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message 1: by Mermarie (last edited Nov 03, 2012 03:54PM) (new)

Mermarie (JadedlilFecker) | 950 comments Mod
It's that time again! No not Christmas, time for BRRA to challenge its users into a group read! We're starting to take suggestions for voting, and of course, people will be able to add their own with the write-in feature as well! The actual poll will begin on November 15th.

I'm going for a paperback I have at the moment. I've been reading Kindle version nonstop, and this group read month, I'm aiming for paperbacks for myself!

Captive Heart by Phoebe Conn & Flame from the Sea by Kathryn Kramer are a couple I was debating on.

message 2: by Karla (new)

Karla | 1667 comments Mod
The Taming by Jude Deveraux.

message 3: by Mermarie (last edited Nov 03, 2012 05:53PM) (new)

Mermarie (JadedlilFecker) | 950 comments Mod the review--I'd like to read it too, sometime. PLUS, it's the only other book, besides Angel and the Prince, with a dead body in the moat. I was dyin' to make a shelf with that title; dead-bodies-in-the-moat.



I know I've seen that cover before, it could very well be one I've read before...and don't recall the details exactly. Good recommendation!

message 4: by BookLuva28 (new)

BookLuva28 | 58 comments Ooh, another group read? Awesome! I think I'll nominate Royal Seduction by Jennifer Blake and 2nd Captive Heart.

message 5: by Sunni (new)

Sunni (sunni2) | 9 comments Ohh, I second Royal Seduction by Jennifer Blake. I voted for this one before and it didn't make it, so maybe this time.

message 6: by BookLuva28 (new)

BookLuva28 | 58 comments I'd also like to nominate Fortune's Lady by Patricia Gaffney by Patricia Gaffney.

message 7: by Joeera (new)

Joeera  | 107 comments I will also second Royal Seduction

message 8: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Day | 23 comments I read The Taming back in the day -- and re-read it a couple yrs ago, too -- good read -- and I REALLY liked it's Peregrine partner, The Conquest. I can't seem to find books like those anymore!

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