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Here is a place you can post your characters profile and get constructive criticism and more! I personally love to see peoples characters!

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Sarah  (Oceanwhisper) Well I'll be first :)

My main sort of character is a she-dragon called Azura. Here's a bit about her-

Azura is no ordinary dragon. She is the Princess of Morpheia, the dragon kingdom, and heir to the throne being the eldest child. She's had a very easy life so far, visiting other kingdoms, making friends with the other dragons living in Morpheia and having food brought to her without even trying.

Some would call her a soft, wishy-washy dragon if they just saw her for the first time. As she has beautiful azure scales, with purple claws, outlines eyes and outlined wings. She also isn't the biggest of dragons, and she has a soft look to her. But that's just her at first. In battle is another matter.

She is infact, the very oppopsite of a wishy-washy, sweet dragon who is always drooling over the big male dragons. No she isn't. She is extremely brave and fierce, and never turns down from a fight. She really couldn't care less about male dragons and their strength! She will never let anyone do anything for her to do with fighting, and is very tough and rough.

I'm thinking of making her fall in love, but not sure if I should xD . It would mean bringing another character in, and I'm just not sure! But who knows, I might eventually.

One last note, I might post another character profile about someone else later :)

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(both of them. You don't want them up?)

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