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Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk
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2012 Book Discussions > Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk - Third Quarter ("Jamie Lee Curtis..." to "Billy and Mango...") (November 2012)

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Daniel | 738 comments Mod
A few more questions to spark some discussion:

The equipment room is one of the more vivid scenes in the novel. After the tour, Billy is dazed: "He’s not sure what he’s just seen in here, but it seems to have made him sick." What did he see in there, and why is it so disturbing?

Billy is struck by the notion that an army of elite football players would be unstoppable: "Send them just as they are this moment, well rested, suited up, psyched for brutal combat, send the entire NFL! Attack with all our bears and raiders, our ferocious redskins, our jets, eagles, falcons, chiefs, patriots, cowboys—how could a bunch of skinny hajjis in man-skirts and sandals stand a chance against these all-Americans?" How did you respond to Billy's brief flash of insight? Did it do justice in setting up the end of the "XXL" chapter where some of the Dallas Cowboys ask to ride with Bravo to "cap some Muslim freaks," as if the war were some video game that could entertain them for a week?

We're treated to a lot more of Sergeant Dime in this section, although he manages to remain an enigma. What are your thoughts about him? Does he seem to have a unique purpose, role or voice in the narrative structure?

Billy wonders why the national anthem is played before such a commercial event (where it seems like "the game is just an ad for the ads"). Do you see this as a simple observation? Some deeper commentary on misplaced civic pride and patriotism? Something else entirely?

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