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message 1: by Rebecca, The Book Nerd (new)

Rebecca Zeno (Becca_Zeno54) | 232 comments Mod
Please copy and past the format. Make sure you delete the "." (Dot) From the HTML format before you post. ALL characters must be accepted by a mod before you can Role-play. No inappropriate pictures!!! (NONE AT ALL!)

Character Sheet

<.b>Full Name:<./b>
<.b>DOB (Date of birth): <./b>
<.b> Weapons(if any):<./b>

<.b>Appearance: <./b>Please no anime pictures. Also i would like you to add at lest a 4 sentence description on your characters appearance.

<.b>Dressing Style:<./b>

<.b>Significant objects:<./b>

<.b>Personality:<./b> 5-8 sentences required

<.b>Likes/ Dislikes:<./b>

<.b>Background History:<./b> 5-8 full sentences required

<.b>Strength and Weakness:<./b>

<.b>Family: <./b>

<.b>Relationship status:<./b>

<.b>Other: <./b>

message 2: by Rebecca, The Book Nerd (last edited Nov 11, 2012 06:42PM) (new)

Rebecca Zeno (Becca_Zeno54) | 232 comments Mod
Full Name: Nathaniel Everly
Age: 14
DOB (Date of birth): February 29
Weapons(if any): Crossbow


Dressing Style: black shirts and khakis or whatever he can find

Significant objects:description

Personality: likes to joke about himself but can be shockingly serious most of the time, he likes to take risks and wants to hunt down the bad supernaturals. he is easily friend-ed with the good supernaturals but every once in a while he might almost get killed. He knows many people but doesn't go to school.

Likes/ Dislikes:Likes to take risks, pretend he is a supernatural too, dislikes fear, bad supernaturals.

Background History: He learned he wanted to side with the good guys when he was thirteen but his mother said he had to finish school. A year after that his mother died from a supernatural hunter and he is now determined to kill him. He disobeyed his mother and dropped out the day of his mom's death. He is still hunting him now but with the help of others.

Strength and Weakness:Believes there is no such thing as a weakness

Family: Did have a mother

Relationship status:single

Other: none

message 3: by Laszlo, The Professor (last edited Nov 13, 2012 06:06PM) (new)

Laszlo (Steampunk) | 14717 comments Mod
Full Name: Dr. Jacob Smith, Phd
Age: 51
DOB (Date of birth): November 29
Gender: Male
Weapons(if any): His intellegence

Appearance: Jake is an average sized man. He has graying hair and hazel eyes. He has a slightly wrinkly face that often smiles. His legs are kind of long, but not too long that they look abnormal.

Dressing Style: Jake usually wears sneakers. The sneakers are strange compared to the rest of his outfit: a suit. He is always ready to teach.

Significant objects: A fedora hat.

Personality: Jake is quite nice. He is always open to meet new people, which is how he met Amelia's parents. He is also ready to share, as he did with Amelia and Lee. He also loves to teach, and he does. He is basically ready for anything.

Likes Everything.
Dislikes: Nothing.

Background History:When Jake was born, he was going to be a warlock, but that he had some strange abnormality in his magic. He could cast spells quite spells quite well until he turned 35, when the magic stopped. That same year his child, Lacey, was born, and she also had the abnormality. She lost her abilities when she turned 10 years old. After he had Lacey, he adopted Amelia and Lee, who had magic. They helped Lacey and Jake with things they could not do because of their lack of magic.

Strengths: Jake does not mind anything.
Weakness: Jake does not mind anything.

Family: Amelia, Jake, Lee and Lacey

Relationship status: None.

Other: Jake is an optimist and he works as a professor at Yale.

message 4: by Rebecca, The Book Nerd (new)

Rebecca Zeno (Becca_Zeno54) | 232 comments Mod
Accepted :)

message 5: by Laszlo, The Professor (new)

Laszlo (Steampunk) | 14717 comments Mod
Full Name: Emily Death
Age: 16
DOB (Date of birth): November 2, 2020
Gender: Female
Weapons(if any): Time travel

Appearance: Emily is not the tallest person ever, but that does not stop her from doing anything. She has a round, happy face with gray eyes. She has red hair, but as a side effect of time travel part of it is gray. Her teeth have no fillings.
Dressing Style: Emily usually wears a brown leather jacket. Along with that, she has gadgets in her pockets, in her hair, and she also has a button tied onto herself which controls her time travel. She always wears a backpack with more gadgets inside it. Lastly, she always wears a watch.

