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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ((Thank you!

The Community is a place for Savants ran by The Seer. The Seer makes them steal things or do things. He can control their minds.

A Savant is a person with powers. A Savant has a main power like telekinesis or freezing things. They can all talk telepathically to eachother. A Savant has a soulmate called a Soulfinder. They get bitter the long they haven't found eachother and their birthdays are near eachother's.))

Gio the Oreo ✓ (ghoward) | 4258 comments ((Can I rp with one))

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ((Sure. Ill make the charrie later. Where do you wanna rp?"

Gio the Oreo ✓ (ghoward) | 4258 comments ((Here's good))

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) (9do you have a Savant charrie?))

Gio the Oreo ✓ (ghoward) | 4258 comments ((No.))

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ((Only Savants can be in the Community so unless you have a savant you can roleplay here.

Gio the Oreo ✓ (ghoward) | 4258 comments ((Okay then IDK where just with a Savant))

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ((Okay. Ummm. Park?))

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Gio the Oreo ✓ (ghoward) | 4258 comments ((Sure))

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Gio the Oreo ✓ (ghoward) | 4258 comments ((I'll post first))

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments Quentin arrived at the Community,not sure how he got there.Ainsley mentioned it,and he guess that was why.But it just came to him.It was surrounded by a forest,with clustered houses.Ainsley could be here anywhere,and he had no cluse,but he heard some noise,and a familiar voice.


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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Ainsley was argueing with Todd, one of the other savants. He was about 23, short with glasses. "I know but..." she was cut off by Todd. "You need to disappear before The Seer does something. He could kill you."

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments Quentin hid behind a small tree,not wanting to be seen.She looked terrified,and he felt the same.The Seer could pass by any moment,and it would be his fault if anything happend to her.He suddenly broke out in a cold sweat,then quickly talked to Ainsley in his mind, Ainsley,i'm here.Don't worry,i can fix this and you'lll get out of here.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Ainsley stilled, the hair on the back of her neck standing straight on end. Quentin. He was here. Go away! She yelled into his mind quickly, her hands balling into fists. You can't be here. Her nails dug into her palms, creating half moons.

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Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments Qunetin flinced a bit,since she was loud in his mind.But he was undettered.No,i'm not leaving.If anything happens to you,i'm responsible.I have to keep you safe,and i want you to be.... He trailed off in her mind,thinking what to say.I care too much about you to let you submit to The Seer.I can't let you live like this.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Ainsley watched Todd walk away silently before tugging her beanie down over her ears again. She sat down on the ground, awkwardly, heart thudding rapidly. Please, she asked in his mind, pleading softly.

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments No,I have to stay,and leaving wouldn't be right. he replied,sitting down,still behind the tree. Just let me stay,please,and i'll only intervene as seen fit. He stopped there,then looked around.The Seer wasn't here, and whatever he looked like was unknown to him.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Ainsley buried her face in her hands in frustration. Quentin, you need to leave. I'm sorry. As much as I want you to stay, I can't have you hurt. Ainsley rubbed her arms where bruises licked her skin

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments I won't get hurt,i'll be fine.Don't worry about me right now. He still looked around for someone,someone imposing to pop out of somewhere to ruin something.It was starting to get windy,and it was getting cold.Quietly,he added. What does the Seer want with you? Is it because of me?

In the distane,he heard footsteps.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Ainsley whimpered softly when she heard the footsteps. Quentin," she begged, please. She looked up when the Seer came into view, power ro9lling off of him in waves. He had one person beside him, Anitha. Ainsley froze, eyeing them as they walked towards her. Ainsley bit her lip as they stopped in front of her, shadowing her.

The Seer reached down and took her forearm into his grasp, tight and unrelenting as he pulled her up not so gently. "Anitha. The boy is here. Find him and take care of him," he murmured in a quiet tone. And he did not mean take care of by giving hospitatily.

Anitha nodded, cracking her knuckles. "As you wish," she muttered as the Seer dragged Ainsley inside of the building.

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments Quentin was abput to reply back when the Seer ccame into view,and another person with him.They both shadowed her,even though he could barely see them.Seeing Ainsley like that,vulnerable,hurt him,and he felt his heart pinch.Right after,he barely heard the Seer,but it had something to do with him,and it didn't sound good.What the other person said sounded much worse.As you wish.Those words terrrfited him.Thinking clearly seemed impossible since he was so struck by fear.The only thoughts were either to run back to the AMB and tell someone,or stay and help.Doing either one would change everything,and that scared him too.His heart started beating like mad,and before he could do anything...

