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message 1: by Cecilia (last edited Nov 08, 2012 08:46AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cecilia Carreon Well i can see some of your points. We as humans should protect our loved ones.

The way i see it she made it to where the districts only taught them about what their district was in charge of, ex. district 12 only learned about about coal.

As for the growing veggies thing the capitol could have easily arranged for the other districts soil to be sabatashed in order to keep control.

which brings me to my next point the capital had weapons and army to where as the ppl where weak, starving, years of struggling and surviving and watching death all around it can break spirits, we are human

look at the Jews they outnumbered the nazis but they couldnt rebel because they were over powered they needed our help. which is where katniss comes in here is this girl who just happens to be at the right place at the right time.

It was just destiny in the books sense for this to happen everyone was winging it even the rebels. they were just waiting for a spark. remember this was all taken place after we destroyed the world with war so even without the capitol there wasnt much these ppl had to start with. there is alot to take in small details big details..

but your right eventually those ppl had to get tired of all that suffering it didnt have to be katniss they would have rebelled as they had in the past i mean there was already several unsuccesful attempts plus you could say distrcit 13 was a small army building

again Katniss right place right time... destiny sorta thing.

Jade I think you are looking at it in an isolated fashion. The education they were taught would probably have been propaganda about how great the Capitol is and how they should be thankful etc etc, as well as learning the trade their district specializes in. And just because you teach science, doesn't necessarily mean they will be able to create weapons of mass destruction. The districts would need education to be self sustaining otherwise it would be the Capitol looking after them and not the other way around.

I'm pretty sure there would already have been unrest in the poorer districts, Katniss was probably the spark that lit the fire. Besides, you have to keep in mind it's a story. It could have happened at a different time, with a different heroine and we would be reading a different story, but with essentially the same idea. It's like, why does everything happen to during the time Harry Potter went to school? Because it happened that's why we know about it.
But most importantly, it's a story, the author chose the time for events to happen. It's not a historical novel. There are no coincidences in a story, it's all planned out.

And every world has loopholes and flaws, authors aren't perfect, so neither are their writings. But the first and foremost duty of a book is to entertain it's readers. If you enjoyed the story while it lasted then it's enough. To start analyzing every little thing, it just ruins the story and your pleasure in it.

Cecilia Carreon Jade wrote: "I think you are looking at it in an isolated fashion. The education they were taught would probably have been propaganda about how great the Capitol is and how they should be thankful etc etc, as w..."

Oui Oui!

Tracy Tuggle The book is Fiction. It's a story meant to entertain people.

No it doesn't make sense to people of todays intelligence, but who is to say that this couldn't ever happen.

If you want to take apart this book page by page; then why not take apart Peter Pan or Mary Poppins. They are just fictional characters written by someone who has a wonderful imagination and wanted to bring it to life in the minds of their readers.

We have enough problem with reality; why on earth do we want to nit-pic books because we question their stories.

message 5: by Cecilia (last edited Nov 08, 2012 12:57PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cecilia Carreon Again true. I see where you are coming from.

As far as the morphling situation, its the future years ahead of our time. Who is to say how their medicine and technology work.

As a matter of fact this whole book is ahead of our time and so there fore i think its perfectly normal that we dont understand where it came from and how it is still existing (we are dead by then).

We have no idea what the future can hold new minds, new inventions new world. Look at our ancestors they would be mind blowned if they saw us now. I dont know you but i could talk to you everyday if we wanted to over a screen and some keyboard really through air!! Not to mention what our medicine could have done for them.

If our generation died out imagen what the people would create picking up from what we gave them. There is no telling we could see it as magic, impossible but it would be possible some way. With advanced minds there is no telling.

The separating the world thing: how did we create the world. Think about it we all do a little of everything but, china is better fishing, Iraq has oil, the point is there is domination everywhere. They could of all had a little of everything if given the chance to trade but they weren't (the capitol) imagine if trading was illegal in the world? We'd be like them.

Okay, if this doesn't get through in any way then. maybe human minds are alot different then i think. Im hoping none of this is taken the wrong way i mean nothing bad:). I would just like you to see it our way that anything is possible in our brains especially in books. Especially, especially, in fiction books.

