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Hearts Made of Stone by Arthur C. CareyArthur C. Carey

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Hearts Made of Stone

Book Description

Breaking up is hard to do. So why not get someone else to do it for you? Better still, why not capitalize on romantic failure and turn it into a profitable business?

That's the plan Aaron Felting and Dana Larson hatch over tea and cookies after meeting in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Although Aaron falls for Dana, he soon finds she’s more interested in being the CEO of their successful Silicon Valley startup created to end the romantic entanglements of strangers than their own relationship.

How much more interested? Let's just say Aaron is about to get something worse than a cold shoulder...

A novelette.

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Isabel (Sab The Book Eater) (sabgomez) This still on?

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sent in your requests

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Cynthia | 113 comments I would enjoy reading this book please.

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