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She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall
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Mrs. Gibson (egibson) | 44 comments Mod
Rather than a "BookTalk" in front of the class, please discuss your books here.

Some discussion topics include:
1. Are the characters in your book realistic and if so how? Can you relate to them or do they remind you of teens you know? Would you be friends with any of the characters in your book? Explain. NO REAL names mentioned in responses.

2. What have you learned from your book or has your opinion about the topic changed from reading this book?

See where the discussion takes you. Stay on topic, but feel free to have an organic discussion about the book. Read the other discussions on GoodReads for ideas about what else to discuss.

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Brad Smith | 1 comments 1a. The characters in the book are realistic because first based on a true story. It also is based on what high schoolers go through on bullying and wanting to fit in.
1b. I can relate to Cassie because I was in her place being a bad person and giving up on the world. I am also a Christian and I do believe in God.
1c. I would be friends with the people in the book because I think they are going through a very hard time with losing an only daughter
2. I've learned from this book that even the littlest things can make a huge impact on a person's life. Like the two shooters role model and the music they listened to and how hopeless they felt. They just go in and start shooting people. They didn't even know what they were doing...

Danielle | 1 comments 1. The characters in my book are realistic because the book is based on a school shooting and the girl who dies family. The book is based on a true story. I can not really relate to this family because I have never been involved with a victim in a school shooting.yes I would be there to support or help the family with any problems that I could.
2. From this book I have learned that having the loss of a family member that you could not control is very hard. My book is about a girl who had died at the columbine school shooting. This was a tragic loss for her family. The book discusses the families struggles to try to stay strong about the loss.

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Ariel Baker | 1 comments 1) Yes the characters in my book are realistic, it's based on true events. No, I cannot relate to this family because I've never been it that type of position. Yes I would be friends with the characters because with a lot going on I would be a great person to talk to.
2) What I have learned from the book is anything can happen and people have to be prepared for this type situation.

Winter Polnak | 1 comments 1. The characters in my books are realistic because this book was based off a true story. I can't really relate to this story but, I do know it is really hard to lose a love one. I would be there for the characters and i would be friends with them because thats the least I can do.
2. This book taught me that every human makes a mark and they won't be forgotten. I also learned that it is hard to lose someone but with the love of friends and family you can get through a lot.

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