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More relevant now than ever before

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David Kessler | 1 comments 1984 was written By George Orwell in 1949. It was required reading in High School and like most "Think they know it all" teenagers. I flipped through and tried to muddle through a book report. Since then, I have become quite a bit older and somewhat wiser.

I signed onto my Nook in hopes that it would be there and perhaps I could appreciate it more now, than when I was a still wet behind the ears youth.

As I started to read it, my idle curiosity turned to utter amazement. How could George Orwell possibly have envisioned a world where everyone was made to have a TV Monitor on their wall that spewed out Party Propaganda 24 hours a day. Thought police whose sole job was to make sure you were one of the party clones and a Ministry of Love which was actually a place to get re-educated (Brainwashed) and if that failed, you were simply never heard from again and any history of you was erased forever.

That is just a miniscule taste of what the reader has in store when they pick up this most important and relevant novel. It has, in fact, started to come true in a frighteningly real manner.

I urge everyone to read or re-read this most gripping novel.

Danielle | 1 comments Hello,
I see that there hasn't been any activity in this discussion for a number of years and I guess I am new and would like to help revive.
1984 is even more pertinent today than it has been I believe ever. Obama leaving office and one of his last acts signing off on the ministry of truth bill
Is this for real? How blatant can the government be?
It is no wonder that 1984 has become #1 selling book in American right now. I plan on rereading this wonderful work of art in my paperback copy so as to know that the original words that Orwell had written do indeed remain the same. What does everyone else think?

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