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How come?

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Under The Cover How come they released Sinners on tour #5 before #3 and #4? And how come some poeple seem to have already read them?
Is there any way to read them already?

A very confused fan of Sinners!

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Jen Is Always Reading The author had posted information about this on her blog a while back...she mentioned it was a decision made by her publishers that she could not control...she didn't seem too keen on the decision from what I could gather by reading her blog...she laid out the following for those who wanted to read them as she had originally intended 1. Backstage Pass 2. Rock Hard 3. Hot Ticket (Spring 2013) 4.Snared (Fall 2013) 5. Double Time (Nov 2012) totally sucks, but I'm waiting to read them in order...hope that helps...not sure how people could have read them already...

Firetop OMG..I read all of them already. Don't have the will power to wait. Great books. Hot Ticket was really good. Great story and hot hot hot sex.

Dalo Love all these books, am really up to date with fave authors and thought I might have missed some - not like me!), I can cope with back reading, they are so hot!

Julie Yeah, it was really annoying to read "Double Time" and know the names of the ladies Jace and Eric married.

*Amanda* Just finished Hot Ticket. I had already read Double Time. I think that took something away from the story. If I had it to do over again I'd wait to read Double Time an read them in the order they were intended by the author. Still a really good read.

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