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Mari Hidame | 69 comments Mod
This is where all of the cliques meet and chat with each other about whatever!

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Mari Hidame | 69 comments Mod
Natalie, a popular kid, part of the popular possy, walked into school. Her brown hair swayed as she walked her gracful walk to her friends. "Hey," she said as she put on her shimmering lip gloss.

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Mari Hidame | 69 comments Mod
Jen stumbled into the school doors. Her nose started to itch so she sneezed as loud as the bell at the end of her classes. She grabbed a tissue, which she always keeped in her pocket and blew. Kids laughed her. She tripped as she continued to her other friends. "Hi," she said as she blew her nose again.

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Sheldon noticed Jen as he tripped into the school doors.He ran to her hoping the bullies wouldn't notice him. "Hi Jen," He said nervoulsly. he thought she was the prettiest geek out of the whole group. The way her brown eyes gleamed behind those glasses... He started to drool.

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Jen saw the puddle of icky drool on the floor. "Hi Sheldon," she replied. Then she got back to discussing homework with her other geeky pals.

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Mari Hidame | 69 comments Mod
Hannah waited by her normal spot to meet Cassie, by their lockers. She looked in her mirror and counted the pimples on her face. She had seven! She didn't care... She shoved her tiny mirror in her pocket, promising herslef to never look at her face again. She saw Cassie enter the school passage and wave. "Cassie!" she yelled at her best friend. Cassie only had one teeny itty bitty pimple in her face. Lucky... She smiled and picked at her pimple on her nose. Gross!

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♥Cassie♥ "Hey Hannah whats up",said Cassie as she was walking over to the lockers.

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"Nothing really," Hannah replied as she continued to touch her seven pimples on her face full of flaws. She noticed the look on Cassie's face as she felt each lump and bump on her face. "Oh, sorry, I just can't stand these things, they are so annoying," she stopped feeling them and opened her locker. She closed her eyes as as her face passes her slightly larger mirror. She promised herself...

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♥Cassie♥ Cassie opened her locker.So what if Hannah got pimples everybody gets them,but instead she replied,"That's okay."

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Mari Hidame | 69 comments Mod
"So, what's up? I haven't seen you ALL summer!" she said slightly too loud. Everyone stared at Hannah for a second. She gave an innocent grin and truned back to her locker, their mean looks boaring into her back. "So about your summer?" She whispered as silent as possible.

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Natalie ,one of the most popular girls in the whole school laughed, showing off to poor, embarressed Hannah. "What a dork!" she made fun of Hannah. Of coarse her possy lughed at her side.

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Mari Hidame | 69 comments Mod
Tears weld up in Hannah's eyes as Natalie yelled,"What a dork!" and everyone laughed. She looked over at Cassie, who looked like she was either going to blow up or go kill someone. But, who knows these days.

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♥Cassie♥ Cassie pushed past Natalies group and went sraight up towards her and said as mean and threatening as she could,"Back of jerk leave her alone or you don't even want to know what I'll do to you!"

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Hannah stared at Cassie as she barged into Ntalie, screaming at her. Cassie had her fist in the air about to punch Natalie.

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Natalie laughed,"Ha, yah right, your a dork too!" Jeez, that girl is tough, she tought to herslf. Natalie played with her hair for a momnet and started modle walking away. She noticed Cassie follow. "What now, dork!" she yelled at the less popular girl.

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♥Cassie♥ Cassie went up and punched Natalie in the face saying,"I told you that you didn't want to know what I was going to do to you."

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Mari Hidame | 69 comments Mod

Natalie screamed and ran away,"My face, my perfect face!" she screamed in horror. She barged into the bathroom to see if everything was alright.

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♥Cassie♥ Cassie just stood there laughing as Natalie ran into the bathroom.

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Hannah laughed as Natalie raced towards the bathroom enterance. Her tears were dried and he smile was back in place. "Thanks for beating Natalie up," she said sarcasticly. "So now, finally-" The bell rang and their chat had to pause. "See you in 3rd period!" she yelled at Cassie as she barged into LA class.

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Finally at 3rd period...

"Hey Cassie,"Hannah said as she walked into the door of Ms. Pearson's Social Studies class.

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♥Cassie♥ Cassie started running to science class.

