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This is where the main events happen,and where the head of the family lives.The main house is bigger than all the other homes.

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Izabel and Jared soon neared the main house.They opened the double doors and they walked through the halls until they were right in front of two double doors again.They didn't hesitate on opening the doors,figuring it were be better sooner than later.

"Well,I've been expecting you all for quite a while now.What has made you so tardy?You know how impatient I get"He said with a smirk."Sit.Make yourselves at home"He said when he saw that they were accompanied by Tara and Bryce.

Izabel and Jared knew better than to disobey him,so they kneeled down and waited there.

The head stood up,and he paced around the room."Now what shall I do with you.You did disobey me by bringing humans in the estate.And you did expose us to a majority of your peers.We will have to erase their memories.And You"he said looking at Izabel with cold eyes"You exposed yourself for no good reason and without accident,right after Jared did."He walked over to her and he grabbed a tousle of her hair and he pulled straight up,hard.With his free hand he slapped her across the face,leaving red marks"You idiotic girl.You'll go in confinement for that"

Jared was beet red as he forced himself to not go up to him and hit him.

Izabel laid on the floor,shriveled up in pain.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Tara and Bryce both watched May, Jared and Izabel before slowly kneeling down as well. They stayed silent but as soon as he grabbed Izabel Tara and Bryce both jumped up "what the f*ck do you think you're doing?!" Tara yelled, her hands balled in fists while her eyes blazed bright with anger. Bryce was silent but his jaw was clenched tight and his hands were balled in fists. May cursed under her breath and grabbed for Tara's wrist "don't" she warned in a hushed voice trying to pull Tara away but Tara simply yanked her hand out of her grasp and rushed to Izabel's side.

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He chuckled coldly"and You.It was your fault that this all happened.Have you learned nothing?Did you really expect everything to go smoothly without some repercussion of having peers over?!"He yelled as he did the same with May. He looked over at Jared"Jared be a gentleman and take these ladies to confinement where I will deal with them later"

"No.Im not doing anything for you,you sick bastard"Jared said angrily.

"No?You dare speak that way to me?Fine."He said as he paced around the room.Two tall men came in and they carried both girls away to two separate,dark,eerie rooms.

"As for the humans,I wont have your memories erased.I think its time that a few humans knew.Also,I want these memories to stay with you.To remind you that im not to be played with.Now off with you three.I don't want to have to see your horrid faces."He said with a menacing laugh.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Tara watched as her friends were dragged away, her hands tightening while her nails dug into her palm. "You f*cking bastard" she said through gritted teeth, she was about to lunge at him but Bryce grabbed her waist and held her back. "Let go of me, this piece of shit needs to be taught a lesson" she said, thrashing in Bryce's arms as she tried to break free. Tara wouldn't have been nearly as mad if all this had happened to her but she was very protective of her friends, especially May. "Nobody treats my friends that way, I don't care who you are" she yelled but Bryce kept his arm around her firmly.

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He laughed"Do you think lunging at me will change anything?Dearest human,as long as I'm here,your going to be helpless.Accept the fact that I'm in charge,and that this is only a repercussion for what happened."he said with a grin before walking out of the room to where one of the confinement rooms were located.

"I'm sorry you guys had to see that.Im sorry you had to get involved"Jared said.He was still kneeling on the ground.He looked as if he was in pain,which emotionally he was.He just saw his two cousins get carried away,hit and hurt,and he didn't do anything about it.He was pathetic.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Bryce released Tara and she stared at the door where he had walked out. She slowly uncurled her hands which has drops of blood on them since her nails had broken skin, she didn't notice though. "What just happened? why did that-that man do that to Izabel and May?" she asked, her voice trembling slightly as she thought back to what happened to her best friend. She ran a shaky hand through her hair before turning her eyes on Jared "where did he take them? what is he going to do to them?" she asked, fearing the answer but needing to know.

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"That was his first punishment.And I know he took them to confinement rooms,but those are locked.As for what he's going to do to them?I don't know.All I know is that there's going to be more 'punishing'.Ive only been in confinement once,and trust me its one huge hell hole.Theres been rumours by others of what he's done.People have said that he's rape both guys and girls,Apparently he's whipped some people,others say he just leaves you there for days,and he only shows up on the last.I really can't say what will happen,all I know is that it won't be a joy ride."he said through gritted teeth as he stood

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Tara could feel the tears prickling in her eyes at the thought of any of that happening "I shouldn't have been such a bitch and forced you to dance" she as she blinked back the tears. Tara had never felt so helpless before, she's always been able to help those she's cared for in the past now but now, now she couldn't do a thing to help May and Izabel and it didn't help that she felt guilty as hell about the whole situation. Bryce hadn't uttered a word the whole time as he leaned against a wall with his hands shoved in his pockets, his eyes closed as he processed everything that had happened since the party till now.

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Jared tried to give her a small smile"Hey,Its not your fault.You were just watching out for your friends.Don't let it get to you okay?"He said as he put a hand on her shoulder.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Tara shook his hand off "don't be nice to me Jared, it doesn't suit you" she said as she walked past him. She opened the door in the room and stepped out, she looked down the hallways and groaned "I'll never find her in this place" she muttered to herself. She had no intention of leaving that place without May and Izabel.

