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The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
This topic is about The Hunger Games
Your experiences of reading the 'Hunger Games' trilogy Book 1 and/or your opinions on the film

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message 1: by Maria (new)

Maria Hardie Book 1 The Hunger Games

message 2: by Andy (last edited Nov 05, 2012 03:32AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Andy  Stamp | 9 comments Mod
Loved reading this book. The way Suzanne Collins creates suspense and intrigue page after page is amazing!
What does everyone else think of the environment Suzanne Collins created for the arena?

Allyson Watt | 21 comments Mod
have only read the first book and have the other 2 to read, which is the best one?

Megan Tiffin | 5 comments I have read all three books and thought they were all brilliant. I really like Suzanne Collins' style of writing and the ideas behind the book. The way they are written make them seem really realistic and it is a real page-turner. I have also watched the film which I enjoyed. However, I found they missed out a lot of details, but the characters are very similiar to how I imagined them to be. Overall, I think the books are better than the film.

Allyson Watt | 21 comments Mod
but didn't you think the film portrayed a much more empathetic relationship between Katniss and Rue?

Andy  Stamp | 9 comments Mod
I have just finished the second book Catching Fire. I couldn't get into it as much as the first book but I really enjoyed the second part of the novel as the tempo increased and the stakes were raised higher, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens in Mockingjay!
Did you both find the film to be very similar to the book or was it completely different to how you imagined it? Now that you've seen the first film and read all of the books does that motivate yourselves to watch the next two films?
I am going to try and watch the first film this weekend!

Rhianna | 2 comments I have read all three, the first one is the best of the three. The film was a good potrayal of the book but i prefered the book.

message 8: by Maria (new)

Maria Hardie So often the book is the best as there is so much detail and fuller characters. I don't think I'm going to get around to reading these. I'm hoping to watch the film soon though.

Caoimhe (C3eeviee) my preference of the books goes with the list of them. first=loved. second=liked a lot. third=felt some what lacking. the ending to the third book made me feel sort of empty. but i suppose that means i should tip my hat off to Suzanne Collins, i mean the fact that she was able to make me feel that way really is a testimony to her writing skills. i also loved what Katniss did at the end (the turn around that got her confined to that room, i mean). thinking back over it, i realised that what Katniss did turned out to be for the better of Panem.
i only just finished the books, and i only saw the film when it was out in the cinema last March. i have yet to re-watch it in film adaptation. but from i remember, i quite liked the book. but like most books, the film's candle was merely a tea-light to the Roman candle that was the book.

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