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message 1: by Karla (new)

Karla | 1667 comments Mod
I got this PM asking about 2 books. I have no clue what they are. Anyone have any ideas?


Can you please assist me in finding 2 books? I read them about 10 yrs ago, but I don't know when they were published. Here is what I can remember:

1st Book
I think a part of the story took place in a formal/ball room/court type setting. Two men were vying for the attention of the heroine and wanted to marry her. I believe the final decision on who she would marry belonged to some powerful man (I don't remember whether or not this person was a relative of the heroine). There was some type of tournament or maybe a duel, where the hero was up against the other man. (maybe the outcome of this duel/competition would influence the decision about who the heroine will marry) It was very significant because I recall that the heroine was very worried and afraid for the hero. She was advised by an older woman/companion that she should not allow the hero to know that she was apprehensive as he will in turn worry about her, which will negatively affect his performance and fighting ability. I'm not certain, but I believe that the heroine gave the hero some sort of token for him to wear for the duel/competition. The hero won. There was not much antagonism in the book, and I believe that by 2/3 into the story, the love between H/h was fully established and both had knowledge of this love. When I think about this book I keep thinking of the name Elizabeth. I don't know if it is related to any of the characters in the book or the author. It might not be related to the book at please don't place too much importance on it.

2nd Book
The story focused on the heroine trying to find a rare species of butterfly. The butterfly had some magical powers and every time she came close to catching one something bad happened to her. I think she saw the hero in a vision before she actually met him. The hero knew the heroine's mother as a boy and was a little in love with her. The heroine and her mom closely resemble each other.

message 2: by Mermarie (new)

Mermarie (JadedlilFecker) | 950 comments Mod
1st Book... I'm not being snarky, but goodness gracious, that could be about any book in romance history. XD

I'll start looking for the butterfly one.

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (ThePirateWench) | 834 comments Mod
Hmmm... yah book one I could place a dozen or so with that theme,maybe a hard one to "pin-point":/

Pamela(AllHoney) (pamelap) Was the first one a medieval romance? Sounds vaguely like it could be a Julie Garwood book but I'm not sure which one.

message 5: by Oniel (new)

Oniel Harding | 1 comments I know the description of the 1st book is not well-defined, but I can't seem to remember any more pertinent aspect of the story. All I know is that I REALLY REALLY love the book and would love to read it again.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

hi am new and i need help i'm looking for a book i read a few years ago its a romances. slavery has been abolished and a young (white) girl along with her uncle (i think) join a wagon party with some other people including whores travelling to someplace new to make a new life for themselves since they are facing hard times. the hero of the book has deserted the war and he is chosen to lead the wagon party . the first time the hero is introduced he gets in to a fight with a young man from the girl's life who wants her .he has wanted her for a long time and in one scene he is raping a young indian girl. the hero kills him in the end (i think). the hero and the heroine make love in the back of the wagon but it was painful for her since she was a virgin so she kicks him out also the heroine becomes pregnant and she is reunited with the hero in the end (i forgot y the stopped speaking) I've been looking for this book for a long time so please HELP.

Wendy,  Lady Evelyn Quince (LadyEvelynQuince) | 204 comments Cindy wrote: "hi am new and i need help i'm looking for a book i read a few years ago its a romances. slavery has been abolished and a young (white) girl along with her uncle (i think) join a wagon party with so..."

I only skimmed this book, but the plot sounds similar to Emerald Fire by Julia Grice by Julia Grice:

"Lovely, eighteen-year-old Emerald Regan was brought up in the finest Southern finishing schools, perfectly groomed for life on her family's Baton Rouge plantation. Then her slave heritage was exposed and she faced the unbridled lust of a man who would take her body, but never give her his name.

Forced to flee west, in St. Louis she joined a wagon train and met an undreamed of lover, the mysterious mountain guide, Mace Bridgeman. Theirs was a great love, until she met Wolf Dreamer...

Wolf Dreamer, Sioux medicine man, who initiated her into his sensual world of drugs and magic - but whose passions could never keep her from the love that tore at her heart, and the triumphant destiny that awaited her in the beautiful Sierra Mountains."

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