He ran.To Ainsley.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Anitha stepped in front of him and held a hand out, making a rock, a huge one, fly towards him. She made an invisible barrier between him and the building so he couldnt go after Ainsley. With a smirk, she stopped the rock but threw him into the air.

The Seer dragged her inside and handed her to Sam, a tall guy with impressive looks. "Make sure no one gets to her. You can even shake her up a it," the Seer murmured before imprinting a thought in Ainsley's mind and Sam's. He left without another word,

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments Quentin muttered something to himself at the sight of the rock while running.He knew it was there for some reason,which was suprising.As he was about to stop before gettin hit,he was thrown into the air. Of course. He stayed there for a few seconds,then hit the ground.Hard.Luckily,he wasn't that far up to hurt him that bad,but it hurt.A lot. Ainsley,...I'm coming.

((was that what you were going for? Because i just winged it.))

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ((Yeah. Lol. It doesnt matter))

Anitha heard his thought when she searched his mind and smirked. "Like hell you are. Honey, you are in for a treat." She threw him up in the air again with a small laugh.

((YOu wanna play Sam?))

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments ((kk.))

And again,he went up in the air.As if one time wasn't enough.He wasn't even sure how a savant could do such a thing like putting people in air.But there was one thing he did know:Things were going way off course.And this time he didn't come down for a while.

((Sure,and what 'things' is he supposed to do? Just curious,since i'll be rping him.))

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ((Hurt her and such. The Seer imprinted on his mind that he had to0)

Anitha opened her hand dropping him before walking up to him slowly. "You know. You are pathetic. I have the gift of telekinesis and look what its brought me. I can lift me up into the air without a second thought. My brother. He does worse. he can make you see things and endure things that you could never believe. He is a master at it with no emotion. And guess what?" She crouched down beside him. "He has your little girlfriend."

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments ((kk.thnxs.))

Quentin hung on to her every word,even though his ankle was screaming in pain.The last thing she said pushed him over the edge,and it took everything he had not to slap her.And there was no way he could just run to Ainsley,since something would probably happen again.It seemed like there was nothing he could do,and it hurt emotionaly so much.So he just sat there,and said nothing.Then something snapped,and he tackled her to the ground.

Sam paced the room,wondering what he should do.Ainsley was right there,and he was imprinted with the thought of hurtin her,but now the thought eluded him of what to do exactly.Eventually he did think of something,and ran to her and pinned her against the wall,then went for one of her arms and twisted it behind her,just because.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Anitha snarled, glaring up at him. "He will probably break every single bone in each other her arms and legs slowly. Letting her endure it. Well, thats what happened to the last girl that defied the Seer. But Sam cant help it. He is imprinted to do it. Like i'm imprinted to stop you and maybe kill you," she muttered, trying to fire him up.

Ainsley cried out in pain, her head tilting back with a wince. She was consumed by fear. SO much of it that she went limp, not caring what happened. She wanted Quentin. To kiss him and hug him and hold him but she couldnt. She couldnt be near him anymore.

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments Quentin slaped her in the face,one reason being he could barely stand to hear more."" he muttered,then continued."And on,another note,i would love to see you try." It came out as somewhat a growl,but it was near indescribable.At this point,he was right over her,on the ground."Just try me."

Sam frowned then went closer to her,somewhat in a fury.This wasn't supposed to happen at all,yet he needed to do something.Something to make her pay.He got right near her ear and whispered,"This is what you get for what you did,and if i were you,i wouldn't say anything." while pushing her up harder against the wall,almost slamming her against it.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Anitha rubbed her cheek with a smirk. "He will torture her, turn her into madness. She will no long even remember her own name. The bond will be broken. You will no long be soulfinders." She laughed evily. She threw him offf of her easily

((What if there was a...conflict. Sam was her soulfinder, too?))

Ainsley held back a whimper. "Stop!" she pleaded in a yell. She felt tears slip down her cheeks involuntarily.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Kale rushed Lilac over here. Thats when he head it. The thud...the laughter. Kale swallowed hard before jumping over the fence easily.

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments ((Hmm...interesting.Sure.But how would that work?))

Quentin landed on the ground with a thud,but got up even though his ankle hurt,muttering things to himself.Her saying those things drove him even more crazy."You...are seriously messed up." he muttered,looking at her."So is your laugh."

Sam looked at her,and felt some pity,then it flashed away.He had to do this."You know that only eggs me on,right?" he whispered,then slowly his hands went for pne of her's,and he twisted it,hard.He didn't know why he was doing this,but he knew he had to,and that part her knew.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ((Hmm. Maybe his was killed and he is quickly attached to another person, Ainsley but she doesn't feel the same at first))

((Ill post later. I need to think...))

