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Iced (Fever, #6)
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message 1: by A (new) - rated it 4 stars

A (AMB86) | 200 comments Mod
We are introduced right into the middle of a Fae war. They have taken over everything. What are your thoughts on the war? About the group of Sidhe-Seers trying to battle it? Do you think there is more to this story, or just a die human die scenario?

message 2: by Ann (new) - added it

Ann Sheiring | 7 comments I am somewhat new to this author and series. Maybe I should have started with an earlier book. That said, I am really enjoying it and I get the feeling that there is much more to the war than we know. I don't think it is simply an us or them ideal.

message 3: by A (new) - rated it 4 stars

A (AMB86) | 200 comments Mod
Don't worry about starting with an earlier book :) I am sure we will find out more about it as we continue, or I am hoping :P. I always enjoy a good Fae war although personally they are both full of crap with the "Oh look at us and how superior we are with all our awesome powers to destroy people." I mean seriously can't they just agree to disagree, wait fae, yeah nevermind about that thought. I am interested to see if with the Icing thing who is behind it, is it one side? With it unit them if it isn't either side but maybe someone hoping to distract them. I mean what better way to come ahead then have your enemies take care of each other right?

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