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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Awesome so what would you like to do?

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Yea i am fine with romance um you can choose im not picky at all

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Sure :) could you make your.charrie first cause I'm on my phone so its hard to type

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Name: Vladimer (( last name unknown))
Age: 19
Appearance: Vladimer has pale skin and dark blue-ish grey eyes and is 6'1tall and has a beautiful sculpted body and a long scar across his chest from a fight that happen a while.ago
Personality: Vladimer is quiet and keeps to himself he studies biology though he is failing the class and he has always had a crush on his teacher

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) I go all the way and they could meet like Xavier gives Vladimir private lessons cause he is failing Xavier class

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Could you please

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) After school lessons

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Vladimer put his pencil down he let out a small sigh " Its no use i dont get it no matter how many ways you try to explain it" Vladimer said not looking up at Xavier

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Vlad looked at the pictures as the teacher tried to explain to him what things were ment for and other things of the such he understood it a bit more but was still confused

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Vladimer finally got it and a small smile came to his lips but then left " Thanks for the help " He said to Xavier

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " Indeed " He smiled a bit looking at his notebook " Why did you want to teach biology? " He asked curiously wondering if he would have choice something else to teach instead of this subject

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " Intersting...Biology is my favorite class but i am not good at it " He said with a faded smile " Teaching a class seems much harder then accutly being a student with the homework and such "

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) He chuckled " Point taken " He smiled a bit more then a faded smile this time he couldnt help but awe at his teachers laugh he had a crush on him since he had this class though he hid the fact for a long time

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " Oh yes yes everything is fine " He said with a fake smile

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " Nah no girlfriend Sir i not intersted in getting one ethier " He smiled as he started collecting his things that he brought to the lesson

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " Yea but it wont happen " He shrugged slightly putting his papers away in his notebook neatly and in order

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Vlad smiled a bit if only the crush would be just a crush" thanks ill need all the luck" he muttered as he started putting things in his bag

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Vlad felt his cheeks turn a bit red but he hid it fromxavier " yes everything is just fine" he said with a small smile

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Vlad side smiled " no need for concern Mr. Rennel like I said everything is alright " he said with a smile

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Vlad smiled a bit " of course thanks again for the lesson ill see you tomorrow " he said before he walked out of the classroom and down the hall he forgot a piece of paper on the desk but didn't relize it on the paper was a V+X= love wrote on the corner of the paper

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Vlad heated his name and stopped turning slightly seeing.g his teacher he also noticed the paper < I> great now he proply will find out about the crush I> he thought to himself as he walked up to his teacher

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) He smirked and took the paper and put it in his bag " You never know " he said with a.faded smile

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Vlad cheeks got a bit red as his.teacher touched his face lightly " Think what you want but not saying if it right or wrong " he smiled a bit.

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) His cheeks stayed the red color as his teacher kissed him he hesitated but kissed him back.

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " But you still.sleep with other guys..Fine then ill see you tomorrow in class then " he said blankly turning away from him starting to walk off

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) He didn't turn around as he spoke " No but it doesn't matter anymore " he pulled his arm away walking down the hall away from xavier

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Vladimer held the strap of his bag tighter he just walked out of the building running his hand through his dark colored hair

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) (( Could we skip to tomorrow morning where they are in class? ))

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) The next morning he woke up seeing the time..he was going to be late for school..he groaned and quickly sat up taking a quick shower pulling on a tight black shirt and jeans and he grabbed his bag and ran out of his house and made his way to school

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Vladimer rushed into school then walked to his class seeing the lesson already started as xavier was writing something on the board he snuck into class and sat down at his desk not looking up at Xavier

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) He didnt look up " Yea i maybe can make it Sir " He said as he looked down at his paper seeing the crush thing on their and he crossed it off

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) (( Yup ))

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Vlad walked into a class as he slide into his desk he was a bit late for the lesson though

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " Maybe.." He said his eyes still looked hurt from yesterday he moved his teacher away from him looking at him then at his notebook not saying anything else

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) He kissed him back but just lightly then pulled away " Shouldnt we get to the lesson? "

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " Sure " He nodded slightly and smiled a bit

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) (( Mmhmm))

Vladimer sat at his desk as he looked around the class waiting for his test grades to be given

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) He looked at his paper and saw the grade and he side smiled as he did pass

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " What ever you would like to do " He reached down to his bag putting his test away

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) He stood up " I want to do this first " He leaned a bit forward and kissed him lightly

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) He pulled back from the kiss " You dont have to kiss me i just wanted to try it " he put his bag over his shoulder " And you dont have to go on a date ethier " He said in a simple voice walking around his teacher

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Vladimer gave in " F-Fine " he stutterd a bit trying to keep in his moan from his teacher nibbled his earlobe

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) He smiled a bit he really was a bit nervous right now Here he was alone with his teacher who he had a crush on for the longest time he could already feel his heart beat increase

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Vladimer smiled a bit as his teacher hugged him and he hugged him back but pulled away slightly " Thanks " He muttered softly

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) "Well what would you like to do? I don't mind really " he side smiled not really knowing what to do wanting to see.what his.teacher might like

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) ((Sorry if I reply late sometimes my phone is slow alot))

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) He smiled a bit this.was.his first date.accutly but.didn't.say anything

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) He nodded slightly " Sure sounds good" he replied with a smile

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) "That's fine what movie would you like to watch" he side smiled

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) He smiled a bit " What types of movies do you like?" He asked his teacher

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