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments ((I like that...and take all the time you need.))

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ((Yeah. Im trying to think of what to put. My mind is foggy.)

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments ((It's fine,it happens a lot to me too.))

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Anitha stood quickly. "Everyone is messed up,l she corrected. "Including you." She circled around him like a predator, her red hair wild and her eyes glazed over as if she were being hypnotized. "And how would my laugh be messed up?" She asked, trying to distract him long enough.

Ainsley cried out, falling to her knees instantly with a silent sob. She stood back up shakily and tried to push him away with her other arm.

Kale watched the whole ordeal behind a tree, trying to find the right time to jump in as he waited for Lilac. With a silent sigh, he looked around before back at them, thinking up a plan.

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments Quentin's heartbeat became more rapid as time ticked on.Before she was someone just a little disturbed or fooling him,and now it seemed it was far too serious.He didn't even try to reply to her as she was circling him,since even looking at her seemed terrifying.Soon after he muttered under his breath,"Because your'e deranged."

Sam flinched back a little at that,but came right to her again,kneeling.Not because of the imprint,but there was something different with this girl.She tryed to fight,in addition to having a strange feeling about her."I..." he started off,having no words in mind.Then the imprint caught up again,and he suddenly pinned her the ground.

Lilac ran up near him after jumping the fence also,almost breathless since Kale broke away and sprinted here faster.As she saw what was going on,it scared her sensless.Quentin was with a dangerous looking girl who seemed to be a few inches off of a foot.In other words,crazy.He also looked roughed up,as determined by the dirt on him.Almost inaudiably she whispered,"Do you have a plan or something,because Quentin looks like he's about to be smashed into the ground."

((Any ideas on the Sam and Ainsley thing?))

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ((Er, no. Wrong time to ask. Lol. I'm so frikkin tired. Just has basketball practice and all we did was sprints for an hour straight. Ill think))

Anitha smirked. "Honey, I might seem deranged but that's what happens when your here for too long. I've been here since I was 10. Pfft. Wait until your little girlfriend is here longer. She will be seriously messed up," she threatened, trying to rile him up.

Ainsley's head hit the ground with a thud. She groaned before squirming, trying to get him off of her. "Get off me, you son of a bitch!" She cursed, eyes fierce with anger. She had to get to Quentin.

Kale moved her slightly until she was right in front of him. He cupped her face in his hands. "Ill try to help. I just need to see a weakness then I can grab her aura and make her pass out." He kissed her forehead. "Don't worry. I wonjt let her get to him."

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments ((Oh,ok.Sorry.=p Just wanted to see what you came up with yet.It's fine.))

Quentin involentarily flinched,since he was expectinting a hit of somekind.Hearing that seemed worse.It took everything he had not to go at her for saying that...for a little while.His breath was shaky when he eventually spoke."Keep saying things like...and you don't want to know what i'll do.I mean it.Just stop."

Sam somewhat ignored that,affting him a bit but not much.He somewhat whispered,"Be careful what you say,i can be almost sure The Seer can hear it.And for the love of all that is good,just be quiet." At that,his hands tighnted over her wrists,but moved off of her and on to one side.

"Okay." Lilac whisperd,"Good plan." She looked over to Quentin again and he loooked scared as anything."Just please,please get her away from him.She looks like she could snap like a tree branch any moment." Lilac started to lean against the tree trunk,and started breathing as if she was running again.Perhaps more worried about Quentin than he was about himself.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ((Its cool. My mind is being slow))

Anitha laughed softly, it sounded cunning and dangerous. "Just do it then. Come at me. I. Dare. You. Your girlfriend is probably dead by now. Swimming with the fishes...Popping up Daisies...kicked the bucket." She shrugged.

Ainsley bit her lip, staring at him with fear. She trembled lightly. Her wrist severe with pain from where he twisted it and her head throbbing. It made it worse when he gripped her wrist tighter. She held back a soft whimper.

Kale put his arm around her. "Calm down or you will pass out. Your aura's edged are a little grey. Take deep breaths. He will be alright, Lilac," he murmured softly.

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments ((kk,and i'll post after i'm on again.=) ))

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments At that point,Quentin couldn't take it anymore.If she was dead.... A tear suddenly came,and wiped it away quickly.He shook his head,then started to speak."You...just said the worst thing you ever could say in your life.And that comes with consequences,of course." At that,he tackled her to the ground.

