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Why does this book have 4.06 stars?
deleted member Nov 03, 2012 05:49PM
I own the book, and I've made several attempts to read it because I'm a fan of the zombie genre, but I always seem to lose interest about half way through and stop reading. Why does this book have such a high rating, and is it worth my time to finish?

Marcus_johansen wrote: "I own the book, and I've made several attempts to read it because I'm a fan of the zombie genre, but I always seem to lose interest about half way through and stop reading. Why does this book have ..."

I can understand that. I very much enjoyed the hell out the story itself and his approach to it, while almost totally hating the storywriting technique. The journal thing just doesn't really work for me. I like the sequel considerably less.

That said, my issues with the story technique was the exact same way I felt about World War Z - I HATED that approach, but loved the story, so your reluctance to this book might be something different.

CAUTION!!! Do not attempt to read any one of the three books. I have (into the first half of the third book) and it is a waste of time and may just make you angry for reading it. I have an affliction that makes me follow through with things that are painful to my well being, so I have no choice. If you had trouble getting into the first one, the second one will make you want to throw a toaster through a window. The third is making me wonder why it is taking so long for my newly painted wall to dry.

I read the first book, and enjoyed it. I liked the concept, and stayed pretty "into it" until the end, and was highly anticipating the second book. Since then two sequels have come out, and other than a minor pique when the second book first came out, I just haven't given it much thought...

This is my favorite zombie book because it hit the ideal on interest in character combined with survival adventure. If you put it down half way through, it might not have meshed with your interests and I'm not sure you should keep reading. I think the second book upped the stakes and continued to build interest in the characters, but if you don't care about the hero at this point, I don't know that you will.

What is your favorite zombie book?

The Shayne-Train Timothy, my fav zombie book is most definitely 'The Rising' by Brian Keene

Aug 29, 2013 01:39PM

I believe he wrote it in the journal format because it started out as a blog. I have to admit I couldn't wait I was hooked on it. The second one wasn't as good and from the sounds of it, I don't want to read the third one. Oh, well. I wish him the best of luck, anyway.

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I'm surprised to hear the initial reaction to this book. I thought this was one of the best zombie books I've read. I also liked his second one (not as good as the first) but couldn't get past 30 pages on his 3rd one. NOTHING can beat World War Z. That is still the greatest Zombie book EVER.

I quite enjoyed this book, and will be reading the others, but I do understand why someone may not like this...I almost put it down in ch1...but powered through, and then could not is a great story, with bonds of friendship and survival that make the story very realistic...well worth reading!

These days when Zombie books are a dime a dozen, the quality can get lost. However the first two books are believable and well written, so I'd say go back to it and see what you make of it. Let's see what the third one looks like..

You got to give it to the author, he adds a lot of plot elements to the genre. Raiding airports for fuel, the post apocalyptic military web of connections, a lot of occasions for the protagonist to meet new people and so new plots opportunities, and how the plot evolves in the next book. I guess it's fresh for the genre (i'm not an expert on books on zombies, just movies tho).

deleted user I thought all three were brilliant. Really enjoyed the realism, from the very beginning of the outbreak. Other ZA books seemed to miss out on what act ...more
Aug 31, 2013 10:58AM

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