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Dante Feelings???? (spoilers)

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Jennifer Dupriest Was it just me, or did anyone else like Dante until he was discovered evil? I really liked his character since the beginning and throughout while he was training her. I was crushed when I read he was evil :(

Jennifer I kind of liked him too but I was suspicious. I had a feeling he was evil.

Krystal Broughton I hated that he was evil, i thought that he was such a nice guy. I thought he was truely there to help. Everyone trusted him! Patch should have beat him up the second dante gave her devilcraft!!

Shayla I feel the same way! I thought that he was her friend, and I grew to like him, but then he just had to go and be evil! Ugh! So frusterating, haha. Although, I did get suspicious when he gave her devilcraft.

Brynne Yeah, I liked him until I found out he was a traitor. I mean, he actually sounded sincerely sad when he had the pictures of Dabria and Patch kissing.

Emily Peña I don't think I ever warmed up to him because there is always someone close to the main character who betrays him/her. My suspicions were just confirmed when he gave her devilcraft.

Shanna I liked him but I had a creeping suspicion the bad guy was going to be Marcie or Dante.
Haha, he didn't do a very good job pretending to be Nora's boyfriend anyway!
I thought Becca Fitzpatrick was going to make them fall in love when Dante tried to make Nora kiss him. Damn! What an amazing book!

Halle I really like Dante and Marcie. When they both turned, I think I felt more betrayed than Nora.

Sammy I really liked Dante -_- had a mini crush on him and everything

and then he goes an be's the bad guy .... :/

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood I didnt really care for him, although once he gave her delviecarft and tryed to get her to kiss him i really didnt like him! I agree with Krystal that Patch should of beat him up as soon as he found out that he'd given it to Nora. makes you wonder who'd come up on top, seeing as there bouth tall enough and just as matched in straight to.

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