.))

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Naomi was sitting on the Hogwarts train, playing around with her wand. Turning the window different shades of color.

Lee was playing a muggle handheld game, called a Nintendo. He was failing at it and cursing every other sentence.

Frantically trying to get all his extra credit summer homework done, Riley was deep in thought. His eyebrows clenched together.

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments Diala hummed quietly under her breath as she walked the long passage of the train. Why did Naomi have to change seats every year? I might as well be looking for Waldo.
"Slow down loser." Brycen caught his sister's shoulder, and forced her backwards. "Chill. We're going to see your boyfriend soon."
The ginger stuck her tongue out, and bumped his arm. "Your girlfriend too." she reminded him, and stopped abruptly. Finally, the right carriage.
She forced the door open and grinned like an idiot as she literally tackle hugged Naomi.

"Am I..." Emile paused behind Brycen, and snickered quietly at the sight of two girls crumpled on the floor. Naomi looked pretty surprised. She also noticed that the window was blue. What did I miss?

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Lee, of course, was too focused in his game to even look up. Until he heard Naomi scream, "Diala, you broke my wand!!!"

Startled, Riley jumped a bit an stared down at them. He felt bad for Naomi, but looked up at Emile, happy to see her.

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments Diala let out a puff of air and rolled her eyes, "Relax! I can fix it. Just... um..." she took the pieces of wood, and clasped them together. Then she frowned. "Okay I have no clue how to right now. Whatever, we can fix it at school."

"And so we gathered." Brycen said slowly, and snorted quietly at Naomi's expression. He was so happy to be back with her.

Emile shuffled slowly around Brycen, and gave those who were paying attention a polite smile. "Gathering isn't exactly good when you're us." she replied to Brycen.

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Naomi watched Diala and cracked a smile. She pulled out her real wand and waved it in front of Diala's face.
"Just kidding." She said, smirking, as she changed the pale blue window back to its original form.

Lee laughed at Diala's face. Then he realized he hadn't paused his game and his character died. He let out a long curse.

Riley smiled at Emile, walking over to her and pulling her into a hug. "Gathering is for sane people who are in a hurry to be boring. That us not us."

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments Diala rolled her eyes again, and gave a grudging smile. She hopped to her feet and slipped her wand back up her sleeve. A little surprised by the loud cursing, she turned to Lee. She typically would've kissed him, but the device in his hands was just so weird. "What is that?" she asked, and pointed to it.

"Of course not." Emile smiled and wrapped her arms tightly around him. She loved people who spoke well. Her sisters were all idiots. She gave him a peck on the nose, and smiled. "I missed you."
((I forgot how lovey-dovey they were! It's so cute.))

"You're getting good, dear." Brycen whispered into Naomi's ear, and wrapped an arm around her waist. "I may have to watch my back." he pressed his lips to her neck.

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Lee laughed a little and handed it to her, letting her see it.
"It's a Nintendo. It's like a game on a miniature machine thing.." He put his arm around her and kissed her cheek. "Try it out."

Riley hugged Emile tightly then backed away and moved a strand of her hair behind her ear. "I missed you, love." He said, smiling.
((I know!!! This is going to be so much fun! Btw, I'm going to be on my phone (mostly) whenever I rp, so if I having spelling mistakes it's auto correct.))

Naomi smiled and leaned in closer. "Who says I haven't already done something?" She whispered.

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments Diala fiddled with the buttons, easily getting the hang of how everything was run. Literally a minute later she beat the level Lee had been completely stressing over. "Is it supposed to be really easy?" she pressed the little green button that would start the next level, and continued to play.

No prob (: ))
A bashful appeared on Emile's face, and her cheeks grew bright red. She didn't really know how to respond. Then again, she rarely did.

Brycen's eyes grew wide. Was she serious? "Wait. You're kidding, right?" he asked quietly. His entire summer had been endless pranks from every single family member. He was not set to deal with any more. He might just have a mental break down.

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Lee blinked, staring at the screen. "Umm... Yeah, no... How did you do that?" He demanded.

