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Please set up your character sheet like this:




Owl Species:

Rank: [King (one), Queen (one), Ryb (and for what class, one per class, though you can have an assistant), Nurse (one), Guardian, Blacksmith (five), Students (and for which chaw), New Owl]

Appearance: [Link or 5+ sentences]

Personality: [6+ sentences]

History: [Required. Nothing like: born and raised here. Detailed.]

Moon blinked: [Yes or no (optional)]


The classes/chaws are as follows, along with the rybs:
*Navigation Chaw- Sorrel
*Search-and-Rescue Chaw- Star
*Weather and Colliering Chaw-
*Tracking Chaw-
*Colliering Chaw- Fiera
*Weather Chaw-
*Metals Chaw-

Weather Chaws and Colliering Chaws are usually put into one.
Search-and-Rescue and Navigation Chaws are sometimes put together.

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Name: Sorrel
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Owl Species: Grass Owl
Rank: Navigational Ryb
Personality: A rather mysterious owl. He likes to sing and is rather good too. He can be very fun and often breaks into random song. When it comes to severe important things, he can be very serious and possible mean. He keeps his past a secret, for his reasons. But, give him a vole, and you just might be his favorite student!
History: He prefers to keep it a secret. Only a few owls know of his past, and most of those are dead.
Moon Blinked: No
Other: No mate. He doesn't want one. He'll sometimes sing the evening song...

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Name: Beaks/Beaky
Gender: Female
Age: About 2
Owl Species: Common Scops Owl
Rank: Student of the Weather and Colliering Chaw
Personality: Beaks can be a little jumpy sometimes, but is usually calm. She is very smart and enjoys flying. She is extremely daring and takes risks, but not without thinking first. Beaks can be a goody goody sometimes, as she likes to do what is right. She doesn't really like fighting and is good at breaking apart fights. She can be a bit like an owl councilor, though she has little friends.
History: Beaks lived with her aunt and brother. She learned to fly early. One day, the tree caught on fire while her aunt was out. She tried to save her brother, but failed. She flew off and eventually, the guardians found her. She has been at the great tree for about a year now, and lives to her fullest to make her brother proud.
Moon Blinked: No

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Name: Poot
Gender: Female
Age: 6 (she's a bit older, but not by much)
Owl Species: Lesser Sooty Owl/Dusky Barn Owl
Rank: Guardian
Personality: Poot is very brave and willing to die. She can be commanding, which comes in handy with rescues. And as you may have guessed, she was chawed in Search and Rescue/ Navigation. She finds her way around places very well, and is a great acter. She doesn't believe in being late, she hates it when you are.
History: She doesn't remember her past before the Ga' Hoole tree; she purposely forgot it. She was always on the spot and training hard. She still is. Just recently, she was sent to St. Aegolius to spy. She is now acting as a moon blinked owl of their cause.
Moon Blinked: No, but she's pretending to be.
Other: If you're her enemy, I'd watch your tail feathers.

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Kristi~Lost in My Own Head~ (derek1) | 16 comments Name: Twiggy (goes by Twiggs)



Owl Species: barn owl

Rank: student-Navigation

Appearance: [image error]

Personality: Twiggy is a very friendly owl. She's always kind and thoughtful. She would die for her friends. She isnt the brightest, but she always tries her hardest. She never gives up on anything or anyone. She is also loyal and trustworthy.

History: Twiggy made it to Ga'Hoole not too long ago. Her parents and younger brother had been killed by the Pure Ones. She lived alone in Tyto before heading out to find out if the stories her parents had told her were true. She traveled alone, but was never in any danger. She doesn't know what she'd do If she hadn't made it here.

Moon blinked: no


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Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 3 comments Name: Fiera

Gender: Female

Age: 5

Owl Species: Pygmy owl

Rank: Ryb for Colliering


Personality: Fiera is very kind and caring to her students. She can be silent and quiet when studying for her classes, but during the classes, she would always become noisy and make jokes. She usually keeps to herself. She is easy to trust, but she never gives back trust if you lose it. She is also selfless.

History: She was part of the Pure Ones. When she got a mission to go to the Great tree, she decided that they were better and joined them.

Moon blinked: yes, but was allowed out of it.


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i like it! accepted

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Name: Snow
Gender: Male
Age: 5 years
Owl Species: Snowy Owl
Rank: King
Personality: Snow is a proud owl, but not too proud that he's foolish. He likes to make an occasional wet poop joke and keeps friends close. He is very smart and figures other owls out easily. He is organized and likes to keep things in order. Snow is very understanding about things, so is kind to others. During times of battle, he is always on top of things and ready to go.
History: Snow was a rescued owl from St. Aggie's and earned his place amoung the Guardians, and eventually, into Parliment.
Moon Blinked: For a time, but he was cured a long time ago.
Other: Queen anybody?

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