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Where's woody?

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Connie Harkness Since Fall of the Sparrow is one of my all time favorites, and I also enjoyed 16 pleasures, I was going to heaven when I discovered that Hellenga's got the two together. Maybe my expectations were too high. Unfortunately, the majority of this book centers on other characters who are making a movie of 16 Pleasures. It's okay, but there is no way that it is anywhere as good as Sparrow. And if you didn't read the first two books yet, I think you would get even less from this one.

Faith Clover I agree that having read the first two books was important to enjoying this one. I was more interested in the new characters and what they would bring to the expanding story. Of the 3 books 16 Pleasrues was my favorite. Lives have strange ways of changing directions in unforseen ways.

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