Riley took her hand and pulled her over to his seat. "Did you get your summer extra credit done?" He asked. "I have one essay left."

Naomi smiled at his facial expression. "Course not. I think you're the only one I wouldn't prank."

(Can I be the annoying girl? :P)

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments ((sure (: ))

"I dunno." Diala shrugged, and began to explain as he played. "Well there's a two second pause after he shoots the fireball- that's when you jump. As you're in the air, you shoot back three times..." she defeated the next boss, and frowned. "This is really boring. Hardly a challenge."

"Of course." Emile said. She frowned slowly, and peered over at the essay. "An essay left? Riley, that's really far-behind."

"Thank Merlin." Brycen said, and kissed her gently. "Otherwise I might've had to ruin you in Quidditch. Speaking of that- we should play when we get to the castle."

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Lee rolled his eyes. "Ha. I was just messing with you. It's the easiest game I have." He said jokingly. "You would probably make a great muggle."

Riley sighed. "I know.. I know. Something came up over the summer. It's almost finishe though."
((Is Riley pure blood?))

Naomi nodded. "I bet I could kick your butt." She smiled.

((Wow. I forgot everything!
Okay.. Was Naomi seeker or what was she?
And Brycen, Naomi and Diala were in slytherin while the others in gryffindor, right?))

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments ((Didi and Naomi were in Slytherin, Brycen was in Gryffindor. Riley and Emile were in Gryffindor but I think they'd fit more in Ravenclaw.
Riley is a pure-blood, but was raised by muggles.
Naomi was... beater. But she'd be a better Seeker. And Didi was seeker but I think she'd be a better beater.))

"Mm-hmm." Diala said skeptically. "Judging by teh amount of cursing you gave, I'm highly doubting that." she handed the game back over. "So. How was your summer?"

Emile raised a brow. Something? It must've been big. "What happened?" she asked quietly.

Brycen thought about that. Hm. Well, Naomi was a qudditch boss. But he'd been playing longer than her. He knew her well, and she knew him. "We'll have to test that."

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((What about Lee? Other than that, it sounds good. I don't care what position they are. You can pick. :) ))

"My summer was great. Met my cousin for the first time.. He's a little strange. He set my bed on fire..." said Lee slowly. "And my dad and mum took a vacation, so I was alone with him for a week. Kind of the worst week of my life."

"We had some money troubles. Had to move out the house and into my mothers sisters basement. I had to work so we could get more money." Riley said, looking at Emile, waiting to see her reaction.

Naomi smiled and leaned on him. "You ready to be Captain?"

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments ((Hmm. Goalie! Or defender. I forget the name. But he'd work as that.))

Diala tried not to laugh when he mentioned fire. She herself had set quite a few things on fire that summer as well. "That sounds... lively. Well, you're out of hell now." she took a book from her bag, and began to scan through to find her spot. "My summer wasn't nearly as exciting, although I did have the privilege of attending a Ministry Ball. I fell into a bowl of punch."

Emile's expression grew somber. Why was it that the best people suffered the most? "Well, you'll have a really good job soon." she tried to be encouraging, but it was a challenge. "Do you know what you want to do yet?"

"And kick your butt? Hmm?" Brycen drew her closer, and nodded. "Absolutely."

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((Oh no. I meant what house.(I told you. I forgot everything. :P))

"Of course! You wouldn't be the girl I know if you hadn't." Lee said, watching her ad she opened her book.

"Muggle wise or wizard wise?" asked Riley. "Because they're different."

Naomi smiled and let him pull her closer. She hadn't seen him all summer. She was going to let him do whatever he wanted. "I think you're jealous of my skills." She said softly, smirking.

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments ((Ohhh. :) Uhh... Lee is a Gryffindork.))

Diala's eyes narrowed, and she didn't reply. He made it sound so cute. It wasn't, when your whole family plus 200 plus workers saw. "Whatever."

"Wizard." Emile clarified. "I thought that's what sort of job you wanted?"

