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You know you're a Delirium fangirl when...

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ღIsabellaღ Well since everyone is making this topic for a bunch of books, why not do a "You know you're a fangirl..." for Delirium.

You know you're a fangirl when...
1) You force all of your friends to read it
2) You can quote the book word for word without looking
3) You immediately freak when you hear "Alex."
4) You forget this isn't real
5) You think you're married to Alex, but then remember he's a fictional charater
6) You cried hystarically at the end
7) You start five billion goodreads discussions on the books *Me*Cough*

Anything else that makes you a fangirl.

message 2: by Nat (new) - rated it 3 stars

Nat When you can't imagine life without LOVE

message 3: by Naomi (new)

Naomi I'd have to say when you start saying deliria nervosa instead of love. That, or you daydream about Alex.

message 4: by Ava (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ava Dobson When you walk around always watching your back in fear that an official will catch you feeling love

Erica a boy made you fall in love with him.
when you start to act like lena.

Marti You think of 37 Brook street when you see an abandomed house

kpopfan When your at a camping trip with friends and family and you force your friend to act like Alex and you playing Lena running away from officials in the woods. :)

Andrea Kassar When you're listening to music and it makes you play scenes from the book in your head .

Ailbhe Guilford When you see a needle and you're like NO!!!!!

Izzat Zainal I can't stop crying hysterically at the end YES.

And I don't know--this book hurts. It is a great book that's why it hurts me. It DEEPLY hurts me and tears me and smashes me up to pieces and I don't know how to heal the pain.

1) And when I see prisoners in movies I will have hysteria remembering the Crypts and Ward Six.

2) And when I went to clinics and I ran paranoid thinking of avoiding cure.

3) And when I looked around to see if police will arrest me if I kiss my mom on her cheek.

4) And how about there's this one empty abandoned house in the neighborhood, I tried to go there wishing there's Alex in it.

Are those above are signs of Delirium fangirl? It sounds more like Delirium victim to me.

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