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Ed Wagemann (EdWagemann) | 985 comments [IMG]

During the Summer of Love, My mother was 15 years old living in public housing. My father was 17, still a year away from his high school graduation. I was conceived at the end of that summer, possbily under the bleachers at the high school football stadium.


My birth came a month after the assasination of Martin Luther King and a month before the assasination of Robert Kennedy. 15 and a half years earlier, actress Susan Dey had been born in the exact same room.

When I was three years old, my father borrowed $3,000 from some people he knew and then ran off to follow a get-rich-quick guru named Glen Turner. If you have never head of Glen Turner, then these videos will be a fine introduction:

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Jack | 52 comments WTF???

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Tanjlisa Marie (TanjlisaMarie) | 234 comments Jesus, Ed!!

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fabby | 35 comments wow if you led a messed up life you have something to blame it to

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Ed Wagemann (EdWagemann) | 985 comments Ha, never thought of that. But my life doesnt seem that messed up to me - no more messed up than anyone elses.

My childhood was fairly happy. I was poor and my step-father was zoned out on drugs and unemployed more often than not, but I didn't really pay much attention to that. A few times a year he would mix a bad combination of chemicals into his system and get violent and the neighbors or someone would call the cops on him. It was kind of pathetic. Looking back though I'm almost thankful fof such experiences. It helped me develope a certain detachment when intense situations occur, knowing that they will blow over. My step-father for instance, would always sheepishly appologize the next day and would then sink into a month long comatoast, drug-fueled stupor.

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