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The House of Many Rooms (Doorways, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > Group of young people lead by a teenage princess who can create door portals. On the run from something / someone [s]

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Adam Winter | 4 comments Hi guys, I would have read this book in about 2003 give or take.

Its a teenage fiction about a group of people and a princess in particular that can place her hands either side of a door, touch her head to the door and it becomes a portal to somewhere else. Also i seem to remember there was some sort of War going on in the story that they were fighting and running from.

Any ideas would be great!!

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Shanna_redwind | 851 comments I don't think this is it, but your description reminded me a little of the Castle Perilous series where the castle has doors to random realities. (The castle remakes itself in random ways too) One of the books in the series is Castle War, where there is a war going on.


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Tess | 380 comments Could it at all be Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman?Neverwhere

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Abigail (Handmaiden) | 379 comments No princess in Howl's Moving Castle, unfortunately, and don't recall any portals either (or if there was one, it was very peripheral to the story). No war either (though there is in the movie, which changed things some). House of Many Ways, a companion book to Howl, would be closer (the house has more rooms, and passages to other places, if you go through the doorways in a certain fashion), but still no princess or war.

Adam Winter | 4 comments thanks guys, I'm trying to remember more about the story to give more info!

For some reason the word 'house' rings a bell from the title of the book?

The main point i remember was that the princess and eventually the main character could place their hands either side of a door, touch their head and then open it leading to a different place. There might be no war but the people in the story are either running from something / someone or fighting.

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Miriam | 681 comments That last bit really does sound like Neverwhere -- the girl comes from a family that can make doors appear and lead to other places, and scary characters chase them through a world under London.

Do you remember if the story takes place in our world or a made-up one?

Oh, and you may want to change the topic line to something more descriptive of the book, like "princess who can create doorways" in order to get more people to look at your post.

Adam Winter | 4 comments The story takes place in our world for sure. The group of people are young, teenagers i think. The princess is also a teenager but she's like a lara croft type princess who actually uses a sword and fights what ever it is that they are running from / fighting =S

Kagama-the Literaturevixen | 597 comments Abigail wrote: "No princess in Howl's Moving Castle, unfortunately, and don't recall any portals either (or if there was one, it was very peripheral to the story). No war either (though there is in the movie, whic..."

Just throwing it out there.The door(s) in Howls castle can actually lead to different places in the country.

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Js700 | 99 comments Maybe The Floating Islands. It's quite new, but the girl (though not a princess) has an affinity with doors. They open up into portals in the latter part of the book. It's a great book—even if it's not what you're searching for, I recommend it!

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Adam Winter | 4 comments good news guys I managed to find out what it's called.

The House Of Many Rooms by Michael Pryor..


Thanks for all your help.

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Ann aka Iftcan (Iftcan) | 6910 comments Mod
congrats Adam

I will mark this as solved and shelve it for you then.

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