Sam just stared at her,thinking he was done.It seemed like she was hurt enough,but some nagging feeling made him want to do more.He also had no other idea how to do it.Then it came to him.Something with the mind.Still kneeling over her with his grip still on her wrists,his thoughts went to hers,and it was what just happend.And she had to relive it all over.

Lilac stared at him for about a minute,then nodded."Ok,i will.Just to be safe." It was very possible she could faint,and she just realized that now.Things like this could make her lightheaded.As soon as calm came over her,the unthinkable.

Out of the corner of her eye,Quentin went down.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Anitha grunted when she was tackled, hi8tting the ground with a thud. "You don't know much about soulfinders, do you?" She flipped them so she was ontop. "When she dies, your mindbond will be broken. You'll know when she is dead."

Kale went out, running and got close enough. He reached out and gtrabbed her aura and made a fist with his hand so it was crushed slightly. He watched as Anitha went limp, tolling off to the side. "You alright?" He asked Quentin. "Where is Ainsley?" His voice sounded urgent.

Ainsley opened her mouth in a silent cry when she felt the feeling of being slammed into a wall again and him twisting her wrist so hard it almost broke. She trembled, her eyes squeezed shut in pain.

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments The ground seemed harder than usual when he hit it,and it hurt more when he was flipped."Well i don't feel.." Quentin started off,then Anitha was just pushed off of him.His eyes went wide at that,and they still were as someone came into his view.He was praying it wasn't The Seer,and to his joy it wasn't.It was Kale."I...well..i guess i am." He tried to stand up,then realized one of his legs got injured during one of the scuffles."Nope,can't get up.That's definatly an obstacle." Thinking Ainsley was dead came to him again,and it was on his mind when he uttered."I don't know.Right now i'm hopeing she isn't dead." He looked up at both Kale and Lilac,who rushed over,with sad eyes.

Sam continued to do that for about a minute,then stopped.He shook his head and let go of her wrists,and brought her to her feet.He looked her dead in the eye,then took a hold on one of her wrists.For some reason,he started stroking it with his thumb."You"...he started off,"are" Something snapped again,and he did his mind tourtue again,while holding on to her.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Kale started cursing, holding his head in his hands. "We need to finer her. Quickly." He looked at Quentin. "Where did they take her? I can't lose her. She is my sister. Lily, my other sister is too young to be without a mother figur who is Ainsley. Please,l he begged.

Ainsley gave him a weird look when he said that. Was this guy bipolar or something? Then it startd again. Ainsley would've dropped to her knees if he wasn't holding her up. She whimpered softly, biting her lip so harshly it drew blood. She tasted the blood that filled her mouth, copper and metallic.

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments ((Planning something,and seeing how it goes.With Sam,it's as if the imprint goes on and off.That will probably explain it.))

Quentin bit his lip,looking up at him and Lilac.He wished and answer would come,but he didn't see where The Seer took her.And Kale seemed so desperate,so worried,it hurt to look at him.If Ainsley was gone she would be lost to him,Kale,Lilac,and a sister.The thought scared him,and still looked at them,worried."I...just don't know where they too her." he barely murmured."The Seer just took her,and i have no idea where."

Sam read her mind,and whispered a reply."Ainsley,i don't mean this,The Seer imprinted something on both of us.That thought changes the way i act.That's why i seem like this that's why..." He slipped into that thought again,and his eyes turned wild,and he twisted her other arm while putting her up against the wall again.He seemed truly insane,which wasn't exact;y the case.

((hope it's what you planned.Just rping Sam as i see fit.))

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ((Its cool))

Kale rubbed his forehead in thought, frustrated. "Did they take her inside?" He asked quietly, looking at Quentin then at Lilac. He reached down and took her hand in his gently.

Ainsley cried out, her arm hurting badly. She opened her eyes slightly and looked into his, brows furrowed in pain. She looked away after a few seconds, head hung.

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Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments ((=) ))

Quentin took his hand,and stood up clumsly."I think they,or The Seer to be more exact,took her inside one of the houses,but i'm not sure which.I didn't get a good look." He then stumbled to the tree nearest to them,and leaned on it.One of his legs injured,and badly at that."I just wish i saw,and now she might be..." He trailed off,not wanting to say it.The word,"dead" barely came out.It could be entirely possible that she was or close to it.He was hoping for the latter,since there was a chance to save her that way.

Sam's gaze grew somewhat darker as she cried out.Someone could find them,and yet he felt a smidgen of sympathy for her.It faded a bit as he grabbed her collar and pulled her to him even more."Listen," he muttered quietly in her ear."You can't do that anymore,try to keep it in.It's for your own good,i mean it." He slowly pulled back,and held her against the wall bt her wrists.

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