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This is where most of the assemblies and dances will take place - everyone is invited.

The first assembly will take place on November 10th our time, so make sure your characters are prepared!

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The chaise rolled up to the front of the hall and with much fussing and fidgeting from my sisters and mother, we were helped out of the chaise by footmen and we entered the hall in a state of great ecstasy. My sisters immediately took to a group of women who were talking with some of the handsomest men in the room, most of them officers from the militia in Meryton. My mother made her way to a group of society ladies that she is forever talking with, and my father just shrank in the background, leaving me to fend for myself. I scanned the room for James Lucas, but I did not see him. Surely I would find him later when the throng had cleared a bit more.

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Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 38 comments I walked in, my mother fussing over my dress and hair until we walked in through the doors. I gave my overcoat to a waiting footman, and watched as my mother disappeared into her circle of friends. I walked along the edges of the hall, aware that many people were watching me, ignoring them. Finally I found a seat in a somewhat hidden corner, and sat, my train falling over one arm of the chair.

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I recieved a glass of punch from a servant and was delighted to find that I was not engaged for the first dance. I preferred to watch those of the assembly and gauge their character before dancing with any of the men; I did not want to be treated differently because of my station. I glided around the room, keeping a sharp and critical eye on the lines that had formed for the dance. Still no sign of James, as I have begun to fondly call him in my mind. I sat in a hidden corner, sipping my punch as I observed the masses, until I noticed that I was not alone in my corner. Another woman was also seated there in that corner. I dipped my head in silent greeting.

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Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 38 comments I looked up, feeling someones eyes on me. "Miss Charlotte." I said, nodding my head, before going back to watching the people dancing. I knew one of the men who had reserved a spot on my dance card would soon find me, and I was not excited about that fact.

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((She would be called Miss Kennicott because they are not good friends or acquaintances. And also, she would most likely skip the hello and just say "Miss Kennicott".))

I nodded stiffly again. "Miss Corbet." My hands folded in my lap as I watched a couple dance onto the floor, and I realized that the male dancer who danced with such eloquence was James. Who else would be able to move so? I felt my face widening in a smile as I watched him, until I saw the way he looked at the woman, and jealously stirred up inside me.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 38 comments ((I didnt know whether or not Charlotte was the oldest of her sisters or not. If she isnt, than she would be called Miss Charlotte))

I ignored her after that, not wanting to make polite conversation. I noticed a man coming towards us, and turned to her again. "Please tell me that man is for you." I said, as nicely as I could.

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((Hi guys! I can't come to the assembly today. Doing something this evening, sry!))

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((Kay! Thx!))

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As soon as I stepped into the elaborate hall, I felt out of place. All of. These people had much money and were fond of showing it. Clasping my hands together, as I was not used to having free hands on account of my child, I tried not to stand out. I was worried about the sickly child in the care of Mary, our house help. I decided to sit on a chair in the corner away from everyone, except one young man. I smiled at those who I past, trying to be polite, and ended up sitting near the boy.

I sat like a lady, as I had been taught, but it felt all wrong. The corset I was wearing bothered me, it was hard to breath in the tight thing. I placed my hand on my chest for a moment as I continues to take shallow breaths. I could nearly swear that this device was used as a way of keeping us wemon from being able to do anything in this society, not that I could ever speak of these things anyways.

Glancing back at the boy who sat adjacent to me, I gave a small smile, my dimples showing slightly. I knew it wasn't correct for me to greet him first, but a small smile never hurt anyone, did it? She hoped the people here wouldn't remember her, not that they were the people who would know. Mainly the peasants like me knew, and all of them knew. I tried to check for the accusing eyes I knew would fall upon me. I saw a few, but I couldn't know for sure. Some hushed gossip was always expected at these sorts of things.

(Ssssoooo sorry I'm late! I had an event that I was in charge of )

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 38 comments When she did not answer, I rolled my eyes and stood up. Walking in the opposite direction, I hoped the man would not follow me, and I started to walk along the edges of the hall again, my train trailing behind me. Forgetting about my small crown, I started to run my hand through my hair. Luckily, it was attached to my head tightly, so it didnt move an inch.

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(( Alexis... Sinclair waiting on responce about her? I'm just confused. :( ))

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I blushed as the young man came over to me, " I'm Sinclair sir, may I ask yours?" My stomach was full of butterflys. I am not used to this at all, being around proper people. For a moment, when our eyes, however impolite of me, caught, I forgot about the whispers of me in the room. I stood to greet him as I was supposed to, still breathing shallow, dizzying breaths. The corset barely let me breath at all, and this nervousness made it even worse. My eyes fluttered as I put a hand on the chair for stability and my face flushed of all color.

