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What is the best way to do e-publishing?

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Karthikeyanseo | 1 comments Mod
The publication of e-books has made rapid strides over the years, and at Informatics Outsourcing we have taken it to the next level. With our high speed access to network and staff with excellent knowledge base, we offer good value proposition to our customers. Our ePublishing team consists of post graduates from various disciplines, with the necessary expertise and valuable experience in handling various clients across the globe. Scientific journals, corporate manuals, fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books are some of the areas that are executed by us with perfection and precision.

Any project is thoroughly discussed with the client as to its feasibility before it is finalized and taken for implementation. Once the content for publishing is ready, various methods and phases are undergone before finally the printable PDF conversion is done. Highly technical and knowledgeable staff teams are involved in the pre press processes like keyboarding, scanning, conversion of document to other digital or web formats, graphic designing, typesetting, proofreading, and quality checking.

Quality control is done through experts including experienced editors and proofreaders who look out for the minutest of errors before incorporating author corrections and formatting changes according to the needs of the customer. As a whole, the quality control cycle involves sample verification, error analysis, corrective and preventive action, and multilevel inspections before the final product delivery. Random quality audits are also performed through our experienced audit team for validation purposes. Thus Informatics Outsourcing is a favored destination for conversion to all major e-book formats, i.e., Mobipocket, Sony, Acrobat Reader, and Kindle to name a few.

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Heather | 2 comments There are few QA platforms out there that are being developed or have been around that manage the editing process of an edbook. Silk Evolve and Convert A Book are 2 that I know of.

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