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What's your favorite book? *This Topic May Contain Major Spoliers*

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message 1: by Sakureiru (new)

Sakureiru | 219 comments my favorite book is the first because it is the first time holly meet artemis.
the third because artemis have to loose his minds about fairies, and holly.
the 6th because Artemis have to defeat himself in the past. that's very cool and holly kiss artemis!
i like that part!

message 2: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) lol, i liked the last one. i mean come on. who else could be his greatest enemy than himself at his worst? plus, there WAS the whole thing going on w/ Holly. ^^

message 3: by Sakureiru (new)

Sakureiru | 219 comments that romance will be better if eoin give some more...
i hope there will be in next book.
that's paradox of time is great too!look how artemis lie to holly to make himself go to the past.
he have to outsmart himself in the end. i love it!

message 4: by Haley (new)

Haley (glorywings00) | 47 comments Yes, the fact taht Artemis and holly FINALLY LIKE EACH OTHER IS AWESOME.. when u think about it, its kinda wierd that she likes him because originally, he kidnapped her and sliced off her finger and stole her eye and gave him his. (isnt tat romantic???) IM sorry, but i have always thought that they should and would like each other.


message 5: by Sakureiru (new)

Sakureiru | 219 comments which statement(exept holly kiss artemis) that contain fact that they love each other?

message 6: by Emma (new)

Emma | 86 comments yeah sakureiru, what statement states that holly and artemis will be married? I'll try to get eoin colfers email.

message 7: by Haley (last edited Mar 02, 2009 12:05PM) (new)

Haley (glorywings00) | 47 comments yea, whats his email...

anywhoo, i remember artemis thinking:

~"Forget about the kiss..think about it later."
~"What have i lost!"
~He winked at her, hoping to say "play along, please Holly"...and not" any chance of another kiss later?" Anyway, back to buisness.

things like this pop up all the time! yay!

message 8: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) yeah, i kinda got the impression that artemis liked holly, if nothing else. and i think she started to like him too, once she got past the whole "he kidnapped me and blackmailed me" things ^^

message 9: by Lexi (new)

Lexi (theonecalledwhatsername) i like the 6th book the most. then my second fav is the 1st. i also really like the 5th book

message 10: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) well, yeah, but you can like someone for forever and still be just friends.

message 11: by Sakureiru (new)

Sakureiru | 219 comments i wonder what this mean: he kidnapped me and blackmailed me (holly). anyone wants to tell that to me??

like someone for forever and still be just friends?that's hurt, snowsong....*sob*

message 12: by Emma (new)

Emma | 86 comments GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! FORGET THE KISS!!!!!!!!!!!! she was just happy he was alive!

message 13: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) lol emma, calm down! There's insane amounts of reasons for someone to kiss another person ^^ and Sakureiru, I don't call that hurt, I call that shyness. *sigh* And not wanting to ruin the friendship...

message 14: by Norwick (last edited Mar 03, 2009 07:38PM) (new)

Norwick (ijklm) Gotta say it was the lost colony. It was the most hooking for me, and had the most interesting plot device. But most current book always gets tops so...

message 15: by Haley (last edited Mar 04, 2009 11:54AM) (new)

Haley (glorywings00) | 47 comments YEA!!!!!!!! I LIKE THE IDEA OF A SHRINE!!! we can have artemis, holly, mulch (if we have to) young artemis, younger butler, and JJ on Artemis older's shoulders. How does that sound?

Emma, he keeps saying that he loves her, even if hes just thinking it, and snowsong, its a book! things happen that aren't gonna happen normally! give arty and holly a break! They like eachother, but its gonna take time to even it out, smooth out the bumps and rocks in their relationship. lol

message 16: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) lol, i'm talking more about real life than a book there, but okay ^^ and dont worry, i never forgot that it was a book, though sometimes i wish that kind of stuff would happen for REAL. and that i knew about it.

message 17: by Sakureiru (new)

Sakureiru | 219 comments their love doesn't come easily. it need long procees for them to understand they can't live if they are not together. they will realized they need each other to complete their sweeeet!

it still hurt for me, snowsong....*cries*

message 18: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) i srry... *hugs* dont cry! plz?

message 19: by Norwick (new)

Norwick (ijklm) Someday I'm going to invent a device that allows me travel through different fictional universes. When that happens, I'm going to get a gun, point it at Artemis and Holly, and yell "MAKE WITH THE LOVIN' NOW!" xD

message 20: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) lol, take me w/ u! XD

message 21: by Norwick (new)

Norwick (ijklm) yes!

message 22: by Sakureiru (new)

Sakureiru | 219 comments let me come with you!!


message 23: by Sakureiru (new)

Sakureiru | 219 comments let's make our yell!

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey, Zaymen did you know that Holly KISSES artemis on the LIPS in The Time Paradox?!?! PS. TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please.

message 25: by Sakureiru (new)

Sakureiru | 219 comments WE know that part!!!

message 26: by Haley (new)

Haley (glorywings00) | 47 comments YES, U MUST TAKE ME WITH YOU! lol, that is the premise of inkheart, inkspell and inkdeath.
yers, she kissed him 2 or 3 times and kissed him on the cheeck 3 times, once right at the end of the book. man, i L O V E that book. lol, its the first one where they both get carried away with emotions

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

I know! :)

message 28: by Diana (new)

Diana | 210 comments Mod
My favorites are the first and the last. I think the first book in a series is usually one of the best...I'm not sure why. I LOVED the last one. The kissing thing I got really excited about, but I'm not sure how exactly I want that to play out. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the part(s) where Artemis lied to Holly, all his guilt and feelings and whatnot...It was very intense and it just had this feeling that I can't get over! It was amazing as I'm sure you all know...

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN THE FIRST BOOK, WHEN HE LIED TO HOLLY HE FELT GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARTEMIS AND HOLLY SHALL BE TOGETHER FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 30: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Bradley (bradleygiselle) I like the 3rd-4th-6th books the best

message 31: by Diana (new)

Diana | 210 comments Mod
Whoa, GVP, I just realized that we're both in this group and PJ Geeks. Yay!

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

I ♥♥ the sixth. I also like the fifth cause the tension was crazy and foaly was like, now there are two of you! and artemis was going through puberty kind of like the seventh and his judement was clouded (just a bit).
and i like drama. i know it sounds mean but i loved it when holly died and came back alive beause of the emoitions.

message 34: by Savita, There is nothing I do better than revenge (new)

Savita (haltranger) | 308 comments Mod
Ouch, that's really hard. Eesh, I can't decide.

TheDigressiveApproach Me neither

message 36: by Elizabeth (last edited Aug 13, 2010 01:16PM) (new)

Elizabeth (elizabethnovak) My fav is the Eternity Code cause Artemis is both bad guy/smart and still has some feelings!

message 37: by Savita, There is nothing I do better than revenge (new)

Savita (haltranger) | 308 comments Mod
Yeah, I liked the first one a lot.

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