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I had not answered the foully mannered Miss Corbet because I had been watching a couple converse in a corner of the room and only just noticed her absense. She was long gone now. I shook myself and stood to meet the man who had come forth.

I smiled to see that it was James, who looked just as good-natured as ever. "Mr. Lucas; you're having a pleasant evening, I presume?"

"Yes indeed," he said, smiling, and I was frustrated to see his gaze wander to the woman he had been dancing with earlier, who was fanning her face and giggling with one of my sisters. If she found my sisters pleasurable she had to be one of their ilk; selfish, silly, and seductive.

"Who is she, may I ask?" I inquired, eager to know who this woman was and how deeply interested James was in her.

"A Miss Lydia Aubrey, the daughter of our host this evening," said James gallantly, tearing his gaze away from this Miss Aubrey. "She is most charming and a wonderful dancer."

My lips pressed together. Miss Aubrey! A lord's daughter. Every man possessing some wealth in England sought after her. I looked over at the redheaded girl with new interest, but the disgust remained of her being of the ilk. "Have you been of her acquaintance long?"

"I have met her many times at various assemblies," said James gallantly. Then his gaze went over to her again, and I was sure of it; he was interested. How much, I did not know, but he was definitely interested. My heart sank. There was no hope for me now if Miss Aubrey was in the picture. I inwardly sighed. I was not money-hungry, and I was resolved to marry for love, but my mother had set her heart on me marrying him. I do not like my mother, but I still seek for her approval.

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((No, not very often at all. This is one of the first times I've tried to write it actually. I've read plenty of it thought. Thanks!))

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I blushed as Will asked a question, and wondered if it was intended for me. Biting my lip, as I shouldn't be doing if I were a real lady. Chuckling a bit, I took a breath, "Well, I have never been considered that much of a real lady, seeing as I have little interest in manners. I have never really had a good name in this place." I hope I haven't scared him away with my blunt words. With a hand on my stomach, I kept taking those stupid, shallow, sippy breaths.

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I attempted to hold back laughter, not doing very well at it, "I wish I had the ability to do that." Feeling fairly nauseated, I stood, stabilizing myself with a hand on the chair next to me. My eyes fluttering, I saw my vision being taken away by black spots. Soon enough, I felt myself spinning to the ground. I couldn't see anything, but I could feel the cold floor against my skin.

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As my eyes began to open, I was first blinded by the light. When my eyes finally did adjust, I saw the man I had been talking to earlier above me. I blushed, "I am so sorry... I was having trouble breathing is all." Slowly, I sat up, "I think I'm okay now though." I was thoroughly embarrassed from it all. or once I had tried to attend a social event and in front of all these well-to-do people, I had collapsed. I felt like breaking into tears from it all, wanting only to have that invisible dust that Will had mentioned earlier. With my hand on my forehead, I tried taking deep breaths, "I do appaligize for all the commotion I have caused."

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"Would you like to dance, Miss Kennicott?" James asked playfully, clearly expecting me to accept his offer.

Well, I wasn't! I needed to think, and I couldn't when the object of my torment was standing before me. "I regretfully must decline," I said with as much gallantry as I could muster without falling to pieces. "I have become weary, and I think it would be best for me to set down."

James looked disappointed, but nodded. "Very well, Miss Kennicott. I hope you feel better." What I did not expect was that he directly made his way over to Miss Aubrey and asked the very same question he had just put to me - even his tone had not changed.

I practically bristled with anger. The fact that he could so readily change from I to her and without a change of manner at all filled my insides with dread, fear, anger, longing, and overall jealousy. But if James wasn't going to be the gallant gentleman I thought he was, then fine! I didn't need him. I mentally pushed him aside and then went over to grab a cup of punch from a servant.

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((She is fun to rp... I wish Slipping would come back so that Will isn't left hanging... I like his character.))

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 38 comments I raised an eyebrow as I saw the girl faint, but continued walking, not wanting to get into trouble with my mother from using my extensive knowledge of things I shouldnt know, like physician practices and the like. Bored, I went and got a cup of punch, dodging another gentleman who was on my dance card.

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I stood slowly, trying to keep everyone from looking at her so worriedly. I blushed and walked away from the crowd, trying to find some privacy. I found a hallway secluded and decided it would be a nice place to get away from everyone. Leaning against the wall, I slouched, unladylike, I know, but I was tired. Looking around to see in anyone was there, I sang softly. The only thing I wanted to do now was to head home.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 38 comments ((Who?))

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((You can make up a character - not on the character profile of course, but make it up. Not in first person.))

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 38 comments ((All right.. But Is she still sick?))

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((Not really, but Will is worried.))

