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Brindha So, this game is simple but funny.
All you have to do is say a word from the Deathly Hallows or another HP book:
MUDRER and the next person has to start their word with the last letter of the previous word. In this case the word ended in R... so i I will start my word with R....and so on. Hope you guys like it :)

Gabby Ron

Sushma Jayaram The Grey Lady

Brindha Sushma, i think u might be confused u have to start the word with "N". If further questions look at the instructions or u can ask me. :)p

Carrie P necromancy

Naima yellow raddishes

Serena Snape

Sαღιnα Sirius Black

Abby Kingsley Shacklebolt

Carly Thestral

Deanna Luna lovegood

Abby Deatheater

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Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy

message 15: by k (new) - rated it 5 stars

k dibble Yaxley the Death Eater

Hannah Yew

Naima whomping willow

Abby Wormtail

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Loupin! <3

Maria Nimbus Two Thousand

Naima Dennis Creevey

Carly Year with the Yeti

Tynnika Imperius Curse

Carly Elder Wand

Brindha Deathly Hallows

Hannah Severus

Gabby Slytherin

Brindha Nagini

Carrie P invisibility cloak

Naima Katie Bell

Brindha Lupin

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Narcissa Malfoy

Sαღιnα Yule Ball

Sarah Locomotor

Naima Ron weasly

Sasini yank

Hannah Kingsley Shacklebolt

Samuel Troll

Richard Haines luna

Carrie P azkaban

Jasmine J acromatula

Sahasra Avada Kedavra

Brindha Aragog

Naima grindelwald

Carrie P draco malfoy

Sasini yank

Naima kreacher

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Adia Kolb Regulus

Brindha Sirius

Carrie P sorceror's stone

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