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chosen name:
appearance:(you can write a description or put up an image)
bf gf:
other: (optional)

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Name:Darren Lee
chosen name: Jin kazama
gender: male
likes: hotdogs
dislikes: boring meetings
appearance: [image error]
personality: sarcastic, cunning, kind but can also be cruel
magic: elemental
crush: none
bf gf: open
other: (optional)

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Jasmine (HelenTaylor) | 123 comments Taken Name: Q
Given Name: "None of your bees-wax."
Age: "Why do you want to know?"
Gender: Female
Magic: Necromancer
Appearance: Green eyes, pupils slit (like a cats or a reptiles), long pure-black hair, claw-like hands, super thin, super tall, high cheekbones, black skin (literally; Instead of keeping her magic in an object, she used her skin).
Personality: Shy to strangers, giddy, gentle (when she wants to be), cheeky, protective, and sly.
Weapon: Katana

Likes: Violence, spying, gossiping, relaxing, trouble, running, fighting, sleeping, and cute things, i.e puppies, bunnies.
Dislikes: People Shouting, being wet and being wrong
Enemy/Enemies: China Sorrows
Crush: "Like I'm going to tell you."
Boy-friend/Girl-friend: none (yet)

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Ok! We're gonna start rping when there are three charries

message 5: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine (HelenTaylor) | 123 comments OK. :)
(I'll laugh if the next one will be a Adept)

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message 7: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine (HelenTaylor) | 123 comments What happens if there is no other charries??? :0

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

-_- uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

message 9: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine (HelenTaylor) | 123 comments Yeah, we're kinda stuck there. Hopefuly another charry will come soon...

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zazy!! (azaria) | 6 comments I'm coming to the rescue

Taken name: zazy
Given name: "I'm not telling u"
Age: "how ever old u think I am"
Gender: "female"
Magic: shape shifter/werewolf/cat woman
Appearance: long black curly hair,dark brown eyes,strong ,tall, thin, very sexy
Personality: loves anything that gets the heart pumping(has done almost everything!!!) and can be a lover at times
Weapon: anything she can get her hands on
Likes:violence,spying,anything exciting
Dislikes: boring stuff and getting dared to kiss someone she doesn't like!!!!!
Hates: china and Eliza
Crush: "um a guy"
Bf: open ( but not for long )

message 12: by Jasmine (last edited Nov 12, 2012 10:46AM) (new)

Jasmine (HelenTaylor) | 123 comments YEAH!
Thank you, zazy! :)
(And we can hate China together!)

So, what's gonna happen next? :D

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message 14: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine (HelenTaylor) | 123 comments "ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm"?
Oh no. I don't like the sound of that...

message 15: by zazy!! (new)

zazy!! (azaria) | 6 comments Adoesn't sound right

message 16: by zazy!! (new)

zazy!! (azaria) | 6 comments Yeah that doesn't sound right sorry my iPad isn't working today

message 17: by Daniel, Busy Guy (new)

Daniel | 319 comments You start role playing in this discussion

if you need details on how to start message me

message 18: by Niámh (new)

Niámh | 57 comments Given Name:Cathy Kennedy
chosen name:Violet black
likes:tv food fun movies
dislikes:stupidity hates it ahen peopl get upset over stupid things
appearance:(you can write a description or put up an image) this hair
And these eyes
Naturaly blonde hair and dark blue eyes full lips.
Personality:funny, sarcastic, bubbly,quite shy if you dont know her but a complete psychopath if you do.
magic: hasnt choosen yet elemental and a little bit of symbol magic
crush:dosent have one yet
bf gf:dosent have one
other: (optional) Irish

message 19: by DarknessIsUponUs (new)

DarknessIsUponUs Given name: Louisa Templeton
Taken Name: Kayley Wraith
Age: 21
gender: Female
likes: reading, gossiping, food, movies
dislikes: stupid ugly people
appearance: sexy, bluest eyes eva!, long dark blonde hair (usually puuled back in a high pony tail or bun)
Personality: nice, shy, smart, bit vicious to people who are mean.
magic: haven't chosen yet but thinking bout elemental or necromancer.
crush: a kid in my class
bf: open (none at moment)
other: English (pommy)

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Given name: Victoria Lucas
Taken name: Alli Gold
Appearance: Black, straight hair, olive skin, a scar that goes from the top of her eye to her mouth, violet eyes, hates makeup,
Personality: Sarcastic, truthful,strongly opinionated, loves reading, has a talent for guessing what other people are thinking.
Magic: Can create momentum without moving. Allows her to move so fast she's a blur. She can run at over 500km/h
Weapon of choice: twin katana blades
Crush: A boy called Matt (Emma if you say anything I will reveal your crush's name
Nationality: Australian, but speaks Spanish, French, Japanese and Dutch.

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Age: 19
Gender: Female
Likes: being right, reading, hummus, the number 3, seeing bad guy's faces when she thrashes them
Dislikes: Inside jokes she's not in on, vampires, being left out, waiting for years to read the next book in a series, when people don't get her jokes

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It'SMe | 1 comments Taken Name- Coffin Griff
Given Name- Unknown
True Name- Unknown
Age- 18
........Height- 6'5"
........Weight-240 lbs
........Hair color/style- Brown, medium length curly
........Clothing- Jeans, Black t-shirt, Gray packers sweatshirt, Aviator sunglasses
........Misc.- Built very strong, and fairly fast
........Personality- Protective of everyone, but usually is quiet and secluded before a confrontation. Slow to anger, but when angered can get furious. Cracks jokes even when its not appropriate. Funny, and loves to be with people.
........Magic- Adept
........Weapon Of Choice- Boomerang with symbols embedded in the wood, making it always return to him, no matter the condition or situation.
........Crush- None (for now...)

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