"Maybe." Brycen mumbled. He paused. "Very much so, in all honesty. Although there isn't a day that goes by when you don't intimidate me."

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"Hey, what's wrong?" Lee asked, looking concerned.

Riley smile a little. "Actually, I want to be Minister of Magic. But that probably won't happen, so probably just an auror."

Naomi blinked. "... Really? I never thought so."

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments "Nothing." Diala said. Perfect monotone. "Why don't you act a little smarter than normal and figure it out?"

Emile wanted to smack him. "One of your friends's father is the Minister of Magic. You nitwit, you're going to work there!" she actually did smack him. On the back of the head.

"Yeah." Brycen flicked her nose. "I mean, you could kick my ass no problem."

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Lee sighed. "You know me, Didi. I'm horrible we. It comes to knowing things."

Riley jumped. "Hey! That doesn't give me any better chance."

Naomi smiled. "Good, that's the way I like it."

((Shall Penny come forth now? :D or at the school?))

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments ((hmm... school! Much more amusing when they're trying to eat.))

Diala rolled her eyes. "That's for sure." she muttered, and snapped the book shut. She tugged her headphones from her pocket, and shoved the little earbuds in. "I'll be back later. I'm going to go read somewhere else."

Emile let out a slow breath. She took Riley's hands in her own. "Riley, darling. That improves your chances astronomically. He knows how hard you work. He'll certainly hire you. After that, you're made. You're the smartest person I know." aside from herself. But Riley needed confidence. "You can do anything."

Brycen yawned, and kissed her cheek again. "That is how it'll always be. Even years from now." he mumbled. The four hours it took to get to the station were beginning to bear down on him. He was starting to drift.

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Lee sighed and mumbled to himself. Why couldn't ever get things right? He had the emotional range of a teaspoon ((I had to! :P)) and everybody knew it. Including him.

Riley smiled and just shook his head. "We'll see. What about you? What do you want to do?"

Naomi pulled herself closer so he could lean on her to sleep. She smiled at the fact his future had her in it. Even though she seemed really tough on the outside, she secretly loved having someone she knew she could be soft to right next to her.

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments ((LOL.))
Diala literally kicked Emile's foot aside, and after that slammed the compartment door shut. She usually didn't get that angry. She was either calm, or so pissed she was cursing and beating someone into a pulp. Never hissy.

Emile smiled. "I'd like to open up an orphanage. And help out children who are unwanted. Especially squibs."

It didn't take long for Brycen to fall asleep. His breath was almost silent, and he became very still. It was slightly frightening.

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Lee grabbed a text book and threw it at te ground.

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Lee grabbed a textbook and threw it at the ground. "I am soo bad at this!" He grumbled, angrily.

Riley smiled at her. "It sounds just like you. I think it's a great idea."
He looked over at Lee and laughed a little. "Lee. You have to take her thoughts into consideration. Not just yours."

Naomi snuggled close and closed her eyes, listening to the conversation. Keeping her sarcastic comments to herself for once.

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((Baha. Sorry. My phone that extra one earlier.))

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments ((Haha no prob.))

"I would dump her." Emile said matter-of-fact. "I mean, she just goes around angry all of the time. Anger isn't good for you- it messes with your brain. And everything else." she leaned back in her seat, calm and collected as always. She shouldn't talk- she once kicked a first year for spilling water on her text book.

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Lee frowned. "But I love her. I would do anything in my power for her. Sometimes I'm just stupid and we'll leave it at that."

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments Emile's lips drew into a smile. She almost began to sing songs from "Enchanted." But she refrained, and instead told him, "Then show it. Make an effort to be more empathetic."

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Lee glared at her. "Shut up."

((Shall we skip?))

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments ((Sorry :/ this is a closed rp. So its just us two. But we can start a new thread and use that.)}

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments ((Yes. To the Feast?))

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((Yeah, we can make another topic and rp there.
And yes ma'am!))

Right after the sorting took place, Naomi, at the Slytherin table, turned to Diala and whispered, "What's wrong? Was Lee being an idiot again? Because there are plenty of good pies on the table that we can throw in his face."