"I don't think wandering around this place is smart girly girl" Bryce said, speaking for the first time. He broke away from the wall and walked over to Tara "we should just leave" he told her.

Tara turned and glared at him "you can leave if you want but I'm not leaving them here alone to face him" she seethed before whirling around on her heel and storming off down a random hallway.

"She's gonna get herself into trouble" Bryce said with a sigh as he shook his head, watching her disappear down the hall.

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Jared rolled his eyes"Even if she did find the rooms,which I doubt she will,they're locked and protected.There's no way in our out.So she should give it up.Theres no use crying over spilt milk"He said before stepping out himself.He walked down the hall and out the exit.He knew it would be foolish to look for the confinement rooms,so he wouldn't try.

Meanwhile in one of the confinement rooms

The head walked inside stealthily,the door shutting behind him.He smirked coldly,his eyes black daggers."Now Izabel.Did you really believe that you would get away with transforming in front of two humans without punishment?I think that the thought is even idiotic."He whispered as he sunk down so they were face to face.He placed a cold hand under her chin,forcing it up so that she looked him in the eye."Stupid little girl.Im ashamed to even be related to you.I hope you learn your lesson in the days your here"He said before he shoved her head back into the wall.He laughed menacingly" I will be back my deary,and next time it wont be as pleasant"He said

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Bryce sighed and hesitated a moment before following Jared out of the building.

Tara walked through the hallways with a frown "May, Izabel?" she whisper-yelled. She knew that this was hopeless but she'd never forgive herself if she didn't at least try so rather than turning and leaving she continued through the corridors. "Where the hell are those two?" she grumbled to herself, her voice and the sound of her footsteps being the only noise in the corridor.

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The head exited the room with a smirk,but his eyes grew curious when he heard footsteps that weren't his.Then came a voice that he did not recognize as one of the family's. He smiled "The frail,stupid human girl came looking for them?What a shameful mistake."He said as he leaned against the wall,waiting for her to come down the hall.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Tara's frown slipped away and she came to a halt as soon as she saw him leaning against the wall. She regained her composure quickly and her eyes narrowed and her lips curved down in a scowl as she looked at him. She said nothing though, the guy scared her and she knew that being caught was bad enough and with her smart ass mouth she'd probably get herself into more trouble so she kept it shut, for the moment.

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"Human did I not tell you to leave?What are you doing,remaining in my house?Do you have no manners?When a host asks you to leave,the correct thing to do is leave?Should I have to teach you a lesson like your friends?Or will you kindly leave?"He said as he walked towards her in calm steps.He put a finger under her chin,making her look right into his cold,dark,eyes.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) "Tell me where my friends are and let them go with me, then I'll leave nicely" she said before she could stop herself, she really was bad with taking orders. She was beyond scared in that moment but she didn't let it show and kept her eyes locked on his, hatred and disgust filling them as she looked at him.

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He laughed"That's a bit impossible at the moment.But I'll return them in a few days.Or would you rather he in confinement too?because that will happen if you don't leave"he said calmly

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Tara gritted her teeth "fine" she muttered "I'll leave" she said pulling free of his grasp, she was doing nobody any good if she was locked up especially since it wasn't like anyone would notice her disappearance and send for help. With one last hatred filled glare she spun on her heel and headed for the the door. The farther away from him she got the faster she walked till she finally found herself out of the building "that sick bastard" she muttered as she leaned against the door she'd just walked out of.

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He smirked before turning and walking down the hallway,his steps not making much sound.He walked to his room,and he sat down on a small porch that was made to connect with his room.He watched the whole estate,a sickening grin on his face.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Tara started walking away from the main house with a grim expression etched on her face. She looked over her shoulder and sighed but kept walking away from the house "See you soon May, Iz" she murmured to herself.

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((Should we time skip to when they get out of confinement?And im making a new group >:3 Tell me if it sounds okay : Welcome to the arena.If you may not have already noticed,the world is under going mass destruction.Who started this you ask? Well only his truly President Koi. He thought it might be fun if he duplicated some of the goriest,coldest,and most blood thirsty tributes of the past hunger games.And quite a sick game it has become.Though,he hasn't made just one copy,hes made thousands of each tribute.And not to mention that there are hundreds of tributes that were duplicated.Their appearance,their personalities,everything is the same.The only thing is that their out to kill you. The only people that are safe from the duplicates are the President,and anybody he chooses that is worthy of safety.Thousands die each day,but thousands of people are born everyday. Only your born in your teen years,so you don't even get to go through your childhood years.Your born at the age of 14.And your left to fend on your own.The world is your arena.Will you survive? ))

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) ((Yeah, we can skip and that sounds really cool, nice idea :D ))

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((Gracias c: It was a dream..and then it became an RP XD And where should they be at school or?))

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) ((You have interesting dreams lol XD and yeah, at school))

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((It scared the heck out of me when I woke up! It ended like the freaking anime angel beats when kanade stabbed Ootonashi with her hand sonic thingy but I died and i had like a heart attack DX LOL And okayyy :3))

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) ((Wow, you have a very interesting imagination LOL I haven't remembered a single dream for around 2 years now...))

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