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A Interesting Never Ending Story

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Weiting So, I'm the author of the if Percy had a son thing..but I was just wondering if we could make something creative about it.
A never ending story!
It's easy, really, somebody writes something then somebdoy else writes to make a on-going story.
Let's see how much you know about Percy Jackson!
I'll start:

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Weiting (Percy's son's POV)
As I went down for breakfast, I heard my mom's voice saying "Good morning Charlie!"
"Morning mom" I say as I lean back, in my chair.
Despite her cheery voice, she still had a tone of worry in her throat.
"What is it mom?" I asked suprised.
"Oh nothing," she replies, quickly changing subject, "I made blue berry pancakes! Your favorite!"
I smiled, then there's an annoying sound right in the speck of a great day.
My annoying little sister.

Gabby (Do you have names for the kids? (I havn't read the next two series of Percy Jackson, so if he does have kids in that series. don't spoil it and i'll get off :))

Weiting (I dunno, I just invented Charlie for the boy, I even have a discussion link with this, just invent another girl name)

Weiting (Guess I'll continue)
My dad comes in, "Morning Charlie" he mumbles.
"Morning" I reply.
My dad looks at mom, "What's wrong Annabeth?" he asks.
She whispers something in dad's ear.
Dad freezes, mutters something back and says,
"Charlie, remember? It's your 13th birthday!"

Flora (Ludacris) ♥ (Poor you. The only one here?)

'Oh really? It's tomorrow.' I muttered without any emotion, buttering my bread.

My sister, Lily began hopping up and down and screaming something I don't quite grasp.

Gabby (Okay. I'm here too :)

I shook my head at her, she was overreacting, like usual.

Weiting "Well Charlie, there's this camp we want to take you to this summer" mom says.
I spit out my breakfast.
"It's real fun Charlie, really," says dad.
"What's it called?" I asked.
"Well, the name may sound a bit peculiar but it's called Camp Half Blood" he said.
"CAN I GO?" asked Lily..
"No dearie" replies mom.
"'Kay. When are we going?" I asked them suspiciously.
Dad got out some suitcases.
"The faster, the better! We are going now!"
But there was a roar outside the window.

Flora (Ludacris) ♥ It was a lion. A lion? I gaped at it and pointed my spoon at it. 'Get back. If we stay calm, he will go away.' I said, reciting from my textbook.

Lily looked at me with a weird look. 'What?' I asked innocently.

'Hello there, Gentle. What brings you here?' My dad asked fondly. I pulled him back and received a black look and a glare from him. My mom said kindly, 'Dont be rude to Gentle.'

I looked at them as if they were mad.

Karlee (Anyone mind if I join?)
"Who's Gentle?" I stared at them some more.

"The lion of course," mom laughed, "haven't you been paying attention?"

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas My jaw dropped. "You guys have a lion? You're kidding me right?"

Flora (Ludacris) ♥ 'He's not ours.' Dad looked amused at me.

Karlee "Well then who's is he?" I was still bewildered about this whole thing.

"He is Mrs. Preston's. You remember her right? Well anyway, she asked us to watch Gentle for her because . . ."

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"Because I promised I'd help her after I accidentally knocked over her stand at the book fair," said a voice behind me. My twin, Sadie, walked over. "She's so annoying."

"Sadie!" my mother reprimanded her.

Flora (Ludacris) ♥ (LOL, Sadie from The Kane's Chronicals?)

'Sadie what?' Sadie burst out and started sobbing convulsively.

I looked uncomprehendingly at her. Suddenly I felt a hard thump and a knock on my head that knocked the breath right out of me. I fell unconscious.

I woke up to a world of unicorns and rainbow. They grinned at me. Their started hopping and dancing around me, surrounding me such that I can't escape. Their smiles became razor-like and resembled maniac.

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Alex Grant I was frozen.I thought"If this is a dream,I would like to wake up already!"

Brooklyn I closed my eyes and pinched myself, hard. My eyes watered and I left a red mark on my arm. I looked up. Nope, still there. I grumbled. Unicorns and rainbows?

Weiting Then somebody suddenly cried:

♪♫Gloria♫♪ ~Іп Τħε Ċļοůðŝ~ I heard different libs like: "OMG hes Percy Jacksons' son?" and "Hes so cute". hearing that last comment, i felt my cheeks go bright red. i heard Sadie say: "You look like a traffic light."

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Alex Grant I sat up.I saw my twin Sadie bending over me.There were a bunch of other people I didn't recognize."Where am I?"I asked.

Weiting This, creature came out and held his hand.
"My name is Chiron, welcome to Camp Half-Blood!"

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Alex Grant "C-Camp Half-Blood?"I stuttered.I vaguely remembered my father saying something about it.

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Hec Hernandez "what...what are you"
Chiron answers "A centaur..."
"like in he mythology stories"
Charlie looks around and sees lots of kids fighting with silver swords and shields and then he ask chron "then what am i doing here"
Chiron looks puzzled "didnt your parents tell you"

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Hec Hernandez "no...they only said tht we were going to a camp with a wierd name"
"well charlie this is a camp for demigods with a human parent and a god parent"
"but i have two human parents" charlie asks with a confuse face
"yes but you parents were demigods"
"so what does tht make me"
"a second breed demigod"
charlie ask "so if the dad is from a god then wo is it"
"well percy's dad is posiedon and your mom's mom, your grandma, is athena"
"so... i have poseidon's power and athena"
"yes...and u are really powerful...and tht is why u are here so we can train you"
"for what"

Brooklyn "The war." Chiron's face was grim.
I almost choked on my spit, "Excuse me? Did you say WAR?!"

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Alex Grant "Yes,"said Chiron gravely.
"And I'm not talking about a child war.I'm talking about blood shed,winners,revenge and so on.But that's why we want to train you.I promise when the war starts you will be a warrior."

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Hec Hernandez "but i dont know how to fight only on video games" says charlie
"yea tht is why im going to train you" responds chiron
chiron tells a girl named julie and tells her to show him around, charlie looks at her and blushes a little when he sees how beautiful she looks with her brown hair in a pony tail and her light green eyes

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