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Hey, guys! Hoo are you?

I'm Alexis, your MOD! You can call me Lex, for short if you would like. :)

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Hey, thanks for joining!

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Abhirami (abhiramibose1999) I am Amy

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Welcome Amy!

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Cassie  (CassieVylon) | 3 comments Hey, I'm Rachel! :D

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Hiya Rachel! Welcome and thanks for joining guys!

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Resna-reaper of all reapers (Resna-Reaperofallreapers) | 1 comments Hi i'm resna and i have never read this series of books but the group looked FUN!

Mrs. Bella Cullen 4ever (Vampire-addict) | 1 comments Hi:) I'm Bella!

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yay! new people!

@Resna: its not difficult to understand. there re just a bunch of owls, k? the Pure ones ar evil, the St. Aegolius owls are also evil and work with the Pure Ones. St. Aegolius owls go around and kidnap eggs and chicks and bring them to their canyon, known as St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls. but the Orphaned should have quotation marks around them...Anyways. the Guardians are the good guys. they protect owl kind from the Pure ones. there is a king an queen, and then there are teachers. the teachers teach young owls everything an owl should know. if they prove themselves, the will be made Guardians by the king and queen. does this help? i suggest for your first couple owls be students or, i guess, victims, until you understand a bit better. you don't have to, but its a strong suggestion.

@Bella: hiya bella! thanks for joining!

♥Booknerdswift♥ hi. im silverstar

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yay! hi and welcome! thanks for joining! XD

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i see a few newbies! welcome new ones who didn't post here! XD

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D: you don't have a turtle!

Hi althea!

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ok, :D

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heehee. there's this other cute thing on youtube. there's a dog barking at a cat on the stairs, and when the cat finally comes up, the dog jumps on the couch and screams. the sound it makes is freakin' hilarious. XD I'll post the link sometime after school.

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo (Eiyah_Fantasyfreak) | 3 comments The Pianist (Alexis) wrote: "D: you don't have a turtle!

Hi althea!"

Thanks: D

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...das a scary face...

make a character? :)

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...both is scary faces...

Kristi~Lost in My Own Head~ (derek1) | 16 comments Hi, I'm kristi!!!!

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Hi Kristi! Welcome to da land of Hoole!! LOL it's been just me and Avalon for a while cause people don't know how to be active, but now that you're here, it'll be more fun! weeee!! i hope you have fun!

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i did before and you got mad....

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:) i come home tomorrow. we should get together sometime this week (still no school!! party/PTO time!! ahhhhhhhaaaaahhhhh!!!!XD)

Kristi~Lost in My Own Head~ (derek1) | 16 comments Lol. Hi!!! I'll send some invites. I hope more people join

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yay! thanks a bunch!
@Avalon in stage whisper: i love her already XD

Kristi~Lost in My Own Head~ (derek1) | 16 comments All 80 are sent. I don't know how many will join, but I'll persuade some of my friends from school who are on goodreads to join. And my sis. Hope it helps.

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yes! *rethinks this* 80?!

Kristi~Lost in My Own Head~ (derek1) | 16 comments *shrugs* they won't all join. That I know for certain. But, some will and it helps spread the word. Most of the people on friends with are active which should help get the group going RP wise

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that's good. we have members, they're just not active at all. me and avalon have things going.

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Hi! I'm Trisscar but call me whatever you want.

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Welcome Trisscar! I like the name. Its different. :)

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It was part of a book. =)

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Oo, what book? :D

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It was from a series called Redwall. The book I beleive was called Trisscar or Triss.

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I own Redwall. Fantastic book. I've never read the others though.

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i have read entire series pretty awesome. Anyway whenever someone asks my name on the internet I give them Triss or Trisscar. its my interenet name

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Cool. :) I go by my name or Ivydance. I don't give last names though.

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I say I am Trisscar Prisstal toatally made up

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Not bad though. I would've believed it.

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

i just made it up randomly. people can never track me down at least

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Agreed. :)

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