Significant objects: Her time travel device.

Personality: Emily is smart and eccentric. She is sweet and tough. She is happy and never sad. Emily, although she does not usually have time to meat people because she is trying to move through time, can usually understand what others are going through. She is a pretty good person to talk to.

Likes: People like her.
Dislikes: Lazy and boring people.

Background History: Emily was born in the year 2020. She was then sent back in time to live in in the mid to late 1900s ((Some people get confused about this: The 1900s are 1800 to 1899, not 1900 to 1999.)) until she turned five. She was then sent to 1963. Once she became 13, she was free to travel in time on her own. Since then she has been almost everywhere, stopping crimes and learning about her family and her past.

Strengths: She can travel in time, she is strong, and she is tough.
Weakness: She does not stay in one time.

Family: Amelia Death, Jake Smith, Lee Smith, Lacey Smith, her parents and some other people she has met during her travels.

Relationship status: None.

Other: She has a dog that travels with her, and she is trying to find a human to travel with her as well.

message 6: by Laszlo, The Professor (last edited Nov 19, 2012 01:25PM) (new)

Laszlo (Steampunk) | 14717 comments Mod
Full Name: Arnold Van Houten
Age: 57
DOB (Date of birth): June 8th
Gender: Male
Weapons(if any): Money

Appearance: Arnold is a balding man. He has blue eyes and a big, scruffy mustache. His feat are quite small. He has giant ears. He could stand to lose some wait, but not too much.

Dressing Style: Arnold always wears a suit. He sometimes wears glasses. He also wears dress shoes. Along with that he always wears a tie.

Significant Objects: All of his inventions.

Personality: Arnold is very mean. He is also selfish and rotten. He has only a few friends because of this. He also never does anything unless it benefits him. He will do anything for money. Some say he once killed a man to get more money.

Likes: Money and himself.
Dislikes: Charity, anything that needs his money to function and will not benefit him.

Background History: Arnold grew up rich. He then started a business and got more rich. He now sort of rules over the city with all his money. He is so greedy, he gets the people in the poorest part of the city do jobs that knows are dangerous because he knows he needs the money. He has almost no friends, and he does not care.

Strengths: Greed
Weakness: Greed

Family: His mother, his father, his brother, his sister and his uncle.

Relationship status: None

Other: He has over a billion dollars.

message 7: by Rebecca, The Book Nerd (new)

Rebecca Zeno (Becca_Zeno54) | 232 comments Mod
Both accepted! Could you add a tad more to Arnold's personality and appearance?

message 8: by Laszlo, The Professor (new)

Laszlo (Steampunk) | 14717 comments Mod
Full Name: Howard Marry
Age: 67
DOB (Date of birth): September 14
Gender: Male
Weapons(if any): None.

Appearance: Howard is a skeleton. He has no eyes or heir. You can see his lungs. When wind comes through him, it sounds like a whistle.

Dressing Style: He usually wears a military-style uniform and a cap.

Significant objects: None.

Personality: Howard is quite a nice man. He is generous and helps whenever he can. He used to be mean, though. When he worked for the government, he did experiments on people. He changed them forever.

Likes: Helping people.
Dislikes: Memories.

Background History: Howard worked for the governments, and did horrible experiments on people. Then, one day, he felt that what he was doing was wrong, and left. The people he worked for, enraged, got revenge by infecting him with a pathogen that causes cell-deterioration. Fortunately, all the chemicals he had come bye let him live, forever a skeleton. He now works with Emily.

Strength: He knows a lot about the government.
Weakness: Because he is only bones, he cannot do much.

Family: None.

Relationship status: None.

