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HG and Ancient Rome

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Samantha The Hunger Games trilogy and Ancient Roman civilization are extremely close to each other. I am currently studying Ancient Rome in school and I cannot believe how much author S. Collins drew from Rome, in a good way! The Games themselves are like gladiatorial games, many of the characters have Roman names, and some like Seneca even share personality traits with their historical namesakes! Ancient Rome even doled out "tesserae" to its citizens, which was free oil and grain to those in need of food. I urge anyone who loves the HG to read up on Ancient Rome, Anthony Everitt has some great books, or for those who want to get their children/friends/etc into Ancient Rome to read the HG trilogy.

Erin This is really interesting! I think it's cool that you noticed that Rome and the HG shared many similarities; I never would've thought to put the two together. I have to be honest, though, I think I would prefer to live in Rome!

Samantha there are many other similarities I didn't list but ancient Roman life was similar to Panem in that there were people living fabulously at the top, and many at the bottom. A day in the life of a common Roman, who often wasn't a "citizen" was boring and often dangerous. Also, the name Panem, as mentioned in the books, comes from the idea that the people need bread and circuses to be placated, or panem et circenses.

Erin That's really interesting. I know for a fact that J.K. Rowling borrowed a lot of names and other things throughout history. I wonder if Collins was inspired by Rowling...?

Sandra I actually hope that is not the case.
If writers get too inspired by one an other they write books which become very similar ;)

But I love the Old Rome.
And not that I read about the comparison, I am thinking you are quite right Samantha. :)

Samantha JKR borrowed many writing and historical themes and I'm sure Collins did too, but they each made their story wonderfully their own. I don't know how a fantasy author couldn't be influenced by HP

Erin Exactly! Who couldn't be inspired by Rowling's creativity? She created things and little rules about magic that were so good, people accepted them without question. Amazing.

Haidi I agree there are simaralities. I literally just finished a book called "mistress of Rome" by Kate Quinn yesterday. The book is based on many true historical facts and people.

If you love to be surprised, and astonished and if you love a good love story that has you biting your fingernails with anxiety for the characters then you should really pick up Mistress of Rome. Awesome book.

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Olivia Haidi wrote: "I agree there are simaralities. I literally just finished a book called "mistress of Rome" by Kate Quinn yesterday. The book is based on many true historical facts and people.

If you love to be s..."

ok. what the diff between the 2. HG and rome?

Samantha Thanks haidi, I will put that on my shelf to read! As far as differences I mean there are just as many if not more than similarities, for example the fact that it's in the future not the past, but I found the similarities, beyond just the names of people and Panem, to be interesting. HG really plays on social divides and have's and have-not's and like any powerful empire, Rome was similar in that way. Mostly for me it's the gladiatorial aspects. Even if a gladiator won his freedom and was loved by all of Rome for his athleticism, he was still ostracized from society. This is similar to how while the victors are loved by the people of Panem, they are kept separate from others and have to live with tragedies normal citizens won't understand.

Carrie P Never thought about the similarities before but yet another reason to recommend Collins for modernizing the gladiator concept & making historical ideas hit home in a relevant cool creative way.

Emily Bjorklund If you preordered Mockingjay, you got a letter that told you HG was based off of the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. The fact that they had to send in 7 girls and 7 boys to feed the Minotaur was the most obvious similarity to me.

Samantha well shit Em hah

Samantha Sorry if that came off rude, i thought you were my friend emily. but i meant it like wow for finding out that fact. i like that she combined ancient greece and rome though

Emily Bjorklund No problem. I thought you were a Samantha I knew for a while there too haha!

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