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Dion (my_booklove) | 14 comments Mod
so, following the format that i've seen before, coz it seems to work, this is how i think it should go, but feel free to contradict me. Um... I personally find it easier to let my characters grow, i don't plan them first, so maybe we should just say the name of our characters, and then see where the story goes!! If we're talking normally just use brackets!!! () :P

Ok, so i'll call my character Maya. We can do this in first or third, i don't mind, but i think third will be easier :D

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t star (hidden32) | 4 comments Can I join. Id name my character Quest

message 3: by Dion (new)

Dion (my_booklove) | 14 comments Mod
((sure! Is quest a guy or a girl?))

Maya jogged down the street, listening to her iPod and striking the sidewalk along with the beat. Her heart pounded a fierce rhythm in her chest and she laughed at the feel of the burn, of the strain of her muscles, of the protests of a well-oiled machine.

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t star (hidden32) | 4 comments ((Girl))
Quest never was a moring person especially on a day like today. The sun was peeking out though the clouds like a baby playing hind and seek. The air felt almost perfect. Today was one of those days were going outside was greatly advised, but Quest just wanted to stay in bed and die. She was waiting for the perfect time to get out of bed. The time in which she would be smelling bacon from her kitchen. When she smelt the bacon, she decided it was the time to start her day

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Dion (my_booklove) | 14 comments Mod
Maya ran her normal route, passing people and waving hello. She stopped at a house to stretch, peering in the windows. The smell of bacon flowed through the window and her mouth watered at the thought of breakfast

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t star (hidden32) | 4 comments "Mom" said Quest as she ran down stairs to her bacon. When she reached the first floor she way her mom in a puddle of blood. She screamed on the top of her lungs. She ran out the house yelling help. Looking everywhere except in front of her she ran a knocked down a girl who looked to be stretching in front of her house.

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Dion (my_booklove) | 14 comments Mod
A blood-curdling scream erupted from inside the house and Maya paused and stared, about to go inside and help when a teenage girl came barreling out of the house, knocking her over. They fell to the floor together and Maya tried to soothe the girl with calming noises, patting her hair while staring inside and wondering what was wrong.

Maya got up to investigate, but the girl grabbed her arm.

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t star (hidden32) | 4 comments " wait," said Quest, " don't got in there my mom is hurt. There's blood everywhere. Can... can you call 911." Then she went back to crying. She cried and cried until the girl she didn't know helped her up. The girl started walking clinging to Quest like she was the one that needed support. When really without her Quest would have never gotten up

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Dion (my_booklove) | 14 comments Mod
Maya gently led the girl towards her house, not sure how far they'd get supporting each other. They made their slow way and as they did she attempted to pull her phone out of her pocket. When she did, she called 911 immediately.

"Hello? Hello?"
"Yes?" Answered the male voice on the other end.
"Hi. Um...I was on a run and a girl ran out of her house screaming. I'm not sure what happened but she said her mom was hurt and there was blood everywhere.." she stopped there, not knowing what else to say.
"Alright. Did you go inside?"
"No, i'm helping the girl now. She looked like she needed help and she wouldn't let me investigate."
"All right ma'am, we'll be on the way. Whereabouts are you?"
"Um..." she looked around helplessly, looking for directions or street names, things like that. After a few moments of intense discussion she managed to give comprehensible directions.
"Sorry, i'm kind of ... not here right now!" She stated, blushing and quickly catching the girl before they both fell over. The man laughed and she liked the sound.
"All right. I'll be over as soon as possible. May I have your address, so i can come and see you and the girl?"
"Sure!" She said and after spouting off the address and wishing the man good luck, she hung up and walked the girl all the way to her own house.

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