Riley was sitting next to Emile at the Ravenclaw table, still finishing his essay. His food was untouched and getting cold. He looked so nervous and his hand writing was getting sloppy.

Lee was sitting across from Brycen at the Gryffindor table. They were having a competition to see who could stack the more sliced carrots on top of each other.
Of course, being the idiot he was, he had decided to let Diala figure this one on her own. She had looked pretty mad and figured he would just make it worse.
((Oh man. I forgot how much fun it is playing Lee. He's SUCH an idiot. :P))

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments ((He is! Omg Diala's just gonna be so upset with him by tomorrow. Fu-un :D ))

"I don't know." Diala responded sharply. She bit her lip, and let out a sharp breath. "Okay. Sorry. Didn't mean to snap at you. I don't know, and I don't really care." her head was bowed and she was eating an absurd amount of chocolate cake.

"Just make it shorter!" Emile finally muttered. "Riley, that's A quality as is. You don't need to skive off on your sleep anymore. Or food."

Brycen's little carrot tower tumbled, and he groaned. "Five carrots. Pathetic. Dude, how do you get thirteen stacked?" he nudged the figure with his pinky.

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((Soo excited!))

Naomi stared at the chocolate cake for a second then pulled it away from Diala.
"Pull yourself together. Slytherin's are not emotional eaters."

Riley shook his head. "Just five more paragraphs." He muttered. His hand writing furiously.

Lee grinned. "I practice all the time." Sounding like a complete dork even though he was joking.

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments Diala glared at Naomi. All of a sudden she began to hiss quietly. Literally. She was cursing in parseltongue. Then she took the plate back and began to eat again.

Emile put her hand over his. "Riley." she said firmly. "Stop. You've written too much. You need to relax."

"Talk about a life." Brycen replied sarcastically. But he was joking. Lee probably did have a life. What was his summer? Reading. Running. Swimming sometimes.

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Naomi pulled the cake away again, staring Diala in the eye. "Seriously. Stop. You need to be fit for Quidditch."

Riley yanked his hand out from under her. "I want to get it finished so I can spend tonight with you, Emile."

Lee snorted. "As if your life is any better." Almost like he was reading his mind.

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments "I'll fly around tonight." Diala said quietly. It was true- she rarely slept. She spent at least 90% of all nights as a phoenix, racing through the trees and messing with various creatures.

"You can spend time with me right now!" Emile snatched his quill and ink-pot up. She literally threw them away (ignoring that a few students were now covered in ink) and glared at him. "This is absolutely unhealthy, Riley."

"What was your best moment of the summer?" Brycen asked momentarily. "I bet it was better than mine."

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Naomi rolled her eyes and pulled the cake farther. She grabbed a vegetable tray and put it in front if Diala. "This is what best friends do."

Riley shook his head still writing. "I promise. I'm almost done."

Lee laughed a little. "Nothing. Spent it with a crazy cousin. What about you? I bet it wasnt that bad."

((Sorry, I was on a date.))

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments ((Ooh la-la.))

Diala snorted. "I weight ninety pounds. Cake will do nothing." But she picked up a carrot, and began to nibble at it.

Emile frowned. "Okay. Fine." she set her head on the table, and closed her eyes. That boy needed help.

"Eh." Brycen shrugged. "Most of the time, Didi and dad tried to mentally damage me. That worked. Then we tried to go camping but it began to storm and everyone was getting angry so we just stopped that and went back home." Which was indeed crazy. "The year will probably be more hectic, though."

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Naomi smiled. "Good." she looked around a little and then said, "Lets pull some pranks tonight. Yes?"

Riley looked over at her and set down his pencil. He rubber her back for a moment, kissed the top of her head and then went back to writing.

Lee snickered. "You can say that again. Tomorrow the homework starts." He sighed.

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments ((There are times when you look at yourself and think "what the hell."
I broke my ankle getting off my bed yesterday.
That was one of those moments.))