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 38 comments ((Ok, should she go talk to him or Sinclair first.?))

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((Ask Lex))

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 38 comments I sighed as my friend, Amelia, walked over to me, also getting a glass of punch. She smiled, looking me up and down. "You look lovely." she said, her voice quiet. "Thank you." I said, just as quietly. "Did you see the girl faint?" She asked, her excitement at the chance of gossip clear. "No, why?" I asked, trying not to show my annoyance. "Well, you should probably go over there, since you know so much about those kinds of things." I rolled my eyes, "Yes, because my mother would just love that." I said, but she had already taken my arm and started to drag me towards the man standing there. I rolled my eyes as she pushed me towards him, then disappeared into the crowd.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 38 comments I folded my arms, looking him straight in the eye, which is not that hard because of my height. "My friend made me come over here because I know about physician practices. Even though you aren't the one who was sick." I said imperiously. I turned and gave a glare to Lydia, then turned back to the man.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 38 comments I rolled my eyes. "Yes, surprisingly enough I knew that women don't take an interest in the things i take an interest in." I said sarcastically. "What exactly happened, do you know?" I added when he told me where the girl had gone off to. I smiled, trying to be nice and civil as my mother had taught me, but it was hard.

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Isabella | 17 comments I paused before the assembly doors and sighed quietly, Mary hovering eagerly by my side. I didn't like leaving our mother alone to attend this assembly, although of course the servants would tend to her needs in our absence. Neither did I relish the idea of Mary being trapped and at home and thus dispirited until Mother's eventual recovery or--I flinched to think of it--death, which was how we had come to be standing at the doors of the assembly, me worrying and Mary beaming.

Smiling for Mary's sake, I let my troubles fall to a place in my mind where they could not be outwardly seen but still claimed most of my thoughts, and led her forward into the assembly hall. Handing her coat to a footman, Mary leaned close to me and gave me the sweet smile that she reserved for easing my bleak moods; I saw it often nowadays, ever since Mother became ill, but it still managed its purpose.

"Go," I murmured to her. "Enjoy yourself. I'll be close by if you need me."

"Enjoy yourself, Richard," she said in a fond but exasperated tone. "You used to. Do you remember?"

"I remember. And I'll try," I promised, as it was not my habit to refuse her anything, but I could hear the doubt in my own tone; the memory of Mother lying drawn and pale in her bed would almost assuredly keep me from doing so.

Satisfied, Mary finally moved off toward a group of other young women whose names I did not know but I had many times seen her with. Taking a deep breath, I ran my eyes over the others gathered in the hall, realizing that I could not simply stand near the doors all night. Being careful to keep an eye on Mary--I was perhaps improperly protective of her, but she was practically the only family I had left, with Mother sick and my brothers away at sea with Father--I wandered forward into the crowd.

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Amitykitty | 12 comments I walked into the assembly with my parents. They went away to talk to another family and I was left alone near the entrance. I bit my lip and looked around hesitantly. I couldn't see anyone that I recognized so I just fixed my hair and stood at the side awkwardly, hoping that someone would come to talk to me soon.

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I took a turn about the room, watching the couples dance and talk. It was enlightening to see the way James looked at Miss Aubrey. Forgive me - he is no longer James. He is once again Mr. Lucas, a simple man. He had never looked at me in such a way. And I am glad to be rid of him. It had appeared as if he had been encouraging me in my front, but his eye had been on Miss Aubrey. Always on Miss Aubrey. I set the glass punch cup down before I could shatter it and leaned against the wall. Ja-...Mr. Lucas. Charming Mr. Lucas. Honest Mr. Lucas. And I had fallen for it. Hook, line, and sinker.

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Isabella | 17 comments My plan to walk aimlessly into the crowd, I realized only after I was among those assembled, was not a particularly wise one. Normally I would join a friend or two in conversation, but recently I had come to avoid such encounters, as it led to multiple questions about my mother's health, a subject I didn't have the heart to speak of even with a friend.

I changed my course and headed toward the edge of the room, pausing when I saw a young lady staring almost angrily in my direction. Then it occured to me that it wasn't me she was glaring at, but a dancing couple over my shoulder. Curious and instinctively wishing to alleviate her anger, I started towards her; I paused when my sense returned to me, although by then my intentions were obvious, and I took the few remaining steps until I was close enough to speak to her a moment later.

Feeling awkward, for I had avoided my friends but then sought out this woman, I bowed to her. "Forgive me, but I couldn't help but notice your displeasure, and wonder if I might be able to assist somehow, Miss...?" I trailed off, not trying to be intrusive, but not knowing her name.