It was a good story and alot of people enjoyed it. Its all i would care about if i were the author.

Thank you for voicing your opinion.

Claire Corbett 'They're are 12 Districts. They could easily overcome a small Capitol. If they all united I'm sure they could have united all of their power to destroy the Capitol. It wouldn't have been that hard.'

Not without weapons - look at the Boxer Rebellion. You need to study some history - any history really -or current affairs, as most of politics and history consists of a small elite exploiting large populations. You could start with the British Empire - tiny number of troops, vast territories with many millions of subjects.

Or have you read anything about North Korea recently? Or China during the great famine? Or Zimbabwe? Or Stalinism? Japan under the Tokugawa Shogunate, where any transgression was punishable by death. Try reading The Gulag Archipelago. Or a history of Pol Pot.

All of these regimes murdered children and destroyed families - that in itself was not enough to bring them down.

message 7: by Cecilia (last edited Nov 08, 2012 01:39PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cecilia Carreon Different point of views means we are human right? Opinion respected. :)

As to the teenager message i was 17 when i read and i didn't receive that message at all.

The future thing: you just knew that it was set i dont think she really tried to make you feel like you were there. Also maybe the fact that they lived poorly even with all the advanced technology and our main characters didnt see much of it (needed for the story) was the reason you didnt feel like it was the future, therefore confused you. or others.

I dont think it would have been wise to try the Ghandi technique. Production meant some kind of income for their already starving children and we all know what happened to Gale over a turkey. Im sure they didnt want that and its what they feared. They didnt want to make their situation worse. These people were literally in their version of hell no point of making it worse. even if the victors did talk how would they time everything right to make it work lets not forget there was no communication between the districts. to have a succeful and powerful movement their has to be a strong union if one district attempted this it would be in vain because others would no get the message it takes time to form such a movement and that is what was happening (time) up until this one girl sparked the match.

didnt get the Harry Potter Wizord of Oz statment, moving on.

The victors were allowed back to instate hope to the district. Which meant some food, and also just another way to say "dont hate the games it makes you rich all you have to do it win" it was simply part of their torture method (mentally mostly).

The rebellion i believe was set to happen sometime in the story like i said even with no Katniss she just happened to fall into the spot and succeeded. You are right we as humans FIGHT its what has brought us this far. If someone else or a whole group of people had caused the rebellion then the story would have been about them. But since the author chose katniss we read her story.

Main Point: Rebellions take time and thats exactly what was brewing up until prims name was drawn.

Its fiction hun, its entertainment. I think this book just wasnt meant for you :) Thankfully the world is full of opinionated and creative authors, many can enjoy.

Happy Readings!

message 8: by Claire (last edited Nov 08, 2012 01:39PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Claire Corbett I_Abukar wrote: "There are other ways to resist the Capitol other than sword fighting rebellions or massive bomb attacks. The maltreated districts could simply just refuse to stop production of whatever good it is..."

You have not addressed my points at all, Abukar. As I said, history and current politics do not support your statements. Have no idea what you mean by Thoreau - he is irrelevant to this argument and Gandhi was very clear his tactics only worked b/c the British had reached a point where they didn't really believe in their imperial project anymore. Gandhi was honest that his tactics wouldn't have worked against the Nazis, for example, and that's why he told the Indians to stop their independence struggle during WWII to support the Allies against the Axis powers.

As for districts just stopping production - ridiculous. Tell me again how that works when you're up against Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Imperial Japan or any of the North Korean leaders? Would be fascinated to really do need to study some history - your points do not stand up at all.

message 9: by Cecilia (last edited Nov 09, 2012 06:37AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cecilia Carreon True, true. I think the author did a good job in the beginning of the story.

Gales rage toward the capitol (due to his families suffering)

Katniss mourning of her father (just happen to be by hunting and all she kept doing what he had taught her and kept him alive in a way. the father was important here. Thats something about her past. Prim is her life that is all.

I dont think she knew herself very well because in that environment and setting who can keep a sane enough mind to stop and find yourself. A hungry tummy can distract many from your own insightful thoughts. Not to mention a whole districts adversities.

