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message 1: by Odette (last edited Mar 13, 2009 03:47AM) (new)

Odette | 316 comments Mod
My copy of the Wild Wood just arrived in the mail.

Anyone else joining us next month?

message 2: by S. Kay (new)

S. Kay (cobwebs) | 56 comments I've owned that one for a while, so I will.

message 3: by Emilie (last edited Mar 13, 2009 03:47AM) (new)

Emilie | 69 comments me too.

you might all know this already, but i didnt when i read the wild wood the first time, and i found it really interesting, so i thought id share:
the wild wood is part of the "faerielands" series. the artist brian froud made four paintings and many drawings of faery and gave them to four fiction writers to write novellas inspired by his imagery.
the four faerielands books are: the wild wood by charles de lint, the wood wife by t. windling, something rich and strange by patricia mckillip, and hannahs garden by midori synder.

the journal of mythic arts reproduced some of frouds art for the faerielands series here:

and brian frouds site is:

message 4: by Christine (new)

Christine | 10 comments I'll be reading it again as well.

message 5: by S. Kay (new)

S. Kay (cobwebs) | 56 comments I knew that Something Rich and Strange was apart of that series because I had the Brian Froud illustrated edition, but didn't realize that the others were.

Wood Wife is one of my favorite books though and it always leaves me wishing that Windling would write more novel-length fiction.

Thanks for that bit of information, Emilie, I'll have to look up Hannah's Garden now too...

message 6: by Ramona (last edited Mar 13, 2009 03:47AM) (new)

Ramona Gault | 84 comments Oh Emilie, thank you so much for this tidbit! I didn't know about the series, but now I'll hunt for them all. I read The Wild Wood recently and loved it; so did my daughter. I'll join the discussion when it gets going.

message 7: by Reem (new)

Reem (reemhkattan) | 49 comments I am in. I started reading it already and am on chapter three. I have never read it before, but so far, I love it. I am glad that there is finally a book that I can participate in discussing. It is hard for me to find the books on the reading list here in Saudi Arabia because the choices are limited in the book stores and it is hard to special order books here if they are not in the store's system. I brought this with me from the U.K when I visited there along with other Charles De Lint books. This is actually the first De Lint book I will be reading. I heard his Moonheart novel is amazing as well. Well, I am really looking forward to this! Take care everyone. Salam my friends.

message 8: by S. Kay (new)

S. Kay (cobwebs) | 56 comments WHOOPS... when I went to find this book, I realized I was thinking of a different deLint book that I've owned forever. I had to purchase this one online, so it'll be coming in late.

message 9: by Brittany (new)

Brittany | 10 comments I am going to try to jump in finally, I love this group :).

message 10: by Lia (new)

Lia (sylvanfae) | 13 comments I picked this up at the book store yesterday, since my library has no available copies. It's ok though, I plan to eventually buy all of de Lint's books! So score one more for my collection!

I'm going to start reading it today! Excited... he's at the top of my list of favorite authors!

Also, thanks for the info about the series, Emilie! I didn't know about that. I'll find the others, too!

message 11: by Reem (new)

Reem (reemhkattan) | 49 comments Yeah, I am on page 81. So far, it is getting very interesting. Nothing really important or exciting has happened yet; just strange things.

message 12: by Nat (new)

Nat | 14 comments I read this book a couple years ago. I thought it was lovely. There is something... soft about the story.

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