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Give-aways: Thoughts and opinions.

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message 1: by Shen (new)

Shen Hart (ShenHart) | 4 comments Mod
What are your experiences, thoughts and opinions on book give-aways?

As a reader how do you feel about them?

As an author, what experiences have you had with them? Did that affect your sales at all?

message 2: by Masha (new)

Masha Toit I'm very unsure about give-aways. I've never taken part in one so I dont really have a feel for how they work.

Now that I've got a print version of my book I might do one...I guess I'm worried that nobody will be interested, and that would be humiliating!

message 3: by John (new)

John Lewis | 3 comments Masha, I wouldn't worry about people's interest. People always love free books.

message 4: by Masha (new)

Masha Toit Well, I suspect I will soon find out, John! Hope you are right.

message 5: by John (new)

John Lewis | 3 comments I look foreword to hearing good things!

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