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Hazel this book is really good but it was complicated.

Marisa its really interesting do you think that Myrlie is nice? I do she was the one to tell Bethany about Elizabeth

Alana This book was really good, it also had a somewhat futuristic setting. I know that cloning is possible, but to make a human clone doesn't seem like it's coming around any time soon.

Edie I loved this book! My favoriet part is the ending. People who have not read this book READ IT!!!

Ashley I loved this book. Yes, it was complicated, but I love that in most books. I think the setting was about 2020 or something like that, but I can't remeber exactly

Ricki I think actually the setting was 2010.

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Kayla will u give me the book when ur done??

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Endia Murray i love this book and the amazing twist at the end. it was really really good, its not really confusing if you keep reading it. i love this book and the amazing way the book kept pulling me in. who ever hasn't read this NEED TO HURRY UP AND READ IT!!!!

Annalisa i loved the ending and haddix rocks and if u love this book u must read the missing series

Lywana this book was really creepy and kept leaving me in suspense

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Really good, fell apart a bit at the ending in my opinion.

Naomi Scarlett I loved it. I couldn't put it down.

Tucker does elizabeth go to the hospital before she dies? please answer ASAP

Emily I think this book had an amazing idea. The idea of parents trying to recreate their lost child and the story of the kid discovering who they are is great. But I don't think the author brought it to its full potential. There wan't any real big bang. They just kinda... dispersed

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Amel Naomi wrote: "I loved it. I couldn't put it down."

yeah i liked it

Emily i liked it but you should try the missing series :D

Emily Double Identity and The Missing have great stories, but I find the same thing wrong with all Haddix books. None of them take the stories to their full potential. I mean, shes a freakin clone! Haddix could have come up with a better story.

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Anju This is a shocker story but anybody who loved this should totally read Haddix's "Found" series!!!!!!

Mackenzie Anju wrote: "This is a shocker story but anybody who loved this should totally read Haddix's "Found" series!!!!!!"

Hmm, I really liked this book, but not the "Found" series.

Mackenzie I love this book so much!!!

Jamie Taylor THIS BOOK IS A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.1!!!!!!!!!

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