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"Kennicott, and no," I said with as much grace as I could muster without hissing. James was still fresh in my mind. "Some matters have come to light and I was merely thinking of them." I raised a perfect blond brow at his question. How crude (and rude) of him to simply suppose that he was the answer to everyone's questions and ails. Disappointingly discourteous, that. I was rather shocked. I did look over the man who had arrived to my attention. He was handsome, but not in the usual ways. His face was sharp, and I could see intelligence in his eyes, but he was not remarkable in any way. Judging by his clothing, he did not come from a family of considerable wealth. Altogether quite out of his league.

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Isabella | 17 comments I glanced down at the ground, silently berating myself for giving in to my rediculous habit and trying to solve problems that had nothing to do with me, and I knew nothing about. "Of course," I said softly, wondering regretfuly if I had worsened her anger in my foolish attempt to ease it. "I'm very sorry, Miss Kennicott... I'll leave you to your thoughts, then."

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 38 comments Alexis wrote: "Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian wrote: "I rolled my eyes. "Yes, surprisingly enough I knew that women don't take an interest in the things i take an interest in." I said sarcastically. "What exactly hap..."

I rolled my eyes. "I see. She probably just had an overtightened corset or something." I said, muttering the last bit to myself. "I will go check on her though, which way did you say she went?" I added to him, brushing a whisp of hair out of my eyes.

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Isabella wrote: "I glanced down at the ground, silently berating myself for giving in to my rediculous habit and trying to solve problems that had nothing to do with me, and I knew nothing about. "Of course," I sai..."

"Thank you." A slight smile twisted my lips as I said, "May I know the name of my offender?" He was blunt, yes, but he looked so bashful I could not bring myself to scold him further, although his unexcusable treatment of manners was worthy of it. I took a sip of punch, my blond brow threatening to disappear into my hair.

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Isabella | 17 comments "Richard Worthington," I murmured, my gaze flickering up to meet hers as I spoke, then dropping again; I wished to offer another apology, but didn't want to sound as if I was simply repeating myself. I hesitated briefly, then said anyway, "I hope the offense was not too great, Miss Kennicott... Although, in truth, I can hardly expect less."

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 38 comments I grinned, "thank you." I said and started to walk off. Realizing i had forgotten my manners, I turned back to him. I drew a curtsy, "lovely meeting you." I said, smiling at him. Not looking back at him, I walked towards were the girl had gone, pushing a stray hair behind my ear.

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"No, it is quite alright, Mr. Worthington," I said graciously, knowing that it was the only right thing to do for I had been rather discourteous myself in our exchange. I confess that I rather hoped he would ask me for a dance, just to make Ja...Mr. Lucas jealous. Or would he not be jealous? Would he push me off and continue dancing with Miss Aubrey? My forehead creased with concentration. I could not wait for the assembly to be over. But with my mother, she would wait till the very last minute, and I could not very well walk home.

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Isabella | 17 comments ((So sorry, I haven't been on...))

I was surprised by her response, as I had been expecting no forgiveness for my misbehavior. "You are too kind, Miss Kennicott," I murmured truthfuly. Not understanding the expression on her face when I glanced up, I wondered in dismay if I had again upset her. Still, as she had not outright dismissed me and I had no idea what to do when we separated--and, perhaps, because I was a bit lonely after hiding so long from any and all company beyond Mary's--I felt inclined to take the slim chance that she would accept and say, "I know I have no right to ask this, but... Might I beg of you a dance? If you can tolerate my terrible lack of manners for so long..."

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Amitykitty | 12 comments I scanned the dance floor for someone that I might know but all of the intricate patterns of steps and swirling ball-gowns made it impossible to see. I sighed and backed up further, nearly into the wall. I didn't seem to fit into any of the small groups that were forming near the edges of the ballroom so I just stayed put in my place, wondering if anyone would come and talk to me tonight.

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((*chucks a grenade at notifications and laughs manically while it explodes*))

I was pleased that he had asked, although I did not know whether he was displaying good manners in asking to soothe me or if he really wanted to dance with me, but either way I was pleased. "Thank you for your kind attentions, Mr. Worthington. I would be grateful for this dance." A small laugh slipped out of my lips. "I think I can manage your faulty manners for ten minutes, hmm?" I did not really expect an answer. My mother always tells me that I am too headstrong to ever catch a man, but if I do catch one, it will be with my wits about me and with love in the middle.

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((What saying?))

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Isabella | 17 comments I looked at her in surprise, as much from hearing her laugh as her agreeing to dance with me, then dipped into a bow to hide the startled smile that must have been visible on my face. "I'm appreciative beyond words, Miss Kennicott," I murmured, then hesitantly held out my hand.

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