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Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) | 3184 comments Hello everyone, I get to pick this months theme and I am going to go with "The Warm and Cozy". So anything that has to do with warm and cozy, be it a feeling, the lack of a feeling, a thing, a book, a cup of tea whatever it is that gives (or takes away) the warm and cozy is eligible for entering.

1. Your poem must have something to do with "Warm and Cozy" even if it is in a very obscure way. (If I don't think your poem has something to do with fighting you will have to explain it to me because I am a little dense.)

2. Your poem may be of any length but it must be a poem and not a short story.

3. Any inappropriate materiel (To be determined by me alone) will be disqualified and deleted without notice. (Although I will probably message you to chew you out later :D)

4. All poems must be posted in this thread.

5. You may only enter one poem though you may put up as many as you like.

6. All poems must be entered by November 30th.

7. All poems must have a title/name.

Winner will be picked by poll. Did I miss anything? No? Good, contend away

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily | 401 comments Title: Family room

I sit on the old worn down sofa
seeking a small quiet moment
to read a book or listen to opera
but this room holds not its contents

The yelling and shouting of conversation
keeping all silence at bay
and the annoyed complains for concentration
to study for exams on Monday!

Or the screeches coming from violin practice
which, sadly, no one appreciates
ringing along with a whining malice
till the aroma of food is sensed, and no one hesitates

Chores come in to reminds the habitat
the time for pitching in is due
to fold the laundry, take out trash, or feed the cat
then yawning, finally issues our cue

To bed we head tired, we still protest
that we don't want to put the lights out
and be content with a night's rest
until a story is read, we present our pout

My family may not be most considerate
and molded as sweet and rosy
but though I tire of their noisy tedious bits
I find with them to be my "warm and cozy"

Written by: Emily

message 3: by Natasha (new)

Natasha (Inutasha) | 42 comments Imagination

Can I use my imagination,
To set me free,
To let me be,
Who I want to be?

Stack up my pillows,
Like clouds up high,
To represent,
The wide sky.

Fire up some candles,
Let them shine bright,
So I can see,
Beautiful starlight.

With my fan turned on,
Going full blast,
Air soft on my cheeks,
To help this feeling last.

All too fast,
This moment ends,
My escape,
From the world's trends.

Where are my wings,
To help me fly?
Can my imagination,
Be all that i need?

Where is my escape,
From the harsh world,
So my problems,
Can be burled.

But for now,
I'll go to sleep.
Wrapped in blankets,
So I won't weep.

I'll dream of angels,
To take me high,
So I can see,
My everlasting sky.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Lovely poems so far people!!! XD

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Niiiiice!!! XD Love it!

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)


tears streaming down a face,
hopes blown up in a blaze.
knowing not, what to do.
Looking up and seeing you.

a red nose swollen,
a smile, so sweet, stolen.
dark valleys on the skin,
crying, letting out a whim.

a noise from somewhere near,
"what`s the matter, my dear?"
your eyes, full of light,
but not quite shining through the night.

your voice, like honey,
more worth than all the money.
a bell rings inside the mind,
inside there`s the hope you have to find.

a small sparkle in the eye,
"i`m just lost, oh my."
a smile breaks through,
and thansk to you,
she`s feeling
warm and cozy.

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) | 3184 comments Warm and Cozy

Chair by the fire, nice and cozy
Tea in my mug ever so warm
Wrapping paper littering the floor
and it is barely mid-morn

A sunny fall day, soft wind blowing
Coat and scarf bundled up cozy
Hands warm in mittens
Leaves on by mozying

Rain is pattering at my window
A book firmly in hand
I should be cooking
But alas I lack a pan

These are the days that are warm and cozy
To my mind at least
Rain, snow, fall and such
In my heart they will keep

Not the best I know, but I could hardly not enter my own poetry contest when I finally got to pick the theme!

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