Other: He is a human, just different.

message 9: by Maddie Parker (last edited Dec 16, 2012 09:04AM) (new)

Maddie Parker  (MaddieMadsJae) | 211 comments Full Name: Emily Lee Rose
Age: 18
DOB (Date of birth): September 9th
Gender: Female
Weapons(if any): none

Appearance: She is a very beautiful girl. She always has a black hoodie on. Her hair is black and curly. She has a scare on her left cheek form child abuse when she was young.

Dressing Style: She wears a black hoodie, and black skinny jeans with silver hightops.

Significant objects: She has a necklace with a cross that her mother gave her before she died.

Personality: She is a stand alone person. She doesnt like to rely on anybody else. She doesn't tlak abotu her past, but she wont ignore you wither.

Likes/ Dislikes: she has never seen snow before, its always been her drea,

Background History: Her mother died when she was 8. Her stepfather killed her mother in fornt of her, then tried to kill her, slicing her cheek open. She had to live with him and protect her sister at the same time, being abused her whole life till she finally ran away at age 14. She and her sister took off and her sister was taken by a dark figured man. She has been tryign to find her, but has had no luck. She wanders the world tryign to find any clues, but for now, she has none
Strength and Weakness: She is very smart and strong, but when she sees a little child being hurt, she breaks.

Family: She had a little sister, but she lost her when they ran away. Sh edont know where she is at.

Relationship status: Single


message 10: by Laszlo, The Professor (new)

Laszlo (Steampunk) | 14717 comments Mod
Nice! There is only one problem... I have a character named Emily as well XD! Accepted!

message 11: by Nightmare Queen (new)

Nightmare Queen (HadesDaughter) name: Travis Anthony Star

age: eighteen

date of birth: September 7

gender: male

weapons: dagger, staff, stone

appearance: Travis has dirty blond hair, with brown eyes. He has a well tanned, muscular body, he's 6'5'', he has a scar over his right eye. He has a dragon tattoo on his chest and a pentagram on his wrist.

dressing style: Travis wears light blue jeans, a white t-shirt, a leather jacket, and black boots. He wears sunglasses to cover his eyes. He wears a leather bracelet from Amanda Bear from 1864

significant objects: a dagger necklace with a vine and white rose around it.
A magic stone that makes him immortal and gives him powers.

personality: Travis is an adventurous, kind person. He takes care of people he cares for, and people in total. He is nice, outgoing: likes to meet new people, he's a gentleman, creative, calm at some moments but controlling at others.

likes: adventures, fighting, history, weapons, poetry, reading, to be right.

dislikes: witches, being corrected, drama, people who are too open.

history: Travis has been around for a long time. He killed Amanda Bear's family, giving them up to the townsfolk and palace guards. They were burned alive in front of Amanda, and Travis lied about it to her face. Travis was fed up with Amanda's attitude towards him so he went and found a warlock, he was given a special stone that gives him magic. He used it by putting a spell on Amanda: she would never find love or anyone that would care for her. He did it because he was jealous, he wanted her and she refused he's out for revenge.

strengths: fighting and the magic the sting gives him.

weakness: Amanda and his human side.

family: none-died years ago.

relationship: has a crush on Amanda but they are NOT together

other: he has an attitude and a temper.

message 12: by Nightmare Queen (new)

Nightmare Queen (HadesDaughter) *stone

message 13: by Laszlo, The Professor (new)

Laszlo (Steampunk) | 14717 comments Mod
You need 1 more sentence in appearance. You need at least 2 more sentences in personality.

message 14: by Nightmare Queen (new)

Nightmare Queen (HadesDaughter) ((Appearance))
Travis has a well muscled body, he is young looking, he always has messy hair. Every time someone fixes it he messed it up again.

He possessive, like to have things his way or not at all. He was hurt by Amanda along time ago and he's emotional, he might snap at one point and be calm at the next.

((Is that okay??))

message 15: by Laszlo, The Professor (new)

Laszlo (Steampunk) | 14717 comments Mod
Yes. :D

message 16: by Nightmare Queen (new)

Nightmare Queen (HadesDaughter) ((Okay....where can I bring him in...?))

message 17: by Laszlo, The Professor (new)

Laszlo (Steampunk) | 14717 comments Mod
Anywhere you'd like.

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