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Gamal Hennessy Here's the official story.

"Gamal Hennessy is an author, entertainment attorney and nightlife advocate in New York City. In 2006, Gamal began writing about the culture of New York nightlife and published a book about it called Seize the Night in 2010. Now Gamal writes stories from the shadows, bringing his readers into a world of deception, seduction and violence.

Gamal describes his crime thrillers writing as the Usual Suspects meets Jason Bourne with a little sex thrown in to spice things up. Many of his readers agree, calling his work “gritty, chilling and provocative”. Some see a dark ambiance reminiscent of the Harvey Keitel’s Bad Lieutenant and or the Burke series from Andrew Vachs. All of them say the writing is “well crafted, fast paced and immersive”. New readers can get free digital copies of his work to form their own opinions while he plans his first novel.

Current novellas available include:
Afraid of the Dark FREE!
Asset Management
Dead on ArrivalFREE!
Family Affair
The Replacements FREE!
Spare Some Change FREE!

Future novellas include
Broken Glass (December 2012)
Date with the Devil (January 2013)
A Taste of Honey (Fall 2013)

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Thanks for sharing with us, Gamal!

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Gamal Hennessy No worries. Thank you for starting this group. :)

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