I did mention the future might hold things we see as magic ;) because we really dont know and havent experienced that.

True about the guard dont think it was the gamemaker he was harsher because the capitol was beginning to see the imperfections in their ruling.

Meaning the capitol was set to come down one way or another. Just took time :)

I would say keep and open mind and give it another try. But i know first hand what it is to dislike a book because of what i believe to be a horrible story/author ... Yup Yup so id say hope you find others who agree with you cause it always helps to air out your opinions so they dont bite at you whenever the topic pops up :)

message 10: by [deleted user] (last edited Nov 08, 2012 10:21PM) (new)

I noticed something odd about the Districts...I don't think they could win by numbers, but the Capitol depends on them for a living. If all of them, or even just ONE of them (like 11) stopped working, the Capitol would starve to death. How the hell does that make any sense? They can only whip them so long before they themselves die of hunger.

message 11: by Olivia (new) - added it

Olivia Jocelyn wrote: "I noticed something odd about the Districts...I don't think they could win by numbers, but the Capitol depends on them for a living. If all of them, or even just ONE of them (like 11) stopped worki..."

yea maybe that might be.

message 12: by Nichola (last edited Nov 09, 2012 12:00PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nichola I haven't read all of the responses to your question so I apologise if I make a point already made.

With regards to education, this wouldn't be a problem if the capitol control what is being taught. For example, suicide bombers are taught from a young age that their death will make them a martyr (sp?) and that they will go on to a better place. For them as adults it's completely normal to blow yourself up taking loads of others with you. To us, completely nuts and heartless because we had access to different education.

The Hunger Games had been happening for over 75 years and had become a part of life for the districts in the same way that Kamikazi pilots was a way of life for the poor pilots who deliberately flew out knowing they were going to crash their own aeroplanes and die.

The rebellion was happening before Katniss. Word of life in distric 13 had started to reach the districts before Katniss even went into the Hunger Games. Remember she met the people in the woods who told her they were heading to 13? Her stylist (his name slips my mind, how frustrating) was part of the rebellion when he met her. What they needed was a face to give the districts hope. Katniss displayed rebellious behaviours, bravery and pure stubbornness when she volounteered and when she shot the apple from the boars mouth. The rebellion started to shape her from day 1.

As for 12 districts being easily able to defeat the capital, firstly the capital pretty much kept the districts repressed, weak (from hunger) and simple. Remember the arms were produced in only one district? The districts didn't communicate between each other, how were they supposed to organise a rebellion? Finally on this point, the districts didn't overcome the capital for the same reason the prisoners in any prison don't take over the guards despite outnumbering them to a huge ratio. It always takes the right person to spark a riot. In a prison, an influential criminal. In the Hunger Games it took Katniss.

I can see on the surface it doesn't seem to make sense but to be honest, the things you question either happen in todays society somewhere in the world or have happened in the not too distant past.

Julie In my opinion, the main thing which started the rebellion, was the fact, that the Gamemakers allowed two people to win. It was a thing which never happened before. It was the spark which ignited all of it.

Shelly You have to also realize that most people would rather live how they are than die in a rebellion.
The districts refusing to produce goods would do absolutely nothing besides getting people killed. All the Capitol would have to do is start killing people. The fear of dying would make the people start producing again.

Lisa Collins (Lisa Likes Books) Shelly wrote: "You have to also realize that most people would rather live how they are than die in a rebellion.
The districts refusing to produce goods would do absolutely nothing besides getting people killed. ..."

I was just about to say the same thing. The peacemakers had no problem harming and/or killing unruly people. For a lot of the people the fear of a peacemaker's (or the Capitol's) wrath was paralyzing. The Capitol would sooner kill off the people in a district than let any sort of rebellion start, and the population knows that.

Anyway, as for the agriculture thing: it's true that not all places are suitable to grow crops. It's very likely they chose the district they did because it was in a area that was good for harvesting. Even if that isn't the case we need to remember this is a time where technology is extremely advanced. They could fix Katniss' ear when it went deaf. They sent her a cream that healed her burn in a night or two. It's very possible they could toy with the soil or food itself to make it grow better. In our world we already do things like that. Ever heard of GMOs?... genetically modified organisms.

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