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Favorite Magical Creature?

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Elizabeth Day Do you have a favorite magical creature? I really like the nifflers. They're so cute and adorable!

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Avani Nifflers for me too!
Oh, I like phoenixes too. They're dazzling, aren't they?

Nancy No question, Dobie house elf from Harry Potter.

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OMIGOD there is soooo many tough question!!! I love hippogriffs, phoenixes, elves, goblins, dragons, and pretty much all the creatures!! <3 :)

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MJ Dragons and phoenixes

Nancy Yes, I forgot to mention hippograghs, phoenixes and goblins, oh yes, pretty much all of the creatures.

Bayan Oh I loved the idea of the Dementors' existence. The fact that there exist such creatures is fascinating.

Jannie Huang dragons, house- elves (poor them), and pygmy puffs (awwww)!

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hippograghs, phoenixes and goblins, all of the creatures.

Lisa Collins (Lisa Likes Books) Phoenixes, hands down.

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Dobby. and house elves in general. SPEW anyone :)

Lauren Blast-ended skrewts :P

The Mockingjay aka L I love dobby, buckbeack, phonexs, and dragons!

Shugufa I can't just pick one!! I'll tell you all my faves though!! Phoenix, House elfs ( Dobby especially), Hedwig(snowy owl), buckbeak, dragons,centuars, and unicorns!

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Tony I like the Thestrals a lot but agree that its almost impossible to pick just one.

Lisa Collins (Lisa Likes Books) Oh, I totally forgot to mention thestrals.

Angeline Joseph Thestrals are the most facinating!

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Joshua Mortensen Do I have to pick one? I choose phoenix's, thestral's, hippogriff's, dragon's, dementor's, and niffler's.

Lisa Collins (Lisa Likes Books) Joshua wrote: "Do I have to pick one? I choose phoenix's, thestrals, hippogriffs, dragons, dementors, and nifflers."

I agree with this entire statement.

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Mila I love all of them! (though I have to admit, dementors scare me)

Tamara Figueroa Dragons,Phoenixes,Hippogriffs,thestrals,and niffles

Jenika Ioffreda Blast-ended skrewts, Theastrals, Hippogriffs and giant spiders livind in the Forest... oh, and I don't know if this may be considered magical creature... the book of "care of Magical creatures" that was biting the reader (the book Hagrid chooses as school book in his first year of teaching ;p

Chathura i like dragons specially the Peruvian Vipertooth

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Lara I liked Thestrals but centaurs and merpeople were wonderful as well and I find it a little sad that we didn't get to learn much about them.

Shaimaa I like Hippogriffs and Phoenixes.

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Bree Pheonixes, bowtruckles, Jarveys and dragons. Oh, and Hippogriffs and Threstals

Nivedita phoenixes and threstrals.beautiful creatures

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Bree Ikr, threstrals can just be misunderstood

Hemant "The Usurper" Kumar Hippogriffs, Phoenixes and Thestrals (although I wouldn't be able to see them thankfully)

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Andersen W they are all just so cool!!! it would take me years to decide witch one i like the best!

Myanna Hightower Phoenixes. There's just something really awe-inspiring about an animal that is reborn again. Starting its life over again as a pure creature. If only we could do that.

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Kiara I love all the creatures but if i have to chose one... Hmmm... i think the Hippogriff or the Bowtruckle

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Ella Hippogriff, maybe phoenix

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