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Isabel~domolover | 3021 comments ((Coralines too))

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) ((Lol yeah figured we should make one!))

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) The town car headed toward The Dorchester hotel. Jack tugged on his tie a bit nervously, his father was a hard man, he hoped he wouldn't be rude to Celeste.

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Celeste sat next to jack and squeezed his hand comfortingly "you got this, don't worry" she said, thinking he was worried about seeig his father again

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Jack broke from his trance of worry and looked down at her. "Thanks doll. Umm my Father isn't the friendly type so if he acts strange just ignore it." He suggested to her.

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Celeste shrugged "okay, I'm not worried jack. I've herd it all" she said in a casual tone

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Jack felt like he couldn't breathe but ignored the feeling and started building up his emotional walls around him brick by mental brick.

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Celeste sat casually next to him, she had no clue what was ahead, but she wasn't worried

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Once they arrived the door was opened and Jack stepped out, and straightened his jacket. People were all over the place entering the hotel, paparazzis stood on the sidelines taking pictures. Jack held his arm out for Celeste to take.

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Celeste took jacks hand and walked forward with him, her head held high

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Camera flashes went off as they walked into the hotel, Jack expertly directed her to the hotel elevator, he already knew the room they would be in. He hit the button and stepped into the elevator once the doors opened. When they closed his frozen face melted some, he had looked like the perfect upperclass snob only moments before the doors closed.

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Celeste looked up at him and reached up to his ear "that face was funny." she whispered, trying to joke with him

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Jack looked down at her and tried to smile. "Thanks, its just me in the public... when I'm around here." He shrugged and swallowed hard as the doors opened, the face slipped back on. In the lobby stood a handsome man that looked very similar to Jack, just an older version. He glanced at them as they stepped out with a judgemental eye. "Son." He said as a greeting, Jack put his hand out formally and shook the mans hand. "Father. This is Celeste, Celeste Mr. McCloud." McCloud looked at the young girl, she seemed to come from money. She wasn't slouching and held herself like no one else was better than her, he could tell she was definitely someone to keep Jack on his toes. Good.
"Hello Miss Celeste, pleasure is all mine I'm sure." He said bending over to kiss her hand. His accent was almost not noticeable, much like Jack.

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Celeste smiled, but it was simply a polite smile "thank you mr. McCloud, its very nice to meet you" she said, studying him

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) McCloud looked at them and then stepped around them. "Jack hurry up. They're already introducing people, I'm headed down to enter with your mother." McCloud shut the elevator doors just as Jack whispered through clenched teeth, "She's not my mother."

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"see, that wasn't too bad" Celeste said to jack in an optimistic voice, even though she could tell jack wanted to snap a neck

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Jack grabbed her hand and went through the door that stood to their left. It opened and looked like an apartment inside, gorgeous decorations, very spacious. Jack kissed her on the cheek and went over to where a covered tux laid. "I'll be back doll." He said and disappeared down a hall.

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Celeste nodded and went to a mirror that hung on the wall. She took her makeup bag out of her small Chanel purse and touched up anything that looked like it needed a touch up. She toyed with her hair, making sure the large curls were all uniform, and sprayed on just a bit more of her favorite Marc Jacobs perfume

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) ((Sorry))

Jack changed and came back out, he left his suit in the bedroom he had gone in to change in. He noticed a wonderful smell and walked up behind her, he slipped his arms around her waist and sniffed her neck. "You smell wonderful lass." He told her silkily.

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(no prob, I understand :P)
Celeste smiled and looked at him in the mirror "thank mr mark Jacobs"

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "I suppose we should make an appearance. I'd keep you all to myself if I could though." Jack growled into Celeste's neck before pulling her toward the door.

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Celeste smiled and kissed his cheek "later, I promise." she said, takin his hand and walking with him

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Jack was silent the entire way down the elevator, he was still mute as the climbed some stairs and stood at the top of a long grand staircase that led down to a ballroom. A man stood next to them sharply dressed and announced them after Jack whispered to him Celeste's name. Most of the room turned to watch McClouds son and his +1 descend the staircase. Jack wore a serious expression and kept his eyes trained ahead.

