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Heather (FreeBKChallange) | 470 comments Mod
Currently FREE through Amazon. Found on 11/5/12

"A romantic and emotional journey of an abused woman and her path towards healing - all within a vampire urban fantasy.With much angst within the pages one sees into the emotional travails; caring and empathizing with some characters while loathing others. Marissa Farrar does a fine job of showing the reader her character's complexities in a easy and readable and page-turning manner.I give this romantic and redemptive vampire novel a 4 stars. It was grand!" ~ Layers of Thought.
"This feels like real life. No neat packages tied up with strings. Just the truth, as much as you can bear it." ~ Sweet Vernal Zephyr
"Alone has...a violence, brutality and evil more pernicious for being real..." ~Taliesin meets the Vampires.

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Heather (FreeBKChallange) | 470 comments Mod
Still FREE 6/17/13

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Heather (FreeBKChallange) | 470 comments Mod
Still free 1/25/14

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Sharon (nyte_rose) | 29 comments Still free 6/17/15

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