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Kristi (KristiColeman) Week 10! Please post your thoughts!

Zulfiya (ztrotter) And that's what happens when you leave beautiful but vulnerable women unattended. Poor Lorena is kidnapped, abused, and raped by the gang of truly despicable characters. On the other hand, Janey is a real powerhouse and the whole posse provides a comical relief. I am enjoying the reading journey so much.

Rosemary | 290 comments Yes it's so much fun! I mean apart from what happens to Lorena, of course. I was glad that July and Roscoe met up.

Becky Ugh. Still in the process of moving in and I've been trying to sneak around so that I can get some reading done. I caught up so far but can only post from my phone, sigh, just wanted to check in.

Andrea (Tasseled) | 186 comments Lorena is starting to annoy me. Gus specifically told her to join the rest of the team to avoid being kidnapped and what did she do? At least Newt hadn't suffered from her carelessness. The Blue Duck might have killed him on the spot. Janey is more than making it up for the female characters in this one. I love Roscoe's reactions to everything she does. Poor guy just falls into the company of strange people.

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