"Absolutely." Diala sank her teeth into an orange and began to suck the juice out like some sort of vampire. She paused, and said, "Hm. I'm thinking about creating a little orchestra of horrendous sound."

Emile didn't move. For this, Riley was getting the silent treatment.

"Maybe not." Brycen shrugged. "Sometimes it takes a while for the teachers to get their crap together and give us anything." but then other times they had four essays on the first day.

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((BAHA!!! Oh my goodness I am so sorry! That sounds terrible. What exactly happened?))

Naomi nodded. "I'm listening."

Riley sighed and raised his eyebrow at her. "What do you want me to do?"

Lee sighed. "Yeah. Seriously. I hate school. Te only cool part about this place is magic."

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments ((I just got off weird. I get hurt pretty frequently.))

"What was that professor we had third year?" Diala asked. "The one who taught history. He gets irritated easily- we can mess with his classroom."

Emile still said nothing. She didn't even look at him.

Brycen snorted. "Quidditch? That's the best part. Then the magic." but he was able to do magic at home whenever. His family was as pure-blood as could be. It didn't amaze him that much.

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Naomi nodded and jumpe up. "Let's go. Now. I could use some cheering up." She had been swamped at home with nothing to do all summer. No one to prank. She missed this.

Riley smiled and took her hand. He pulled her close and put his arms around her, putting his forehead against hers. Their noses were touching. He smiled his sweet crooked smile and pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear and stroked her cheek, knowing that would get a reaction.

Lee nodded in agreement. "Yeah Quidditch Is first because you don't have tests on it. But you have to admit. Magic is pretty amazing."

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments "Not now, you idiot." Diala rolled her eyes. "We must do it at night- so that we wake him. Do I have to plan everything?" she look slightly irritated, and gave a quiet sigh.

Emile tried not to smile. It didn't work. "You should stop being so perfect." she mumbled.

"Depends." Brycen said skeptically. "There's a lot it can do, sure. But a lot of what's done magically can be done the muggle way which can be more fun. You actually get to move around."

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Naomi watched her, also rolling her eyes. "No... Didi, what's up? Besides the fact that Lee is a complete idiot?"
((Cue... annoying girl! haha,))

Riley kissed her check and smiled at the same time. "I'm not perfect. Anything but perfect."

Lee stared at him. " Move around? That's why we have Quidditch."

Penny, who was just a year younger than everyone, looked around and saw two boys sitting at the Gryffindor. Hey, that's my house table!, she thought. She ran over and sat right next to Lee and across from Brycen. "Hi!"

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments ((Hehe.))

"The fact that lately everyone is an idiot." Diala spat, and set her head down on the table.

Emile thought about that. "No, but you're rather close."

Brycen looked up slowly from his chicken. "Er... hello," he was confused at the appearances of this odd girl.

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Naomi stared at her for a second. Then said, "Ouch." She sighed, knowing she wouldn't get anything out of Diala. She rested her arms on the table and looked around for Brycen. And saw a random girl sitting there, taking to him and Lee.

Riley shook his head. "No, Emile. I am not. If anyone is, you are."

Penny was a short girl. Red, firey hair that was crazy curly, but in all the right places. It works for her. She had large freckles splashed across her nose, and she had big, round green eyes and pale skin. She also had freckles on her arms, that Lee noticed when she had first waved at them.
"So what are your names?" She said, with a big smile.
Lee kind of just stared at her for a little. Penny seemed exotic in her own, red head way. It was like the shape of her eyes and nose didn't match her stereotypical red hair.
"My name is Lee." He said shortly.

((Sorry. That was really long. But fun. Haha.))

Alex is a Crazy Pony | 44 comments ((No prob.))

Emile sighed, and slowly slunk away from his grasp. "I'm a know it all, and pushy. And rude. None of those are good."

Brycen examined the girl closer. She looked oddly familiar. Like she'd stepped right out of some Disney movie with colorful montages and talking animals. "I'm Brycen." he responded, but more friendly than Lee.

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