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♥Cassie♥ At lunch Jammie made a really funny joke and Troy fell out of his seat laughing.Cassie really wished Hannah was here to see this.

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Hannah walked into the school's cafe. She saw Troy fall out of his chair and start laughing his head off. She grabbed her lunch tray, payed the price, and rushed to take her seat next to him and her other friends. She noticed that Troy blushed scarlet as she took her seat. What has gotten into that boy...?

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Joe took his seat next to Shawna and Lilly. "What's up?" he asked the two girls in a "cool" tone. He started staring at the popular table, imitating their every movements. Natalie noticed and started scratching her butt, Joe did the same and she started bursting with laughs. Joe did that also...

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♥Cassie♥ Troy felt really embaresed when Hannah sat down next to him and he started to blush like an idiot.

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♥Cassie♥ Cassie saw Troy blush and knew why so she started laughing out loud.

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"Okay, I want some answers," Hannah complained. "Why is Troy as red as a tomato and Cassie lauging like a retard?" Hannah asked as they continued their little fiasco.

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♥Cassie♥ Cassie and Jammie started laughing even harder now and Troy became more red

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"Hello!" Hannah interupted their little possy again. "Tell me what's goin' on!" she complained once more. Troy was on the verge of becoming the largest red pepper alive and Jammie and Cassie looked like they were about to die from the lack of air because of their neverending laughter.

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♥Cassie♥ Casie said still laughing"Think real hard and think about Troy and you'll figure it out"
((You mean Hannah not Mari))

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((whoops! :)))

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Hannah thought about Troy as lunch continued to drift. Twenty minutes later it came to mind,"You ate way to many peppers, I know how much you LOVE those!" Hannah guessed. "And so Cassie and Jammie were laughing at him because he did that."

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♥Cassie♥ "Whatever you say"Jammie said sarcasticlly

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"Yep, I know. Wait a second...where are those peppers?" Hannah asked as she glanced at Troy's lunch tray.

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♥Cassie♥ That just made cassie and Jammie laugh even more then Cassie finally said "I'll tell you later"

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Hannah gave Cassie a confused look as she picked at her "moldy pizza" as she states it. "I heard there are cheerleading tryouts soon," she said as she took a daring bite of the nasty lunch. "Not that I want to try out," she stated as she noticed Troy's face smiling like a puppy who just got a treat. "What are you smiling about pepper boy?" she complained to the now blushing boy.

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♥Cassie♥ "Maybe we should go and make fun of them"Cassie said

"Nothing"Troy muttered

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Soon after the long lunch period, science came along. Hannah and Troy sat together at the midnight back table she HAD to find out what was making Troy act so....weird. She decided to bring up the subject,"So,"she whispered as their teacher, Mr. Bill explained the lesson,"WHy were you acting so different at lunch today?"

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♥Cassie♥ "It was nothing"he said

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"Come on,"Hannah begged,"I've known you for ever! Just tell me what's wrong." The thought of a decent bribe,"If you tell me what your issue is,"she tapped her chin with her slender finger,"then I'll buy you a free cookie tomorrow!" She smiled a weak grin, waiting for an answer.

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♥Cassie♥ "Don't worry it was nothing just a joke Cassie and Jammie made up"he said

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"So, what's this "joke" all about?" Hannah asked supicously. "Do you want that cookie or not?"she whipered as their teacher walked by, glaring at them. "Just tell me!" she yelled. Suddenly, the entire class began staring at them. "Okay..."Hannah thought quickly,"NO need to look over here, just get back to what ever your doing," she smiled at the glaring audience. After everyone got back to their class work, Hannah continued to bug Troy,"Will you just spit it out!" she glared at his thoughtful features.

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(Yer on!)

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♥Cassie♥ ((Your on!! I never pegged you for a person who would stay up this late))

"No I will not"he said

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((Come on, there's only like a week left of school, why not! :) ))

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"Oh you will," she glared,"Or....Or.."she tried to think of an evil scheme. "Or I'll..."She mummbled. She looked away from him, thoughfully. "Or I'll tell my mommy." she said calmly and clapped her hands together.

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♥Cassie♥ ((lol still I just never thought you would stay up this late on a school night))

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((Well, I'm here now!))

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♥Cassie♥ ((So what are you doing up this late))

"Okay"he said

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