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Celeste walked down the staircase with jack, her expression as it normally was. She felt extremely uncomfortable with all the eyes on her and jack, but made sure not to show it

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Once at the bottom they were swarmed with Jacks fathers clients. They just had to be introduced to Celeste. He introduced her to person after person until his felt like it was going to break if he didn't get to change his expression soon. The queens nephew was speaking to them but Jack excused them and took Celeste out to the dance floor for a waltz.

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Celeste politely greeted all the people jack had introduced her to. She felt extremely relieved when he led her to dance, and actually let out a sigh of relief once she was in his arms

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "You did spectacular. I think my father actually smiled at you." Jack compliment Celeste. He danced around the ballroom floor fluidly with her in his arms, people moved out of the way for them.

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Celeste smiled up at him, dancing seamlessly along with him "thanks jack, I'm just glad there's been no incident"

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "You and me both doll." Jack replied as he kissed her on the cheek. He stopped near his father planning in asking to retire for the night when a lady in her twenties walked up and kissed Jack on the cheek and smiled at Celeste. "Why Jack dear please introduce me." Jack looked annoyed but said, "Celeste this is Mrs. McCloud or Lillian as she prefers to be called." He stepped back so Lillian could give Celeste a small hug.

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Celeste accepted the hug with a smile "pleasure to meet you lilian" she said in bright tone

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Lillian smiled brightly. "Oh she's a keeper Jack." Lillian said in a happy tone, her husband was ignoring her as he spoke to a client. "Yeah we're going to have lots of babies and live happily ever after. Can we go? We're tired." Jack said in a not so nice voice. Poor Lillian's face fell some and she nodded as Jack turned away.

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Celeste gave a small wave to Lillian as he followed jack. She could tell why he was so pissed, so she stayed silent as she walked with him

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Jack walked out of the ballroom and dragged Celeste into a huge closet, it was the size of the living room in his dorm. He pulled her around coatracks and other things until they were in the back where a couch was located. he pushed her back onto it and pressed his mouth to hers in a rough like fashion. He pulled back a moment, I've been waiting to do that all night Doll." He whispered against her mouth in a husky tone.

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Celeste looked up at him and grinned "me too" she said, right before finding his lips with hers and kissing him roughly

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) ((Should they get caught ?))

Jack groaned and pressed his body against hers as he kissed her. She'd been driving him crazy all night in the dress she was in, good thing she hadn't worn anything more revealing or he might have had to peel it off her right there on the dance floor.

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(yes >:))
Celeste kissed him back with an urgency, arching her back against him as she did, her arms wrapped around his neck

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Jack was sneaking a hand up her dress when a woman walked in. It was one of jacks fathers top clients, she was looking for her coat when she heard a male moan.

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Celeste didn't hear the woman come in at all, and she let out a small, involuntary noise at jacks touch, still kissing him deeply

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) The woman finally found them, jack was on too of Celeste with he dress hiked up some and they were kissing like crazy. The woman blushed furiously and yelled, "Great Scott's! This isn't a brothel!" Jack jumped up, he tugged Celeste's dress down as he stood up. The woman recognized him and her mouth opened in surprise. "Your father will here of this Jack McCloud!!" She threatened and glared at Celeste.

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Celeste stood up, biting her lip nervously 'shit, now you're going to get jack in trouble, nice job' she thought to herself, staring down at the floor to avoid the glare

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Madam I just don't give a damn." Jack replied and grabbed Celeste's hand. He was sick of playing nice and just wanted to get out of there.

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Celeste held jacks hand tightly, relieved that at least he wasn't angry with her. She glanced over at him, she could tell he was jut sick of it all

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) The woman stuttered something but Jack didn't wait to hear it, he walked briskly away from it all with Celeste back to the elevator where he pushed the button over and over again irritated.

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Celeste stood stiffly in the elevator, but forgot her stupid fear enough to put a hand on jacks arm and pull it away from the button "don't massacre the button, he didn't do anything to you" she said in a light tone

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Jack stared at her a moment and then chuckled softly, which turned into full out laughter. "She was so red! You would think she had never seen two people kiss before."

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Celeste laughed along with him, a broad grin on her face "kissing? Doll, I believe there was some petting there as well" she quoted him as she laughed

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Well what can I say? You drive me wild." He smirked and winked at her.

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"then lets go somewhere that your fathers clients won't find us" Celeste purred into his ear

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) The elevator stopped on their floor and jack put his arm around her waist as he kissed her. He walked them into the small lobby and pushed her up against the wall.

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