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message 1: by Mintcat (new)

Mintcat Battle Shimo of Snowpoint Gym.

message 2: by ✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (last edited Nov 07, 2012 05:00PM) (new)

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) Shimo looked around her Gym in boredom. She had been standing in the same spot for hours, and not a single trainer came. "Glaaa..." Her Glaceon yawned at her side, equally bored. "Hey, Glaceon." Shimo said, "You want to do something? Like... less boring?" Almost instantly, her Pokemon jumped up in eagerness. "'Come on, let's finish up that contest! ♪" Shimo leaped down from her platform, and raced out the Gym doors with Glaceon. "Come on out, Articuno!" She called, and let out her Pokemon. "Let's go to Hearthome City." She said, once Glaceon was safely on her lap, and they took off.

message 3: by Mintcat (new)

Mintcat (((*Sigh* It's going to be a while until trainers come to battle Gym Leaders...)))

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) ((True dat, so Shimo is having some fun. xD))

message 5: by Mintcat (new)

Mintcat (((Wow, ok. I'm so curious!!! :3)))

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) ((xD))

message 7: by Mintcat (new)

Mintcat (((Finally, we are online at the same time!)))

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) ((Yep, it's hard though, 'cause we live in different time zones. :3))

message 9: by Mintcat (new)

Mintcat (((Yeah, where do you live? I live in Hong Kong.)))

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) ((Connecticut, so for me, it's 7:03 AM. :3))

message 11: by Mintcat (new)

Mintcat (((For me, it's 8:04 PM)))

message 12: by Mintcat (new)

Mintcat (((So what's Shimo gonna do? I'm dying of curiosity!!! :3)))

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) ((Participate in a Pokemon Contest! :3))

message 14: by Mintcat (new)

Mintcat (((You wanna make a new topic? (You're a mod anyways) XD)))

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) ((I will, but I g2g, for school D:))

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Mintcat (((Ok, bye. See you tomorrow at this time?)))

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) ((Yep. :D))

message 18: by Mintcat (new)

Mintcat (((Sorry, I had no time. Maybe we should have an On/Off thing?)))

message 19: by Azure (new)

Azure (AbsollutelyAwesome) | 19 comments Spirios walked in. "Hello. Is anyone here?"

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